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That 70's Song, The Cab

I'm addicted to The Cab! :)

School has been nice.

School is inversely proportional to skin and eyebag condition.

I think I'm having some sort of skin breakout or something :(

I'm only getting 6 hours of sleep everyday! Except on weekends, but I don't even replenish my lost hours.

I can sleep with my bag, my books, my files, my skirt scattered on my bed. No kidd.

I tidied my room yesterday, organized my drawers, shelves, threw away JJ's news articles, donated the only two of my JJ's posters to Yuk Chai's Kemahiran Hidup sale.

I'm no longer obsessed with JJ. Actually I'm no longer obsessed with anyone.

The first drawer has "serious stuff" like un-open-able book ring, reinforcement ring, (empty) notebook etc. Oh and my coinbox. The most expensive drawer.

The second has precious momentos like letters, cards, and random things. The most precious drawer.

The third is mysteriously locked (for visitors). The most secretive drawer.

If there is a fire, I'll take the second drawer and run.

Yeah, I still keep that fairy wand thing (in red circle) with the message and pipeliner intact :) Waning you said I'll get to use it in the future lol.

Btw, I can't believe we (Joanne and I and maybe Waning and Jo? I don't remember) actually thought Yu Szen liked me LAWLS. Cuz right that time Yu Szen was constantly bugging me cuz he sat beside me.


I mean, it's Yu Szen and Win Zee. Not Grace.

Oh and apparently someone (Ser Siang? Dillion? I don't remember either) told him not to pikat me.


I've never thought much about 5 Balau people for a very, very long time. I only miss the small school compound.

The damn leceh graph we have to do for PA. I believe that was the first time we actually used the colour pencils since like what a century ago.

Oh our PA teacher Pn. Ellen is an Iban and a Christian! No wonder la, name so Christian-y and she doesn't speak like a Malay, BM sangat baku macam Indonesian lol. Her husband is a Kadazan, she from Sarawak he from Sabah.

Yes they wear clothes and they surf the net and they don't stay on trees.

And I have been listening to the earphone everyday, I believe I'll be deaf at age 30. Yes I'm clearly aware of the risk but heck I need distractions (melodic noise) to distract me from distractions (silence).

Yes. Silence distracts me.

I have great listening skills. I can listen for lyrics.

Some of my future textbooks, reference books. Mom got it from her friend who got it from her friend. It's called borrowing. Textbooks are expensive la, form 6 students not as rich as you college students k. And the syllabus are different. The Organic Chemistry book scares me. It's only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and you have a 5cm thick of book. (No, I didn't measure the thickness.)

Oh, yeah, the hat! RM5 from Hinode or something.

I've never wore that, LOL.

Speaking of carbon, just a few days ago we learned about graphite, carbon la.

Schwann Cell: Teacher, can we eat graphite?
Pn. Tan: ... Why?
Schwann Cell: *stares at book* ... I don't know.
Pn. Tan: You eat graphite, you pass out graphite. There's no nutritional value in graphite.
Person beside Schwann Cell: Teacher, what if we eat graphite with water?
Pn. Tan: ... Why? Graphite has no-
Schwann Cell/Person beside Schwann Cell: Become glucose la. (C6H12O6)

Damn genius la CHS students. Just as genius as Fallopian tube.

Schwann Cell is the first guy I know in class. Cuz he's really friendly. And he dropped Physics. His Chinese name sounds like Schwann. (Schwann cell comes from the neurone, the myelin sheath thing.)

We also have CHIN PENG in our class! Oh and LEE CHING, who writes our Biology book LOL.

Ain't they political and genius.

Their efficiency is just jaw-dropping.

I was expecting my name tag like 2 weeks later.

I guess I'll have to acknowledge myself as a CHSian. Soon.

KJ: Win Zee. Come.
WZ: *horrified* Why?
KJ: Just come la.
WZ: *ignores him*
KJ: I wanna show you something.
WZ: *ignores him*
KJ: I wanna show you goldfish.
Person beside Schwann Cell who now sits with KJ: *laughs*
KJ: Just come la, be more sporting.
WZ: *walks towards him*
KJ: *takes out something from pocket* This is your name tag. You are being blacklisted by the school. Your face is now in the office. The teachers already recognize you and have been observing you. If you don't have it on by the next perhimpunan you'll get caught.

I never knew Pn. Lim ML's notes were so useful until now, when Pn. Felicia gave us to colour blackish vascular bundle. :(

I promise I'll treat your notes nicely Pn. Lim.

I'm not sure whether it's a tradition or culture or what, but all of us get a copy of the contacts.

It's funny lol.

Btw YH called me Ding Dang (Doraemon HAHAHA) for one day and then today he called me Win Zee.

I don't think anyone knows my Chinese name lol.

I suspect he didn't know my name. Cuz Schwann Cell asked me whether I know YH's name and when I said I know he (YH) was like WHOA. LOL.

No. There are no cute guys in my class. Except for the Bendahari, who has a really unique name :D And he recognized me! Cuz right today I was paying RM5 for our orientation (hmm) and I didn't tell him my name.


It's a mini mini experiment, to know whether he recognizes me.

I think he's being observant rather than having good memory. I had my name tag already you see.

No I'm not intimidated by KJ LOL.

I've been running and walking in the park for at least an hour almost everyday. Cuz my brother wanted to play with his friends there and you know la my mom is a bit protective of us so she wanted me to follow.

*stares down at bulge at tummy and fat thighs* Sigh.

BTW I SAW GAO YI (Koh Yeet) from Ah Long Pte Ltd YESTERDAY OMG. Her hair is longer now! XD

p/s I already got used to using acronyms la so bear with it. Unless you HAVE to know their names? :)

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