Late night movie

>> Sunday, 29 June 2008

A Romanian film about illegal abortion. I love the way the focus is on the room mate rather than the person herself. Agonizing. And their dialogue sound so natural, it's as if you're watching a documentary shot in an artistic way.

Sadly, I still don't speak Romanian.

2007 Palme d'Or winner, babe!

The foetus looks like a hairy cucumber.


The need, and desire, for me to be unique makes me un-unique. Still, I'd rather watch weirdo artistic movies.

I'm waiting impatiently for The Dark Knight; more precisely, Heath Ledger's clownish act.

I'm suicidal :(


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>> Thursday, 26 June 2008

Awake, Secondhand Serenade

Tagged by Iyin, didn't want to do it today but since I'm free then ok la :)

Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it total 20 questions, then tag to 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she had been tag. Whoever did the tag will have blessing from all.

You must link to the one who tagged you, then spread it to 8 people, let the game go on, return the tag to sender is prohibited.

1) What is your dream when you were in your childhood years?
To own a dog. LOL. Somewhere along that line of innocence.

2) You like rainy day or sunny day? Why?

3) Which colour you like most? Black or White?

4) Who do you adore most?
ME! XD Okay my mommy, wtv la I'm a mommy's girl :)

5) Where is the place you would like to go most? Why?
EUROPE OMG. Do you even need a reason for EUROPE?

6) Who are you most afraid of losing?
My family. Everything I'm familiar with.

7) When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
Be alone. Listen to songs. Read. Something alone-ish.

8) What was the best thing you've learned in 2007?
Uhmm, I have no idea. Probably friendship? No idea.

9) If you had a chance (plastic surgery whatsoever), which part of your body would you change?
LIPOSUCTION. RHINOPLASTY. LAWLS. Something to do with the eyebags. HAHAHA.

10) What is the most terrible thing or incident that has happened to you?

11) What are the requirement that you wish for your another half?
1. A boy. 2. Not gay. 3. Not a transvestite. 4. A human. 5. Not a clone of someone cute.

12) What types of person you hate most?
Selfish people. Customers, drivers, whatever.

13) What is your ambition?
To be a child/clinical/forensic psychologist with my own clinic and lotsa kachings.

14) Would you rather be someone else at this moment?

15) If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be??

16) What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
Die. Probably I wouldn't know cuz it's tomorrow's news.

17) Who's your favourite cartoon character?
Uhmm, no idea.

18) What do you think that is most important in your life?
My family. My integrity (mess with it and you're dead). My hak to be lonely.

19) What's your current mood?
Rushing finish this survey so I can do my homework. Yeah I'm rajin, hahaha.

20) What reality show will you participate if you have the chance, and why?
The Amazing Race. You get to go to all over the world in a short span of what a month or two?

I tag:



That 70's Song, The Cab

I'm addicted to The Cab! :)

School has been nice.

School is inversely proportional to skin and eyebag condition.

I think I'm having some sort of skin breakout or something :(

I'm only getting 6 hours of sleep everyday! Except on weekends, but I don't even replenish my lost hours.

I can sleep with my bag, my books, my files, my skirt scattered on my bed. No kidd.

I tidied my room yesterday, organized my drawers, shelves, threw away JJ's news articles, donated the only two of my JJ's posters to Yuk Chai's Kemahiran Hidup sale.

I'm no longer obsessed with JJ. Actually I'm no longer obsessed with anyone.

The first drawer has "serious stuff" like un-open-able book ring, reinforcement ring, (empty) notebook etc. Oh and my coinbox. The most expensive drawer.

The second has precious momentos like letters, cards, and random things. The most precious drawer.

The third is mysteriously locked (for visitors). The most secretive drawer.

If there is a fire, I'll take the second drawer and run.

Yeah, I still keep that fairy wand thing (in red circle) with the message and pipeliner intact :) Waning you said I'll get to use it in the future lol.

Btw, I can't believe we (Joanne and I and maybe Waning and Jo? I don't remember) actually thought Yu Szen liked me LAWLS. Cuz right that time Yu Szen was constantly bugging me cuz he sat beside me.


I mean, it's Yu Szen and Win Zee. Not Grace.

Oh and apparently someone (Ser Siang? Dillion? I don't remember either) told him not to pikat me.


I've never thought much about 5 Balau people for a very, very long time. I only miss the small school compound.

