>> Sunday, 2 March 2008

Stable Song, Death Cab for Cutie

I had been sorta kinda stressful these days.

Class breakfast was okay. Mee goreng tak pedas is pedas. So I went home prepared to enjoy the rest of my morning with apple and PB and online and Mika. Then Ms. Penangite called. Apparently eBooks only has one people that time and the guy was absent and BOSS WAS THERE so I had to leave at 10.30.

Boss is a really sweet lady, despite her name :) She belanja-ed Elaine and I pizza for dinner! Last night Magnum boss came to buy 5 boxes of A4 papers. That's 50 reams. Went to the store room to carry out like 50kg. And the freaking computer died. Talked to boss-like lady on the phone for so long and the computer is still performing its useless duties. And I feel burnin' inside and red outside because I'm feeling so frustrated.

(Boss doesn't know how to operate the machine HAHA! xD)

And for the second time I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache. For the second time I told mom for the second time mom asked why didn't I take a Panadol? I told bro about it he asked whether I woke up at 3AM I said where got people want to check the time when you're having headache.

Won't Go Home Without You, Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is not my taste. But I love that hit song *points above*

URGENT: Start on Tomorrow's World


"Why don't you grow up? Write about the event that was the end of your childhood or the event that will finally end your childhood. Think hard, if you have to."
I'll see what I can do with this topic.

Where got people wake up in the middle of the night swallowing Panadol wan?!


Grace Kelly is Mika's f*ck you song. I dunno why I have a feeling that English have a tendency to eff haha LOL.

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