WARNING: I've lost faith on humanity in a very loong way.

>> Monday, 10 March 2008

I Thought It Was Over, The Feeling

I hope the supervisor hired the Taiwanese-looking Johorean girl so that I have someone else to talk to. Now I only have like one person whom I can talk to. And she's currently in Penang leaving me all alone here. And Elaine left :(

Anyways I was so freaking degraded today. And for once I sincerely wish someone enters hell.

So today this colleague-with-smelly-hair-gel passed me stuff to photocopy as he doesn't read Chinese and Sanskrit. It's a Buddhist script you see. So I photocopied 10 copies. Stacked them all together, the thought of stapling the sets didn't cross my mind as the colleague didn't tell me. I'm so proud of myself.
So this woman came back after yam cha-ing with her friend. I passed her the photocopied stuff with a Duchenn smile :)
And she's like, "You didn't staple ah?" then turn to her friend and said, "See, she didn't even separate."
And I was like "Oh, sorry, I didn't know." While my smile dropped a little and thinking, owhkay wtf it's my fault fine but you make it seem like I'm a lousy idiot who's only interested in kachings.
She turned to me and said demanded, "Can you do it for me?"
My smile dropped again. OWHKAY FINE WHATEVER WOMAN. I don't even get paid service charge owhkay. And she muttered scoldings at me while walking around. I guess this friend also pitied me la, she helped me a little.
And this woman took up a ream of A4 paper and asked me the price (as it's not tagged). When I walked towards her to check the thickness of the paper, with a slightly lifted-from-the-dropped Duchenn smile she said, "Go, go, do your stapling" with an irritated look.
OWHKAYYYY FINEEEEE. *rolls eyes inside*
Staple staple staple staple staple. So she buy the 80gsm A4 paper which costs RM10 and her photocopies RM19. Altogether RM29.
Yay. She's gone for good. Phew.
And then she entered. Again. "Why did you charge me RM19 for the photostating?"
And I was like, "Cuz this is 20sen per piece." (As the original copy is double side; she wanted to make it single side on A4 paper.)
And she was arguing, "But the guy said its 10sen per piece."
And I was like, "No, actually it's 20sen, because there's 2 you see." (Bleahhh, I temporarily forgot the word DOUBLE SIDES.)
"You're supposed to charge me RM10." And her voice showed the slightest the MOST OBVIOUS HINT that I ACTUALLY WANT TO CHEAT HER PRECIOUS RM9.
And she continued whining and I looked at supervisor with a HELP ME look.
Supervisor came and confronted the woman for me, thought I was only photocopying one side only and charged double, so he refunded RM9. He was in a very sticky situation also la I have a feeling he knew I was somehow right.
And I was right. DUH. I KNOW I'm right I just can't remember the right words to use.
Apparently old staff already lost faith in humanity.
(And the next customer was pitying me (I think) for having to confront this woman :( Thank you for your pity (I think) but no thanks, though I really appreciate that you are standing alongside with me (I think))
I was on the brink of crying. For being so degraded.
And now I have a slight phobic for the machine. F*ck you woman.
And she made me curse.

And, heck, she was questioning my ethics. MY DIGNITY. That's my super ultra hyper sensitive untouchable area. And she thinks that a 17-year-old part-timer have all the right words in her mind just because she speaks fluent English with a smile.

I felt like snapping, "What the f*ck can you just shut up you f*cking woman I'm already being very nice and patient with you" when she demanded a refund.

If she would just demand in a nicer way I wouldn't have feel so stressful I wouldn't have feel so angry I wouldn't have lost my teeny tiny faith towards humanities.

Some kind of a Buddhist you are. Religion is a way of life. And you can't even perform the most basic thing of being a human. Where the hell is your manners? Oh, I know - HELL.

I LOVE YOU MOMMY AND DADDY FOR BEING SUCH A NICE UNDERSTANDING BUDDHISTS. (Or maybe because I've never seen their rude side towards poor retailers. Well that's good too. At least this 0.0001% faith won't be gone.)

Till now I wish she would go to hell and never reborn. I'm evil, I know, whatever, but when my dignity is questioned you'll go to hell immediately.

So at night this Yuk Chai teacher was so noisy when she entered. Her daughter wanted to buy a clear folder. She seemed like a nice woman at first. And before she paid she was asking her maid and daughter, "Are you sure this is the cheapest?" And they nodded gazillion times, annoyed.
Ok so she said she has the membership card but she didn't bring. Instead she showed me a salted veg photocopy of the card. I can't even see whether it's BB or AB or AA.
"Teachers get 10% discount on stationeries." I told her that.
And she was surprised. "Huh? I thought 15% wan?"
And I was like oh sh*t 10% or 15% but then remembered that my PN. KEE MOM only gets 10% so I told her, "Yes it's 10% it's true teachers get 10% discount on stationeries" while being unsure inside.
"Sure ah?" "Yes." "Yeah meh?" "Yes."
"I get 15% discount in Sri Tanjong wor."
Ohhhhh. "No actually Sri Tanjong is different from us."
"I get 15% discount in Sri Tanjong." *partially deaf*
"Actually Sri Tanjong is not ours."
"I get 15% discount in Sri Tanjong."
I felt like snapping back, "you stupid woman I said Sri Tanjong is not ours don't you understand?"
And she continued to mutter the same thing while I continued to answer the same thing. And I passed the plastic bag to her maid. Her maid was flinging the bag. And she suddenly scolded her maid. Her maid smiled at me. I smiled pitifully at her and her daughter.
So I gave her back RM44+ for her RM50 change. And she was like "I dowan this" when she got an ugly RM10.
WHY IS IT SO SO DIFFICULT TO JUST SAY, "I'M SORRY, BUT CAN YOU CHANGE THIS FOR ME?" I'll understand. Seriously. I've seen too many. And I'm still a kid I don't have your complicated degraded mind I can understand literal things.


It's seldom that I get pissed off by Homo sapiens but it's not rare either. I vow not to be kiamsiap (at least aloud) and will request for my requests to be done in a POLITE way.

Use 'please' laaah, or else what's the use of its existence in dictionaries?

In reply of Waning's0 Dear Win Zee post:
Your written Manglish is not natural la.
And no I'm not going to karaoke I totally hate the feeling of coming out of the room, like, "it's a room in a brothel in there I just had sex" it feels so damn awkward and, uh, embarrassing. Yeah -.-;; If you would like, though, let's just sing Breathless and Won't Go Home Without You and Big Big World while strolling down the streets. Seriously :)
Was it "real long" since we last met up? o_O It's only like a month+ la my dear.


It's 2.52AM right now. I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow/this morning, go to work at 9, and come home at 6.YESSSS BABY PIANO.

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