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>> Monday, 28 April 2008

Only You, Ayo

The big date #1: May 12th, 2008, Monday
The big place #1: Some new school
The big thing #1: School, new faces, strangeness, intimidation, school, uniform, stationeries, bags, teachers, students, juniors, seniors, school
The big word: #1: -none-

The big date #2: June 13th, Friday
The big place #2: One World Hotel, 1U
The big thing #2: Nervousness, defaecating (layman's term: "shit-ing"), sexual intercourse (layman's term: "f*ck"), nervousness, perspire, nervousness, heels, long skirt, grand piano, nervousness, tauge notes, heart attack, lips bleeding, nervousness, nervousness, NERVOUSNESS
The big word #2: HELP ME T___________T

My Mozart sucks. My Poulenc is very syok sendiri. My Chopin is boring *yawn*. I love Bach.

I don't like whisper-into-the-ear thing. You're coming too close, you're talking too soft, it's wet (as in, humid), and it's ticklish. That same goes to listening to recorded voices through headphones.
I think I anti-intimacy.

My brother is taller than me! I'm so proud *weeps* I just hope his voice will be magnetic, sexy, and not tone deaf. Or at least not ducky like so many boys! (No I don't do "sisterly/brotherly love".)
Oh and he'd better still be able to do the Goofy thing to make me laugh like a Tanjung Apple patient.

"Eh?! Why you so wuliao put liquid paper on your fingernails?!" says my sister.
*laughs* "It's white nail polish la!"

Don't ask me what's the purpose of & and * in the picture. I was feeling contemporary.
I find it pretty :) Pretty pretty pretty.
Btw do you know that the slope of & is similar to my jaw line XD
All done in about an hour, when I was creating the Technorati display picture lol.

"My number is 017XXXXXXX. -pause- Valentino. -pause- Hahahaha, but cannot eat." Hang up phone. "Dia kata nama saya sedap dengar, saya kata tak boleh makan."
That happened during work ok. And no this Mr. Valentino is a Chinese, probably a self-proclaim Italian wannabe.

"I like the pic where you stick your tongue out. Very naughty and..."
"lol." (A meaningless reply to a meaningless statement.)
"I like pic no. 7 too."
"Huh? Which one? Wait wait I go and check."
"No need to check. Just look at the mirror."

Amazing how people are able to flirt.

HELP. PIANO DIPLOMA EXAM T______________________T


Win Zee's (Lousy) Guide to Lurve

>> Friday, 25 April 2008

Gosh. The second novelette just gave me a shock as if I just heard it for the first time.

I'm not even spelling right and kept backspace-ing, haha.

Someone wants me to write a blog entry on how to differentiate between falling in love with love and falling in love with a guy.

I think she asked the wrong person. I'm just plain cold-hearted (or trying to be), waiting for a super charming super sweet heartthrob who somehow loves me despite being size 20 and tries to open up my heart (otherwise known as dissecting) so that I would let him in and dengdengdengdeng we'll get married by a beach having pot luck as our wedding dinner so as to save budget so that we can go to Europe for a year for our honeymoon.

Whee! My first cheque!

Besides, whenever I THINK I like someone I can find one excuse to convince myself that I don't like him and... surprisingly it works. So I guess I'm pretty close to that dream romance already *refer above*! Yippee. Don't ask me how I do it. I find it irritating, need to fall in like, or else life is boring, hahaha.

I'm like so pro at looking for excuses lor.

So. Falling in love with him. Everyday's a sunny day with blue birds chirping mice talking people smiling. You want to be with him (substitute with your gender preference), but most importantly you want him to be happy. You love love songs. You love whatever that's happening in fairy tales, you substitute their names with yours and his. You write love stories, putting in names that represents both of you. You write love poems, all the 'him's and 'you's are written with the thought of him. You dream of him. All his jokes and pranks are funny, even though no-one is laughing. His name pops up when you listen to a song that seems to resemble everything. He is the only person you see. You smile when you thought of him when you no longer loves him, wanting to keep that smile as a secret. He is beautiful, your guardian angel, your sunshine, your universe, your everything.

(Wah! Like poetry weih!)

I'm not a caffeine person. I especially hate the facetious froth / whatever you call that.

