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>> Friday, 25 April 2008

Gosh. The second novelette just gave me a shock as if I just heard it for the first time.

I'm not even spelling right and kept backspace-ing, haha.

Someone wants me to write a blog entry on how to differentiate between falling in love with love and falling in love with a guy.

I think she asked the wrong person. I'm just plain cold-hearted (or trying to be), waiting for a super charming super sweet heartthrob who somehow loves me despite being size 20 and tries to open up my heart (otherwise known as dissecting) so that I would let him in and dengdengdengdeng we'll get married by a beach having pot luck as our wedding dinner so as to save budget so that we can go to Europe for a year for our honeymoon.

Whee! My first cheque!

Besides, whenever I THINK I like someone I can find one excuse to convince myself that I don't like him and... surprisingly it works. So I guess I'm pretty close to that dream romance already *refer above*! Yippee. Don't ask me how I do it. I find it irritating, need to fall in like, or else life is boring, hahaha.

I'm like so pro at looking for excuses lor.

So. Falling in love with him. Everyday's a sunny day with blue birds chirping mice talking people smiling. You want to be with him (substitute with your gender preference), but most importantly you want him to be happy. You love love songs. You love whatever that's happening in fairy tales, you substitute their names with yours and his. You write love stories, putting in names that represents both of you. You write love poems, all the 'him's and 'you's are written with the thought of him. You dream of him. All his jokes and pranks are funny, even though no-one is laughing. His name pops up when you listen to a song that seems to resemble everything. He is the only person you see. You smile when you thought of him when you no longer loves him, wanting to keep that smile as a secret. He is beautiful, your guardian angel, your sunshine, your universe, your everything.

(Wah! Like poetry weih!)

I'm not a caffeine person. I especially hate the facetious froth / whatever you call that.

Falling in love with LOVE. Hmmmm. You wanna be in love. You wanna have someone in your mind. You want that heartbeat racing adrenaline pumping stuttering blushing moments. You want to have someone's name in your scribbles. You want to have something to scribble. You don't think of him when you listened to a love song. You want to be in love. You think you're lifeless when you don't have a crush. You too want to have a boyfriend after reading a super romantic love story, or when everyone in your age has one. He doesn't appear in your dream. You just wanna be in love just because.

I think I was in love, hahahaha. I'm so good at convincing myself. Ok la so I didn't some things in the first list but I seem like such a romantic lor. A cynical romantic with a dry sense of humour, haha.

I've finished downloaded Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber at Fleet Street and Tiffany's Breakfast; currently downloading Face/Off and Rain Man. I need blank DVDs asap!

On a random note, I think dreams are just an amazing thing. Fascinating, how our subconscious mind actually work. Imagine you're dreaming of this person, and the next day he/she tells you they dreamed of you too!
Some things have to be kept as a secret, like taking lucky star papers without paying, shhhh ;)

OMGGGGG JASON CASTRO GOES TO THIS ONLINE FRIEND OF MINE'S CHURCH HAHAHAHAHAHA. It's like Brad Pitt working in a shopping mall you often went before he became famous XD

2:51AM. I need to get up at 7, the most 8 tomorrow / today later. Shit.
Panda peekaboo! (Ok sorry am just feeling random -.-;;)

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