The damn leceh graph we have to do for PA. I believe that was the first time we actually used the colour pencils since like what a century ago.

Oh our PA teacher Pn. Ellen is an Iban and a Christian! No wonder la, name so Christian-y and she doesn't speak like a Malay, BM sangat baku macam Indonesian lol. Her husband is a Kadazan, she from Sarawak he from Sabah.

Yes they wear clothes and they surf the net and they don't stay on trees.

And I have been listening to the earphone everyday, I believe I'll be deaf at age 30. Yes I'm clearly aware of the risk but heck I need distractions (melodic noise) to distract me from distractions (silence).

Yes. Silence distracts me.

I have great listening skills. I can listen for lyrics.

Some of my future textbooks, reference books. Mom got it from her friend who got it from her friend. It's called borrowing. Textbooks are expensive la, form 6 students not as rich as you college students k. And the syllabus are different. The Organic Chemistry book scares me. It's only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and you have a 5cm thick of book. (No, I didn't measure the thickness.)

Oh, yeah, the hat! RM5 from Hinode or something.

I've never wore that, LOL.

Speaking of carbon, just a few days ago we learned about graphite, carbon la.

Schwann Cell: Teacher, can we eat graphite?
Pn. Tan: ... Why?
Schwann Cell: *stares at book* ... I don't know.
Pn. Tan: You eat graphite, you pass out graphite. There's no nutritional value in graphite.
Person beside Schwann Cell: Teacher, what if we eat graphite with water?
Pn. Tan: ... Why? Graphite has no-
Schwann Cell/Person beside Schwann Cell: Become glucose la. (C6H12O6)

Damn genius la CHS students. Just as genius as Fallopian tube.

Schwann Cell is the first guy I know in class. Cuz he's really friendly. And he dropped Physics. His Chinese name sounds like Schwann. (Schwann cell comes from the neurone, the myelin sheath thing.)

We also have CHIN PENG in our class! Oh and LEE CHING, who writes our Biology book LOL.

Ain't they political and genius.

Their efficiency is just jaw-dropping.

I was expecting my name tag like 2 weeks later.

I guess I'll have to acknowledge myself as a CHSian. Soon.

KJ: Win Zee. Come.
WZ: *horrified* Why?
KJ: Just come la.
WZ: *ignores him*
KJ: I wanna show you something.
WZ: *ignores him*
KJ: I wanna show you goldfish.
Person beside Schwann Cell who now sits with KJ: *laughs*
KJ: Just come la, be more sporting.
WZ: *walks towards him*
KJ: *takes out something from pocket* This is your name tag. You are being blacklisted by the school. Your face is now in the office. The teachers already recognize you and have been observing you. If you don't have it on by the next perhimpunan you'll get caught.

I never knew Pn. Lim ML's notes were so useful until now, when Pn. Felicia gave us to colour blackish vascular bundle. :(

I promise I'll treat your notes nicely Pn. Lim.

I'm not sure whether it's a tradition or culture or what, but all of us get a copy of the contacts.

It's funny lol.

Btw YH called me Ding Dang (Doraemon HAHAHA) for one day and then today he called me Win Zee.

I don't think anyone knows my Chinese name lol.

I suspect he didn't know my name. Cuz Schwann Cell asked me whether I know YH's name and when I said I know he (YH) was like WHOA. LOL.

No. There are no cute guys in my class. Except for the Bendahari, who has a really unique name :D And he recognized me! Cuz right today I was paying RM5 for our orientation (hmm) and I didn't tell him my name.


It's a mini mini experiment, to know whether he recognizes me.

I think he's being observant rather than having good memory. I had my name tag already you see.

No I'm not intimidated by KJ LOL.

I've been running and walking in the park for at least an hour almost everyday. Cuz my brother wanted to play with his friends there and you know la my mom is a bit protective of us so she wanted me to follow.

*stares down at bulge at tummy and fat thighs* Sigh.

BTW I SAW GAO YI (Koh Yeet) from Ah Long Pte Ltd YESTERDAY OMG. Her hair is longer now! XD

p/s I already got used to using acronyms la so bear with it. Unless you HAVE to know their names? :)


School = kiasu.

>> Friday, 20 June 2008

Amazing how kiasu CHSians (that's what they call themselves; I have yet to acknowledge myself as one) are. Oh and smart, no doubt.