Falling in love with LOVE. Hmmmm. You wanna be in love. You wanna have someone in your mind. You want that heartbeat racing adrenaline pumping stuttering blushing moments. You want to have someone's name in your scribbles. You want to have something to scribble. You don't think of him when you listened to a love song. You want to be in love. You think you're lifeless when you don't have a crush. You too want to have a boyfriend after reading a super romantic love story, or when everyone in your age has one. He doesn't appear in your dream. You just wanna be in love just because.

I think I was in love, hahahaha. I'm so good at convincing myself. Ok la so I didn't some things in the first list but I seem like such a romantic lor. A cynical romantic with a dry sense of humour, haha.

I've finished downloaded Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber at Fleet Street and Tiffany's Breakfast; currently downloading Face/Off and Rain Man. I need blank DVDs asap!

On a random note, I think dreams are just an amazing thing. Fascinating, how our subconscious mind actually work. Imagine you're dreaming of this person, and the next day he/she tells you they dreamed of you too!
Some things have to be kept as a secret, like taking lucky star papers without paying, shhhh ;)

OMGGGGG JASON CASTRO GOES TO THIS ONLINE FRIEND OF MINE'S CHURCH HAHAHAHAHAHA. It's like Brad Pitt working in a shopping mall you often went before he became famous XD

2:51AM. I need to get up at 7, the most 8 tomorrow / today later. Shit.
Panda peekaboo! (Ok sorry am just feeling random -.-;;)


The Life in Pink

>> Friday, 18 April 2008

For a Lifetime, Mêlée

La Vie en Rose

I love the way the movie reverts from the present, to the past, and then back to the present.
Marion Contillard has beautiful wide doe eyes. And Edith Piaf sounds like a witty, charming woman. She would've been such a wonderful grandmother.

And, gosh, so very beautiful.

On a random note,
I love this line from Mêlée's Love Carries On:
On broken glass, some things aren't made to last
Very symbolic, don'tcha think :)

Oh, btw, happy 18th birthday deary Waning.


At 12.57am

>> Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Unknown, Lifehouse

Last night I was inspired to do an entry: A Story About Win Zee. And this morning I deleted all the photos I took cuz the idea is just too lame.

Told you.

Meet my beloved pebbles:

Peekaboo, I see you!

Last night I was reading Fiona Shaw's The Picture She Took and these paragraphs struck me:
For a time, while she was in Belgium, Jude had taken photographs of hands. Her own, Kate's, Peter's, other soldiers', trying to capture them in a gesture or going about some habitual movement, peeling potatoes, lighting cigarettes, playing cards or rolling bandages, their precision, their delicacy. But there had been one young soldier brought in, she could still see him come through the doorway, and he'd changed that. It as winter and very cold. The soldiers were suffering badly from chilblains, their hands and feet swollen and painful, and some had frost bite, so that at first she thought that was this man's trouble. He stepped forward, eyes wide, shocked, and held his gloved hands out to Jude, like an offering, and if she hadn't caught him, he would have fallen to the ground.

The soldier behind him told her that it was the left one that had been hit, but that the young fellow wouldn't look at it even.

'He's too frightened,' he said.

Jude got the man on to a stretcher and gave him a slug of brandy. Still he hadn't spoken a word. As gently as she could, she began to cut away the woollen glove, and for a short moment she thought the injuries might be superficial. Then she saw that the darkness of the glove was made of as much of blood as of the dark blue wool. As the hand was uncovered,it became a mess of bone and blood. Two fingers were severed, the knuckle bones sharp white even in the cellar's poor light, and the flesh on the hand was macerated, raw. Woollen fibres were tangled into the mess of it all, so deeply threaded into the flesh, it was almost as though God had made it that way. The doctor would be here later, but she knew there was nothing he could do with this.

She was exhausted by the time she'd finished and though he was conscious, staring at the ceiling, still the soldier hadn't flinched, still he hadn't spoken.

'It's serious,' she said, 'but you should make a good recovery. I've cleaned it up pretty well. We'll get you back to the hospital tomorrow, and you'll be strong again before yo know it.' And because he wouldn't speak and because she was so tired, she said, 'You're not left-handed, I hope?' and still he didn't speak, but when Jude saw that he was crying, she was sorry for her facetiousness and she went and found the one who'd brought him in.

