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>> Thursday, 3 April 2008


The platform to Hollywood, baby.

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

Opening credits:
Run Rabbit Run, The Hoosiers
The lyrics aren't very happy though.
I saw a fox by the rabbit hole, you saw a prince from a fairy tale
He promised that he’d watch over you, turned out to be the fox we all knew
How sadistic.

Waking up:
Cautioners, Jimmy Eat World
I'm making my peace, making it with distance
Maybe that's a big mistake, you know I'm thinking of you, I miss you
Gosh. I'm sadistic, pathetic, waking up with a person in mind. Haha.

First day of school:
Your House, Jimmy Eat World
Heyyy, I'm home-schooling! XD
Then out of nowhere, put me right back there
Rip my heart out, you rip my heart right out
And we know what happens when we get to your house
Rip my heart right out, you'll rip my heart right out
Shhhh ;)

Falling in love:
Waiting, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Heyyyy. That's not fair :P
Waiting for this life to change seems like it's taking me forever and I can't hold on
This light is breaking into the day
Sadistic. Again. What a sad life -.-;;

Fight song:
Uncanny, Anberlin
Eh, this is like the happiest song in the Cities album. I'm so not a violent fighter :P
Trains to Tokyo, staring out windows, a place we've never been
While soundtracks play in backgrounds to the stories of our lives
Non-fiction, oh, envision, if we never met and what we missed
And never really learned Pacific Standard Time
And with the nicest lyrics!

Breaking up:
And It's Supposed to be Love, Ayo
I'm gonna sing this when my (future) boyfriend and I break up.
It's a sad and lonely song, sour grapes and tears
Something dark is going on, going on for years

Wonder how it came to be, things with me and you
How we lost the way to love, how we got so blue
For once, this shuffling is going right.

Comin' Home Baby, Michael Bublé
HOW SEXY. And, uh, appropriate? I really don't know.
(Come on home) I'm comin' home, baby, now
(You know I'm praying every night) Can't hold me back now
(Please come home) I'm pressin' on baby now
(I want to feel you hold me tight) I want to feel you hold me tight
(When I'm in your arms) When I'm in your arms I'll be fine
I don't kiss and tell ;)

Life's just okay:
One Night, Travis
One night can change everything in your life, one night can make everything alright
One night can turn all your colors to white, one night - it's easier said than done
This shuffling thing, crazy.

Mental breakdown:
Strange, The Feeling
I think my iTunes is my eyes.
You're undernourished, and un-encouraged, and under-rated, and unappreciated
The world is turning in a different direction to us and just look how far you've come
Considering all of the pushing and spitting and stuff
Oh, and, this is so so true.

My Name is Trouble, Nightmare of You
Women are generally bad drivers, so don't blame me.
Well I've had this secret and I feel it's time that you should know
When I'm in your arms it turns me on but I've got a conscience too
And it says my heart's never in tune with anything I do
My heart's not in touch with any nerves. I'm accident-prone. Watch out.

Everything, Lifehouse
Find me here and speak to me, I want to feel you, I need to hear you
You are the light that's leading me to the place where I find peace again

You are the strength that keeps me walking, you are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul, you are my purpose, you're everything

And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

You calm the storms, and you give me rest
You hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away
Would you take me in? Take me deeper now?

'Cause you're all I want, you're all I need, you're everything
Oh, gosh. I have such a beautiful life *tears*

Getting back together:
Cheers Darlin', Damien Rice
Eh this is supposed to be a break-up song weih. Such a sad getting-back-together.
Oh, what am I? What am I, darlin'?
I've got years to wait...

Birth of child:
These Eyes, India.Arie
Some break-up song for a supposed-to-be-happy birth -.-;;
Are we meant to be man and wife? The answer I don't know
Of life's many mystery's what intrigues me the most is who our children would have been? I guess we'll never know
Even as I walk away I'll always keep the hope

Thumbelina, Nightmare of You
But Julian would never understand
Just because he's a painter and he loves you it doesn't mean that he has got a clue about my Thumbelina
I've never seen a pair of digits quite like yours before
And I have traveled shore to shore in such arduous pallor
Your almost perfect body's got me quivering in a ball
That's the uhmm, PG-rated lyrics from the whole of 18-SX lyrics. The others will just make everyone else blush *blushes*

Finale battle:
Loneliness, The Feeling
Ah, so the last battle in my life is with my loneliness.
Right now, I'll take a penny for my thoughts
Right now, I'm overcharging you of course
Right now, But I've a question for you all
Whose idea was it? What is the point of it?
Food for thought.

Death scene:
You'll Be In My Heart (Reprise), Kala & Tarzan (Tarzan: The Musical)
Why can't they understand the way we feel?
They just don't trust what they can't explain
I know we're different but, deep inside us, we're not that different at all

And you'll be in my heart, yes, you'll be in my heart, from this day on now and forever more
Awww, how sweet of you :)

Funeral song:
Trashin' the Camp, Terk (Tarzan: The Musical)

Random trivia: Those who loves unexpected endings in fictions / movies / whatever tend to have higher self-esteem compared to those who preferred predictable ones.
I suspect the accuracy of the statement.

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