Smart part, I don't have to elaborate. I mean, it's a five-principle class. What can you expect except straight As students.

Like, from here,

my class hav added up to 23 students jo...from 15
no idea whether is good or bad...
nid to beat 13 people to climb to top 10 instead of juz 5 before this....lolll

-.-;; Oh wow yeah smart whatever.

And their blogs are like type in perfect English wan lor like, essay-ish.

Mmm, typical CHS students.

Lalala they don't know I blog lalala XD I don't think they should ever know the existence of it. I mean, I'm supposed to be quiet, innocent, sweet (?), bananafied girl who drops Physics, not sarcastic cynical b*tchy bananafied show-off girl.

The character I show to the public never fails to amuse me.

I think I can be an actress.

Actually I still don't recognize all the boys in class. We have like what 8 girls and we even divide among ourselves.

I think the other girls (except for one) are just being cold to us :/ Don't know why.

Oh and regarding the love letter I was wrong SORRS! It's actually a game the juniors play with the seniors where they write letters to each other.

I was SO happy when I found out that they bring liquid paper to school! Ok well at least I feel normal. Hahaha.

And they are super political. One girl in my van (SO pretty and speak in banana Taiwanese Mandarin OMG damn envy :P) thinks Mahathir is a good leader.

*CENSORED* (Akta Hasutan material)

I've dropped Physics. Well actually to be accurate I handed in the letter. Like, finally!

Well I just left it on PK HEM's table cuz she wasn't there. I felt a little rude la but well :/


I don't understand how square root three is lonely. I still find it beautiful. Does this mean that loneliness is beautiful lol. Square root three is an irrational number because it cannot be represented in the form of fraction hence the phrase "Such is my reality, a sad irrationality".

See, I teach you first chapter of Maths T. No need to pay some more!

The book rings I bought today don't open! I know how to open one, mind you.

I have a VERY good reason of not being a pharmacist: I damn suck in Chemistry.


I've been studying almost all day everyday. I think Friday and Saturday should be my off days. It's called TGIF for a reason. And uh TGIS.

I bought a ream of 60gsm 480's foolscap paper. Initially I was unhappy because that was the only ream of foolscap paper and it was SO thin. But I saw that it was a little greyish I thought maybe it's recycled paper but smooth one I'm happy :)

I am so fussy, CHS's canteen has nothing for me -.-;;

I like my Chemistry teacher. She tells us stories. And she's something like Pn. Lim but less sarcastic and funny, sigh!

My other teachers ah, so-so lor. Eeyer L6F (possibility of picking a girl in L6F: 0/10) got air-cond room but lousy tables lol.

I miss Pn. Lim ML and Pn. Tan CK and Mr. Perut Buncit Lau.


I reread the things I wrote in Chinese just a few days ago, I found it really good.


I express emoness better in Chinese, but I am more sarcastic in English.

Sometimes I think my brain is sorta like haywired or something.

I'm afraid my brother will turn into a big pillow of evil gangster :( He's so rude to us these days, no table manners, no proper manners, so damn lazy, eat like a pig, sleep like a pig, play Maple Story like a pig.

He's like what a disgusting geek?

Owhkay I know that's not the way to speak of a brother.

Anyways what do you expect. I lawyer material weih.

"Teacher, what's... inVAGINAtions?"

Yes the word exists. I've forgotten what it means. No it has nothing to do with kittens.

OMGDNESS am I like what HORNY?!




>> Sunday, 15 June 2008

Why, Secondhand Serenade

OWHKAY OWHKAY AN UPDATE! Sheesh am I like getting famous or what?

I bought a watch recently with the RM200 ganjaran dad gave me.

It's pretty, both the photo and the watch, heh :)

Wasn't very active online these days, I know. You see, I don't own a laptop, we don't use computers in school, we don't need computers for our homework, and I don't feel like talking online.

OMG! Am I autistic or what?

Not like my life is interesting, unless you wanna know about pseudostratified cells. Look at your "HAH?" look in the mirror, dear(s). You look funny.

And there is nothing, or no-one, to expect to in Facebook, or Friendster, or online.

Hahaha, expecting someone is like so two months ago. Or three. I don't remember. Anyway it ISN'T important! :P

And no-one is charming enough for me to lust and confuse over hahaha.

