>> Sunday, 9 March 2008

(God, why do I doubt that line of yours?)

Jamie Scott & The Town, Hey You

I earned almost RM50 today.
I did closing in more or less 10 minutes.
I bought Off the Edge February issue for RM6.
I'm tempted to buy that cookbook on "healthy desserts".
I realized Times isn't that bad... the only bad thing is the price and that I don't have the time and patience to read it.
I wrapped two presents today. And the presents are for some strangers.
I held a walking stick.
I miss my baby piano :(

Samy Vellu lost. Shahrizat lost.
Anwar's what's-her-name? daughter won. KHAIRY WON WTH?!
Ooh. New government.
Jo and I were expecting chaos. Chaos chaos chaos mana you?

My music school will be performing in Impiana Hotel on May 18th (that's a Sunday) during a brunch hi-tea. It's a formal performance. I'll be performing with a piano, humans, and possibly solo. Guess who'll be there?
Impiana Hotel punya boss.
So come and support me. I'll deeply appriciate that.
Which... I don't think I will.
Cuz there will be no-one to appreciate.
It's RM48++ per person.
Yeah, that pretty sums it up of my non-appreciating attitude. The price and the not-so-newsly news of moi.

Good night. It's freaking 0352am right now.

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