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>> Monday, 28 April 2008

Only You, Ayo

The big date #1: May 12th, 2008, Monday
The big place #1: Some new school
The big thing #1: School, new faces, strangeness, intimidation, school, uniform, stationeries, bags, teachers, students, juniors, seniors, school
The big word: #1: -none-

The big date #2: June 13th, Friday
The big place #2: One World Hotel, 1U
The big thing #2: Nervousness, defaecating (layman's term: "shit-ing"), sexual intercourse (layman's term: "f*ck"), nervousness, perspire, nervousness, heels, long skirt, grand piano, nervousness, tauge notes, heart attack, lips bleeding, nervousness, nervousness, NERVOUSNESS
The big word #2: HELP ME T___________T

My Mozart sucks. My Poulenc is very syok sendiri. My Chopin is boring *yawn*. I love Bach.

I don't like whisper-into-the-ear thing. You're coming too close, you're talking too soft, it's wet (as in, humid), and it's ticklish. That same goes to listening to recorded voices through headphones.
I think I anti-intimacy.

My brother is taller than me! I'm so proud *weeps* I just hope his voice will be magnetic, sexy, and not tone deaf. Or at least not ducky like so many boys! (No I don't do "sisterly/brotherly love".)
Oh and he'd better still be able to do the Goofy thing to make me laugh like a Tanjung Apple patient.

"Eh?! Why you so wuliao put liquid paper on your fingernails?!" says my sister.
*laughs* "It's white nail polish la!"

Don't ask me what's the purpose of & and * in the picture. I was feeling contemporary.
I find it pretty :) Pretty pretty pretty.
Btw do you know that the slope of & is similar to my jaw line XD
All done in about an hour, when I was creating the Technorati display picture lol.

"My number is 017XXXXXXX. -pause- Valentino. -pause- Hahahaha, but cannot eat." Hang up phone. "Dia kata nama saya sedap dengar, saya kata tak boleh makan."
That happened during work ok. And no this Mr. Valentino is a Chinese, probably a self-proclaim Italian wannabe.

"I like the pic where you stick your tongue out. Very naughty and..."
"lol." (A meaningless reply to a meaningless statement.)
"I like pic no. 7 too."
"Huh? Which one? Wait wait I go and check."
"No need to check. Just look at the mirror."

Amazing how people are able to flirt.

HELP. PIANO DIPLOMA EXAM T______________________T

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