Yes Joanne I use it as my KEYchain! Are you like proud or what? :D

Yes everybody (and by everybody I mean those I actually talk to AHEM?) is not around no I'm not autistic and no I don't have a boyfriend who I talk to everyday on the phone until I tak boleh use my fingers to type and yes I am actually busy.

We are losing touch, don't you see? I am not the only one feeling so... and I no longer care.

But well my mouth (or rather my fingers and mind) refuses to talk. Must be some nervous disease. *knocks head*

Yesterday I was studying Biology. Can you actually believe that I spent the whole day, LITERALLY, studying water, lipids, plasma membrane, prokaryotic cell, eukaryotic cell, glucose?

Some more the graphics damn ugly.

The dots have names. My goodness. Think they are twins x10000 ah?

Phospholipids of plasma membrane. Fluidity of the membrane. Damn ugly. Looks like yellow ping pong balls with black glutinous rice. Eew.

Plasma Membrane. If wanna do 3D then do nicer la k! Yes I make my own notes. I miss Pn. Lim's 2D plasma membrane.

All taken in the middle of the night, around 11pm. Yeah. I was bored. Listening to Z-Chen. I love his voice la :)

What does the government expects us poor form 6 students to be, Harvard material ah?

I worship DJ's Broken Rules, I seem like a bad girl in CHS. I bring liquid paper to school, OMG! I bring highlighter to school, don't know whether it's allowed, but OMG!

Yes I still keep it :)

Oh and is it just me or are they like innocent? Cuz there's a girl in our table (well the girls only take up one miserable table, ambitious kiasu guys take up 3) who receives paper planes from other class.

Only possibility of paper plane: Love letter.

Wah. Like damn romantic high school lorh.

I sound like some blasé b*tch haha :X (Only I am allowed to call myself that so you'd better shut up lol.)

And the guys are SO political. We were learning about monarchy. In countries that practice monarchy like Brunei there are no politic parties like in Malaysia.

"Damn boring la."


And the guys are like "ICE-BREAKING!" when teacher asks "then what you want to do". You can pretty much guess that they are shy LOL HAHA. They don't really approach to the gazillions of new students in class.

Awww, shy teddy bears.

I'm getting so sarcastic, it's not funny, but I like.

Sadly, they aren't as cute as Mr. Bean's Teddy. Well what do you (and I) expect, it IS CHS. The place where intellectuals are born. And certainly intellectuals aren't cute. Just look at Einstein.

I have yet to like the school though. Big buildings intimidate me, they seem too cold, too unfriendly to me.

This is really good. Vegas Skies is just plain beautiful.

I'm abusing the word 'beautiful'. Tend to overuse it.

I got the 30-Hour Famine donation card yesterday! Now I doubt I can raise RM100 on my own. The teachers look unfriendly, maybe cuz the pengetua and other teachers and students are so responsible, they have nothing to gossip about, they tend to be boring. Boring, as in, boring, not Malaysian's bored.

Especially my Biology teacher OMG is sarcasm and extra knowledge really so hard to gain? Yesss she doesn't even give us extra knowledge like the neurones can be up to 2m or something. And she doesn't even tell us that the fluid mosaic model of the plasma membrane is not very relevant now and that they are looking for another hypothesis.

SO VERY exam-based.

I SO miss Pn. Lim :( Oh and her notes. Borrowed them to my cousin.

I also miss my Mr. Perut Buncit Chem Teacher in BU.

Tang San Zang LOL.

I hate complex number.

How is i2 = -1 possible?

Stupid bored Mathematicians who try to torture our poor minds.

Still! I believe I can write a love story based on the whole syllabus of Maths T, haha.

I just need to know why Square Root Three is lonely.

I can foresee myself at the end of next year: I'll be able to fit into a pair of pretty grey skinny jeans, or a bright multi-coloured halter bikini, hehe.

Though, probably by then some puffy ugly volumize lala act cute-ish bubble dress will be in trend.

Oh, by the way, happy daddies' day :)

Grim Goodbye, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

p/s Mandarin post will come soon, but not tomorrow, but someday... somehow... *ahem*



>> Saturday, 14 June 2008

Cops and Robbers, The Hoosiers

Exam was disastrous.

I love the examiner. Jeffrey XXX from Cornwall, UK. He loves cars and motoring and has two kids.

I should buy a Hot Wheels track to bribe him. Or for his kids to play with.

Mom said his accent was very heavy. I don't know I thought it sounded American. And I don't know why I had the feeling that examiners from the Trinity Guildhall are Irish lol.