'He's not left-handed, is he?' she said to the soldier, who looked up at her over his mug of soup, and he shook his head.

'He's a pianist,' he said.
What struck me wasn't the severity of his wound but that sentence. He's a pianist. It was the intense fear of unable to play the piano again.

I still don't understand, why I would be afraid of unable to play the piano instead of not having a left hand.

Haha, out of a sudden I miss WK :)



>> Sunday, 13 April 2008

Arghhh. Something's wrong with Firefox.

A Sadness Runs Through Him, The Hoosiers

Ah, the infamous Malaysian timing that never fails to pisses me off even though I religiously practice it.

They say it'll start at 8.30 but apparently the 8.30 they mean is 9am. How ingenious!

And can you believe how many calories three people lost in an hour just by talking and swinging?

Look Down and Stare.

Mr. Chan Cheng Lock said they'll air-condition the hall and put curtains for the stage. Sigh. The future generations will never know how hard their seniors have been suffering.


Them carrying the violin walking around the school just seems to me as boasting. I'm being cynical! Gah!

Tiam Loong's shoe, taken without permission, haha.

I'm so so glad that the guys are not as tone deaf as last year's batch in the choir. Sadly, though, they lack a solid bass. I don't think there are any basses anyway! Still, seeing some familiar faces (hint:WANING!) makes me laugh, HAHAHAHA.

Oh, and at certain times they sound angelic. I think guys have to shed their macho self off and join the choir.

My, uhmm, lucky number?

Did I mention that girls love musicians, even if it means he's Michael Bublé? (No, the photo is just a conincidence lol!)

Mr. Wendy Jia Xian Blain.

For some reasons unknown to me Sai Mun asked me to hang out with them at 1U. I so so wanna go! No, Waning, I'm not afraid of loneliness, if that's what you think.

The reasons I didn't go are cuz 1. I have stupid work 2. I don't have enough money - with RM10.90, you have to wash dishes in Secret Recipe.

Self-portrait of an Apple.

Therefore, lessons learnt today:
1. Being oh-so-responsible and considerate is difficult.
2. Never be responsible and considerate.
3. Bring at least RM50 to everywhere you go.

"I couldn't keep them fresh
So I kept them pressed"


Random relating p/s#1: I wanted to take a photo of Sengkuang Sern and put it up but I couldn't take la hahaha. Actually in another point of view my horrible form 1 ain't that bad you know :P
Random relating p/s#2: Ben Kane reminds me of, *sexy deep voice* "I'm Kane. Ben Kane." *sweeps his hair away from face, stare at you oh-so-sexily with a gentle sexy smirk on his mouth* Man. He should hire me as his manager / advertisor.

On a random note,

Mêlée's (may-lay; CHAOS in French XD) She's Gonna Find Me Here. Cute vocalist with extra cute smile and piano skills and most romantic lyrics to boot!

Psst, did I mention girls (owhkay maybe just me) love musicians? (Have to look pleasant also la k I'm also a human. Haha I make myself seem so wanted. Some kind of confidence-booster :P)

Interactive feature of this entry: CIKGU LAI IF YOU READ THIS GO TAG IN MY CHATBOX WEIH XD

Morning Sadness, Madina Lake


Shuff Shuff Shuffle Shuff Shuff

>> Thursday, 3 April 2008


The platform to Hollywood, baby.

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

Opening credits:
Run Rabbit Run, The Hoosiers
The lyrics aren't very happy though.
I saw a fox by the rabbit hole, you saw a prince from a fairy tale
He promised that he’d watch over you, turned out to be the fox we all knew
How sadistic.

Waking up:
Cautioners, Jimmy Eat World
I'm making my peace, making it with distance
Maybe that's a big mistake, you know I'm thinking of you, I miss you
Gosh. I'm sadistic, pathetic, waking up with a person in mind. Haha.

