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>> Saturday, 29 March 2008

Kettle's On, The Feeling

Some two simple short short letter totally made me smile, truly.

And then I just realized, I haven't been really smiling / laughing these days.

Make it these years.

Strange eh, how we can laugh at everything on Earth and then realize, you were actually laughing at yourself at your pathetic state.

Yes, I still laugh at every joke I hear, or any funny sights I see, but at the end of the day you just feel like you did not live today. All you do was open your eyes in the morning, and close them at night, not knowing what exactly happened that day, nor do you actually bother to know.

Like a zombie.


On the other hand, I just read the most disturbing (oral) sex EVER. It's in the book with the sexiest sex EVER. American fictionised Karma Sutra (in another words, erotica porn).

I think I've just ruined my reputation, HAR HAR XD

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