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A Sadness Runs Through Him, The Hoosiers

Ah, the infamous Malaysian timing that never fails to pisses me off even though I religiously practice it.

They say it'll start at 8.30 but apparently the 8.30 they mean is 9am. How ingenious!

And can you believe how many calories three people lost in an hour just by talking and swinging?

Look Down and Stare.

Mr. Chan Cheng Lock said they'll air-condition the hall and put curtains for the stage. Sigh. The future generations will never know how hard their seniors have been suffering.


Them carrying the violin walking around the school just seems to me as boasting. I'm being cynical! Gah!

Tiam Loong's shoe, taken without permission, haha.

I'm so so glad that the guys are not as tone deaf as last year's batch in the choir. Sadly, though, they lack a solid bass. I don't think there are any basses anyway! Still, seeing some familiar faces (hint:WANING!) makes me laugh, HAHAHAHA.

Oh, and at certain times they sound angelic. I think guys have to shed their macho self off and join the choir.

My, uhmm, lucky number?

Did I mention that girls love musicians, even if it means he's Michael Bublé? (No, the photo is just a conincidence lol!)

Mr. Wendy Jia Xian Blain.

For some reasons unknown to me Sai Mun asked me to hang out with them at 1U. I so so wanna go! No, Waning, I'm not afraid of loneliness, if that's what you think.

The reasons I didn't go are cuz 1. I have stupid work 2. I don't have enough money - with RM10.90, you have to wash dishes in Secret Recipe.

Self-portrait of an Apple.

Therefore, lessons learnt today:
1. Being oh-so-responsible and considerate is difficult.
2. Never be responsible and considerate.
3. Bring at least RM50 to everywhere you go.

"I couldn't keep them fresh
So I kept them pressed"


Random relating p/s#1: I wanted to take a photo of Sengkuang Sern and put it up but I couldn't take la hahaha. Actually in another point of view my horrible form 1 ain't that bad you know :P
Random relating p/s#2: Ben Kane reminds me of, *sexy deep voice* "I'm Kane. Ben Kane." *sweeps his hair away from face, stare at you oh-so-sexily with a gentle sexy smirk on his mouth* Man. He should hire me as his manager / advertisor.

On a random note,

Mêlée's (may-lay; CHAOS in French XD) She's Gonna Find Me Here. Cute vocalist with extra cute smile and piano skills and most romantic lyrics to boot!

Psst, did I mention girls (owhkay maybe just me) love musicians? (Have to look pleasant also la k I'm also a human. Haha I make myself seem so wanted. Some kind of confidence-booster :P)

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Morning Sadness, Madina Lake

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