He is super friendly! I could've marry him that instant.

When I passed him my programme note and the photocopy of the scores he asked, "Is that for me?"

"So, Win Zee, you're going to play me four songs today, the first is Prelude and Fugue by Bach."

Yes! He said my name!

Not like I'm happy or anything, har har.

The piano sounded brighter than mellow, which I'm glad... I guess.

And it was disastrous. Poulenc's 2nd Novelette was relatively better than the rest. But it just wasn't good enough.

Mom said it sounded good and that I have the chance to pass.

I didn't have the courage to tell her that it was disastrous.

I didn't thank my teacher for whatever she had done.

I didn't have the courage to tell her it was disastrous.

I didn't cry. I don't know how I should feel. Sad?

I asked my mom, what if I fail? in my usual bubbly, flippant tone.

She said, she, or anybody, won't blame me because I've done my best.

I felt so guilty.

I am so sorry.

I want someone to blame me, besides me, so that I will feel better about myself. So that I won't immerse in guilt.

No, Waning, don't blame me, haha.

I need something, or someone, to blame, so that I can share this guilt I'm feeling right now.

But there is no-one to blame. All efforts come from me; they just guide me to the right path.

Please don't forgive me.



>> Friday, 6 June 2008

High Hopes in Velvet Ropes, The Cab

Mmmm, I was missing and nobody bothered to ask why. Sigh. I think I'll retreat from the internet world.


I'm watching Royal Tramp right now, and Xiao Gui Zi / Wei Xiao Bao (Huang Xiao Ming) IS DAMN SEXY LAR. And so mischievous!

Full of child-like wonders.

I think I have a fetish for gays.

Anyways I was at Cameron Highlands for 2 days. Nothing fancy, but I find it LOLable.

And it's SO freaking cold up there! O_O Didn't the temperature (along with the petrol) rise?

I think my mom bought like billions of ringgit of vegetables. And we bought 3 cute little cacti! :3

Candid. That's not me. I find it really pretty, I think it's the red of the sweater. Oh and it was blaring hot and cold at the same time!

Agung/Agong is talking in front of the TV right now, dunno about what. Pardon my bad mouth, but he looks like a zombie reciting words at the screen.

Mom bought RM54.80 worth of ingredients to make zong zi. In English we call it seeds, the kind we use to put in the soil, let it out in the sun and rain and voila, something green pops up.

I think you call this gladiolus. And my mom bought the seeds. For cooking. Poor flower.

I decided not to lust over iPod Shuffle. Go me!

Oh and we got a new printer, yay! A 4-in-1 Canon MX318 office printer. It's bulky and ugly but it prints pretty! And I think I love The Cab.

Stupid mosquitoes. I'm gonna cut my overgrown fringe tomorrow.

I was practicing my close-up shooting. Not up to whatever quality, but I take it as a great improvement! Someday, I'm gonna save enough to buy a cool digital SLR camera. It's the fashion statement of Tinseltown.

I realize I read everywhere else except at home. Yes I even read in the car. I think I love Daniel Brown, I'm still deciding. He's "quite tall, very slim, hair brown on the way to fair. The kind of hair that gets streaked by the sun. And eyes that change depending on the light. Green almost, indoors, but then blue outside."

How handsome! He was maimed, really young, A BRITISH, has a deep voice, has an almost-insane mind, and he came back from the war.

I find war stories fascinating. Romantic, even. I can now imagine that the 2007 Jo would start her story on bringing back a haunted man from his mind in wars.

Of course, I don't know how's 2008 Jo already; probably got a bf already ;)

I'm attracted to colours. I love colours. I'm like Bubbles, but I don't have a whiny voice like hers. It's annoying. But I love her Octee! Mmmm, no, I don't like octopus.

Tea plantation, I forgot which one but definitely not Boh punya.

Speaking of whiny, I have to say something about Rihanna's voice.


I like Marié Digby's version of Umbrella.

I think we (whoever it is) should plan a trip to Taman Negara, or Fraser's Hill, or Bukit Tinggi, somewhere. Come on la, Malaysia not that bad k, besides the potatoes head and bad education system and- okay Malaysia is bad hahaha. :X :P

Yes. There is such a sky in Cameron Highlands. I sorta couldn't get used to KL's polluted foggy air for quite a long while.

Of course, Rihanna's much hotter. But Marié's got really pretty and delicate features. I like.

