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Why, Secondhand Serenade

OWHKAY OWHKAY AN UPDATE! Sheesh am I like getting famous or what?

I bought a watch recently with the RM200 ganjaran dad gave me.

It's pretty, both the photo and the watch, heh :)

Wasn't very active online these days, I know. You see, I don't own a laptop, we don't use computers in school, we don't need computers for our homework, and I don't feel like talking online.

OMG! Am I autistic or what?

Not like my life is interesting, unless you wanna know about pseudostratified cells. Look at your "HAH?" look in the mirror, dear(s). You look funny.

And there is nothing, or no-one, to expect to in Facebook, or Friendster, or online.

Hahaha, expecting someone is like so two months ago. Or three. I don't remember. Anyway it ISN'T important! :P

And no-one is charming enough for me to lust and confuse over hahaha.

Yes Joanne I use it as my KEYchain! Are you like proud or what? :D

Yes everybody (and by everybody I mean those I actually talk to AHEM?) is not around no I'm not autistic and no I don't have a boyfriend who I talk to everyday on the phone until I tak boleh use my fingers to type and yes I am actually busy.

We are losing touch, don't you see? I am not the only one feeling so... and I no longer care.

But well my mouth (or rather my fingers and mind) refuses to talk. Must be some nervous disease. *knocks head*

Yesterday I was studying Biology. Can you actually believe that I spent the whole day, LITERALLY, studying water, lipids, plasma membrane, prokaryotic cell, eukaryotic cell, glucose?

Some more the graphics damn ugly.

The dots have names. My goodness. Think they are twins x10000 ah?

Phospholipids of plasma membrane. Fluidity of the membrane. Damn ugly. Looks like yellow ping pong balls with black glutinous rice. Eew.

Plasma Membrane. If wanna do 3D then do nicer la k! Yes I make my own notes. I miss Pn. Lim's 2D plasma membrane.

All taken in the middle of the night, around 11pm. Yeah. I was bored. Listening to Z-Chen. I love his voice la :)

What does the government expects us poor form 6 students to be, Harvard material ah?

I worship DJ's Broken Rules, I seem like a bad girl in CHS. I bring liquid paper to school, OMG! I bring highlighter to school, don't know whether it's allowed, but OMG!

Yes I still keep it :)

Oh and is it just me or are they like innocent? Cuz there's a girl in our table (well the girls only take up one miserable table, ambitious kiasu guys take up 3) who receives paper planes from other class.

Only possibility of paper plane: Love letter.

Wah. Like damn romantic high school lorh.

I sound like some blasé b*tch haha :X (Only I am allowed to call myself that so you'd better shut up lol.)

And the guys are SO political. We were learning about monarchy. In countries that practice monarchy like Brunei there are no politic parties like in Malaysia.

"Damn boring la."


And the guys are like "ICE-BREAKING!" when teacher asks "then what you want to do". You can pretty much guess that they are shy LOL HAHA. They don't really approach to the gazillions of new students in class.

Awww, shy teddy bears.

I'm getting so sarcastic, it's not funny, but I like.

Sadly, they aren't as cute as Mr. Bean's Teddy. Well what do you (and I) expect, it IS CHS. The place where intellectuals are born. And certainly intellectuals aren't cute. Just look at Einstein.

I have yet to like the school though. Big buildings intimidate me, they seem too cold, too unfriendly to me.

This is really good. Vegas Skies is just plain beautiful.

I'm abusing the word 'beautiful'. Tend to overuse it.

I got the 30-Hour Famine donation card yesterday! Now I doubt I can raise RM100 on my own. The teachers look unfriendly, maybe cuz the pengetua and other teachers and students are so responsible, they have nothing to gossip about, they tend to be boring. Boring, as in, boring, not Malaysian's bored.

Especially my Biology teacher OMG is sarcasm and extra knowledge really so hard to gain? Yesss she doesn't even give us extra knowledge like the neurones can be up to 2m or something. And she doesn't even tell us that the fluid mosaic model of the plasma membrane is not very relevant now and that they are looking for another hypothesis.

SO VERY exam-based.

I SO miss Pn. Lim :( Oh and her notes. Borrowed them to my cousin.

I also miss my Mr. Perut Buncit Chem Teacher in BU.

Tang San Zang LOL.

I hate complex number.

How is i2 = -1 possible?

Stupid bored Mathematicians who try to torture our poor minds.

Still! I believe I can write a love story based on the whole syllabus of Maths T, haha.

I just need to know why Square Root Three is lonely.

I can foresee myself at the end of next year: I'll be able to fit into a pair of pretty grey skinny jeans, or a bright multi-coloured halter bikini, hehe.

Though, probably by then some puffy ugly volumize lala act cute-ish bubble dress will be in trend.

Oh, by the way, happy daddies' day :)

Grim Goodbye, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

p/s Mandarin post will come soon, but not tomorrow, but someday... somehow... *ahem*

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Nicole 15/06/2008, 20:58  

Ya noe dear, I never really comment on your blog, because I never really know what to say.. But hey, you always comment on my stupid stupid posts anyway. :X

I always go, "Hey, here's a girl like me. (I think so lar. D:) Though I probably wouldn't blog about the fact that I like reading erotica too." Lol.

I probably sound dumb. But just needed to say it. :)

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