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>> Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Cops and Robbers, The Hoosiers

I absolutely so so have to blog about this.

I'm officially in love with The Hoosiers and their debut album The Trick to Life!
Vocalist Irwin Sparkes has an extraordinarily brilliant beautiful falsetto.
And he reminds me of a fictional character.

At certain angle Irwin is cute. Man, the British genes. And he seems to be... short. Ooh. Resemblances.


You should have seen the video.

I find this video uber cute, especially including the person featuring in it. And then I find myself uber cruel. But. Still.

Maybe someday I'll make a video. Of me. Ranting in Manglish / cacated American English. (I mean, I sound like a Manglish bimbo when I'm on the phone! Serious! XD) About nothing. Instead of taking lame-o lala pics we should make a video of us eating Ritz at 2:25AM.

Or lip sync.

Currently eating: Muesli (milk chocolate with hazelnut) with chocolate milk. At 1:59am. Absolutely yummy and unhealthy at this hour. I hope there's no such thing as calories.


p/s I think the reason I'm typing in short sarcastic / witty sentences is due to New Cardiff, which, quite coincidentally, involves a British artist whom I was in love with, and speaks in short and witty sentences. Seriously. I love(d) him.

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