>> Monday, 11 February 2008

Uncanny, Anberlin

At 8.00AM (ideally): Wake up. Snooze the snooze button. Go to sleep.
At 8.55AM: Wake up. Look at the clock. "SHIT ARGHHH"-ing. Run to the bathroom.
At 8.57AM: Toilet-ing. Brush teeth. Wash face. Wash hair. Change.
At 9.10AM (ideally): Waning reaches.
At 9.30AM: Crap. Or eating. Or play the piano.
At 10.00AM: Crap. Or eating. Or play the piano.
At 10.30AM: On the way to SMKDJ. SMSing Jo.
At 10.55AM: "OMG SHIT LA WEIHHH"-ing.
At 12.00PM (ideally): Call for taxi.
At 12.30PM: Debating on either dropping down at Masjid Jamek or KLCC or wherever.
At 1.10PM (ideally): Power walking.
At 2.00PM: Power walking. Or eat.
At 3.30PM: Power walking. Or being chased out by sales assistant for trying too many clothes without the intention of buying.
At 4.00PM: Power walking. Or trying out shoes at Jimmy Choo with Win Zee "SIGHHHH why must I wear sport shoes la weihhhh OMG look at the heels so high ooh eh this is so cool weih look at the ______"-ing. Or eating.
At 6.00PM: Walking very weakly to LRT station, agreeing on going back home.

Good luck to me.

"Let's go, fall in love, it's the greatest show on Earth."

Changed the layout cuz the previous one is too messy and almost impossible to edit.

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