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>> Friday, 2 May 2008

Cat and Mouse, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Waning says the reason I blog halfway and decided to delete the post is because I was blogging about, eh, personal things.

Personal. Haha. Right.

Guys can be so super sweet when they tone down the drums and basses.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Your Guardian Angel

I have to admit, Ronnie Winter's kinda gay, haha. I love the light bulb.
Though, I don't like the ending. Sounds very... irresponsible.

I was watching this music video, A Walk to Remember set to Your Guardian Angel, and I still felt like crying.
Till now I wonder whether the reason I cried reading the book and watching the movie (it's boring) was because God is talking to me :)
(No, I'm not gonna convert.)

Perk up your ears and listen to the lyrics. I think it feels more, what, full-of-feeling when you do that.

Like Enrique Iglesias's Hero.

No. I don't like Enrique Iglesias. Too pop, too full-of-sex-in-mind.
I would've liked the video a little more traditional love story kind :)
The lyrics, breathtaking, beautiful.

Speaking of breath.
Shayne Ward's Breathless is totally breathtaking, the first time I heard it, I had to stop what I was doing (hanging the clothes) and go in front of the TV (I had it on Astro radio) and just, uhmm, waltzed with an imaginary partner *cough*

I am a human too. We love the opposite sex.
(Mika has sexier teeth than him, hehehe :P Owhkay don't ask me what does 'sexy teeth' actually means cuz you see I was watching this video of Mika SPEAKING FRENCH and then I noticed his teeth and then I was like, omg, sexy. Yeah.)

Btw, I was going to post one of my, ahem, "poems" up here to end this post prettily and beautifully and breahtakingly.
Instead, I'm gonna wish you guys,
a belated Labour (May?) Day :)

Fred is like the ideal boyfriend. He's cute he sings he plays the piano he's athletic he makes people laugh he's thoughtful and he's full of child-like wonders.

It's so freaking hot these days!
My ears ache from the earphone lol.
What place is 24 hours behind Malaysia? It's not entirely impossible.

Guten nachtlich.

I'm gonna be so hyper this Sunday. Just because I'm working 4 hours in the morning :)

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