First day of school:
Your House, Jimmy Eat World
Heyyy, I'm home-schooling! XD
Then out of nowhere, put me right back there
Rip my heart out, you rip my heart right out
And we know what happens when we get to your house
Rip my heart right out, you'll rip my heart right out
Shhhh ;)

Falling in love:
Waiting, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Heyyyy. That's not fair :P
Waiting for this life to change seems like it's taking me forever and I can't hold on
This light is breaking into the day
Sadistic. Again. What a sad life -.-;;

Fight song:
Uncanny, Anberlin
Eh, this is like the happiest song in the Cities album. I'm so not a violent fighter :P
Trains to Tokyo, staring out windows, a place we've never been
While soundtracks play in backgrounds to the stories of our lives
Non-fiction, oh, envision, if we never met and what we missed
And never really learned Pacific Standard Time
And with the nicest lyrics!

Breaking up:
And It's Supposed to be Love, Ayo
I'm gonna sing this when my (future) boyfriend and I break up.
It's a sad and lonely song, sour grapes and tears
Something dark is going on, going on for years

Wonder how it came to be, things with me and you
How we lost the way to love, how we got so blue
For once, this shuffling is going right.

Comin' Home Baby, Michael Bublé
HOW SEXY. And, uh, appropriate? I really don't know.
(Come on home) I'm comin' home, baby, now
(You know I'm praying every night) Can't hold me back now
(Please come home) I'm pressin' on baby now
(I want to feel you hold me tight) I want to feel you hold me tight
(When I'm in your arms) When I'm in your arms I'll be fine
I don't kiss and tell ;)

Life's just okay:
One Night, Travis
One night can change everything in your life, one night can make everything alright
One night can turn all your colors to white, one night - it's easier said than done
This shuffling thing, crazy.

Mental breakdown:
Strange, The Feeling
I think my iTunes is my eyes.
You're undernourished, and un-encouraged, and under-rated, and unappreciated
The world is turning in a different direction to us and just look how far you've come
Considering all of the pushing and spitting and stuff
Oh, and, this is so so true.

My Name is Trouble, Nightmare of You
Women are generally bad drivers, so don't blame me.
Well I've had this secret and I feel it's time that you should know
When I'm in your arms it turns me on but I've got a conscience too
And it says my heart's never in tune with anything I do
My heart's not in touch with any nerves. I'm accident-prone. Watch out.

Everything, Lifehouse
Find me here and speak to me, I want to feel you, I need to hear you
You are the light that's leading me to the place where I find peace again

You are the strength that keeps me walking, you are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul, you are my purpose, you're everything

And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

You calm the storms, and you give me rest
You hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away
Would you take me in? Take me deeper now?

'Cause you're all I want, you're all I need, you're everything
Oh, gosh. I have such a beautiful life *tears*

Getting back together:
Cheers Darlin', Damien Rice
Eh this is supposed to be a break-up song weih. Such a sad getting-back-together.
Oh, what am I? What am I, darlin'?
I've got years to wait...

Birth of child:
These Eyes, India.Arie
Some break-up song for a supposed-to-be-happy birth -.-;;
Are we meant to be man and wife? The answer I don't know
Of life's many mystery's what intrigues me the most is who our children would have been? I guess we'll never know
Even as I walk away I'll always keep the hope

Thumbelina, Nightmare of You
But Julian would never understand
Just because he's a painter and he loves you it doesn't mean that he has got a clue about my Thumbelina
I've never seen a pair of digits quite like yours before
And I have traveled shore to shore in such arduous pallor
Your almost perfect body's got me quivering in a ball
That's the uhmm, PG-rated lyrics from the whole of 18-SX lyrics. The others will just make everyone else blush *blushes*

Finale battle:
Loneliness, The Feeling
Ah, so the last battle in my life is with my loneliness.
Right now, I'll take a penny for my thoughts
Right now, I'm overcharging you of course
Right now, But I've a question for you all
Whose idea was it? What is the point of it?
Food for thought.

Death scene:
You'll Be In My Heart (Reprise), Kala & Tarzan (Tarzan: The Musical)
Why can't they understand the way we feel?
They just don't trust what they can't explain
I know we're different but, deep inside us, we're not that different at all

And you'll be in my heart, yes, you'll be in my heart, from this day on now and forever more
Awww, how sweet of you :)

Funeral song:
Trashin' the Camp, Terk (Tarzan: The Musical)

Random trivia: Those who loves unexpected endings in fictions / movies / whatever tend to have higher self-esteem compared to those who preferred predictable ones.
I suspect the accuracy of the statement.


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