When I go to the plastic surgeon I'll bring along her picture and point at her to Dr. Moo Moo Shake (eh, wrong doctor), and say, "Doktor, I want her eyes her nose her mouth her teeth." And then he'll reply, "Ala, pergi buat mask dia dan pasang la, jimat wang."



Shi zhen de ji LONG de lorh, zhe ge post!

>> Monday, 2 June 2008

When everyone is emo-ing I too feel like writing an emo post.

However I'm not feeling emo!

Beep. Bop.

I f*cking hate the piano. I think I can save money for rebonding because I'll be so super stressed I pull my hair.


No kid!

The Season of Dandelions draft have been lying in my Gmail since months ago. I was actually writing a story, and I couldn't continue.

And then I ended up writing a poem about dandelions. No, I'm not poetic.

I think I wrote the story halfway in my computer somewhere...

I have a list of pretty titles and I'm inspirationless. I'm a failing writer lol.

I think Dancing in the Fountain and The Delicious Story sounds romantic.

I think I have communication problems. I have plenty of tons of ideas bobbling in my mind, and I'm trying to announce them, but I just can't find the right words, or colours, or whatever, to actually do it appropriately.

Except for one. Yeah, cliché, corny, whatever. I was (and still am) childish and idealistic k! I have the rights!

I've never written anything in Mandarin since June 16th 2007! Oh gosh look at how banana-fied I've become.

I think I'll write something in Mandarin on June 16th 2008.

I remember I was sorta addicted to love. Sorta wanna have a relationship. (AHEM!) Sorta wanna have a crush. Sorta wanna have a heartbreak. Blablabla.

Yeah, I was shallow, whatever.

I think I'm blasé. Because I don't look forward to love that way, at least THAT kind of love. Now I'm dreaming of a very ordinary kind of loving that is just extraordinary :)

Like how we (yes, WE includes Bob#) can stroll in pasar malam buying T-shirts while holding hands. So sweet! Yes? :D

I'm not high maintenance la.

I am hungry right now cuz I ate very little during dinner. Actually I've eaten very little today.

And since it's night time already I don't know what to eat but I know I HAVE to eat or else I'll risk waking up in the middle of the night with my tummy grumbling like Grumpy.

Now you can officially sign up for 30-Hour Famine 2008! My printer's not working, bloody printer. (Hmm, why the sudden thought of using "bloody". I don't think I've ever used that word but whatever.) Come, mari kita starve together-gether. I love donation drive, I don't know why :)


I realize I am more sociable / outgoing / extrovert when I'm in a totally new place i.e. I know no-one and no-one knows me. I'll feel more comfortable in getting to know people without having the feeling that someone is staring at me.


But, yeah, when someone I know steps in, I'll just feel shy.

Ask my pea inside the skull, not me. The pea answers for me.

Watching Royal Tramp at 8TV :D OMG THE KIDS ARE JUST SO CUTE LAR. China kids with Beijing accent GOSH to me Beijing accent is just as pretty as British accent :D And the kids are just exceptionally cute! :)

Oh, yeah, I have a soft spot for kids. I think I can be a good TESL teacher.

HAHA wth kkz :P


I've folded a paper plane while walking. And it flies quite a distance! Not bad eh?

Oh yeah, I'm good at origami too. Kids will love me.

I do not anticipate a passionate, physical (mmm, I think the word 'sexual' would be sexier), Mills & Boon's-quality kind of romance. Never did. Don't know why. *shrugs*


Anyways I think shy guys are just totally... scary?

Cuz right I saw Hua Siang at the interview. Shocking! And so I intended to say 'hi', chit chat a little, maybe get some tips something. But he looks... something, that prevents me from doing so.


Mom says he's shy. And I was like, HUH, SHY. I mean he talks quite a lot in the interview but not monopolizing, and he leaves great impression - at least in the interview. STRANGE RIGHT.

I'm LOLing now.

Cuz I can imagine this conversation taking place, probably in the near future:

"Horrrr, Win Zee." Wink wink nudge nudge.
Wink wink nudge nudge.
"Weih, stop la, what 'hor Win Zee', I hate cliffhangers. And no touchy."
"He likes you horrr!"
Laugh. Roll eyes. "Right."
"How did you seduce him? Hor, I know, with the..."
LOLing non-stop. "STUPID."
HAHA. I remember the days in primary school where we all go "XX loves YY" XD

Owh yeah I feel like talking. I may be someone who prefers to listen but I still talk a lot.

I'm a jumble of contradictions.

I like the way I write this post.

Shi zhen de ji cool de lorh!

I LOVE THE AH GUA FANG JOJO! Shi zhen de ji charming de lorh!

I think, I think Beta Men are charming. Beta men includes gays. Therefore Win Zee love gays.


Owhkay I'm starting to curse (in print) no I won't swear in reality do not be too excited and I don't wanna bother about it now la, restrict my thoughts.

Blogs are supposed to be a site where you can vent and be extremely opinionated until kena sue under Sedition Act and kept in jail and starve so as to not eat the arsenic-poisoned jail food and gather RM5000 for my bail.

Eh, not bad weih, this diet. I think I'll call it Anorexia ala Malaysia.


# Again, I have to clarify that BOB DOESN'T EXIST! Heck, I don't even like the name. Also I'll probably break up with him since he steal cookies.

He's a baddie. He needs to go to jail for what he has done wrong! (Now I sound like Fred haha.) No, Lingam should not be the lawyer.


Cross your fingers!

>> Sunday, 1 June 2008

I don't intend to blog so quickly after my first post but,



To become teacher la, not doctor.

A little late la, interview is tomorrow, I have SO many things to do! Essays to write, current issues and names of potato heads ministers and BM words to cram inside my teeny tiny head.
Group discussion is, unfortunately, conducted in BM.

I was so excited, exhilarated, nervous.

And then I realized why I was feeling so anxious:
It's because it is the first time I actually got something "prestigious".
Yeah. Pathetic. Whatever.



Sheer is sexy!

Cat and Mouse, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

It's the first day of the second half of 2008.

My waistline is 3 inches away from my ideal number.

Owhkay now a summary on my working experience :)

  • You vow to be a better citizen.
  • You vow to be a better driver (especially when you walk to work).
  • You vow to be a better parent.
  • You become more outgoing. Or at least sociable.
  • You are surprised how dramatic life can be.
  • You realize if you do a great job, Boss belanja makan :D
  • Boss is actually not scary.
  • You vow not to be kiamsiap, like, not obsessed over 2% more discount.
  • You have better financial management. (Aka kiamsiap.)
  • You vow not to talk too loud.
  • I've become Miss Ole' Grumpy.
  • My Cantonese still sucks.
  • Old people are sour/salty. Literally.
  • My English has improved in WORK, not in SCHOOL. How ironic!
  • I realize although dresses, necklaces, nail polish, mascara, bags are pretty pretty, I'm actually a T-shirt-and-jeans person :)
  • I've become more confident / less self-conscious. Seriously la!
  • You realize mommy's cooking is THE BEST.
  • You appreciate your family more. Seriously. (Aiyo so cliché!)
  • You freaking lose hope in humanity.

Therefore, my advice is,

Mommy says I'm maturer! XD

American apple mug. I love it to bits.

I LOVE Ah Long Pte Ltd! Ji hao xiao yi xia de lorh!

I watched Switched! on AEC, and I TOTALLY love Shaun Chen (陈泓宇). He's, surprisingly, a Malaysian. He starred in Holland V but his voice was dubbed, but in this series it's his voice! :D
In the last episode, Shaun and Fann Wong both went to the lake where they first met as kids. Shaun fell into the lake and pura-pura drown, and Fann reached to him with a stick, but he pulled her down instead. Mana tau it was actually very shallow. And when Shaun stood up from the lake right, I drew a sharp, deep breath in.
His gaze and the sheer-ness of his blouse.
Teehee :P
And Fann Wong accepted his proposal, blablabla, so damn romantic SO DAMN SEXY.

But I love this mug better!

My exam is in 12 days.
F*ck you, exams.
My fingers are betraying me.
F*ck you, fingers.
Every time I think of the exam I'll shudder and then I'll feel an urge to cry.
I hate crying. I'm egoistic la k.
I think I'll wear sexy uniform and seduce the examiner.

True self confidence comes from an attitude where you promise yourself, no matter how difficult the problem life throws at you, that you will try as hard as you can to help yourself. You acknowledge that sometimes your efforts to help yourself may not result in success, as often being properly rewarded is not in your control. -- Prof. Raj Persaud

I'll persevere.
Jia you jia you jia you.


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