Make me smile, genuinely

>> Saturday, 29 March 2008

Kettle's On, The Feeling

Some two simple short short letter totally made me smile, truly.

And then I just realized, I haven't been really smiling / laughing these days.

Make it these years.

Strange eh, how we can laugh at everything on Earth and then realize, you were actually laughing at yourself at your pathetic state.

Yes, I still laugh at every joke I hear, or any funny sights I see, but at the end of the day you just feel like you did not live today. All you do was open your eyes in the morning, and close them at night, not knowing what exactly happened that day, nor do you actually bother to know.

Like a zombie.


On the other hand, I just read the most disturbing (oral) sex EVER. It's in the book with the sexiest sex EVER. American fictionised Karma Sutra (in another words, erotica porn).

I think I've just ruined my reputation, HAR HAR XD


The Hoosiers & vids

>> Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Cops and Robbers, The Hoosiers

I absolutely so so have to blog about this.

I'm officially in love with The Hoosiers and their debut album The Trick to Life!
Vocalist Irwin Sparkes has an extraordinarily brilliant beautiful falsetto.
And he reminds me of a fictional character.

At certain angle Irwin is cute. Man, the British genes. And he seems to be... short. Ooh. Resemblances.


You should have seen the video.

I find this video uber cute, especially including the person featuring in it. And then I find myself uber cruel. But. Still.

Maybe someday I'll make a video. Of me. Ranting in Manglish / cacated American English. (I mean, I sound like a Manglish bimbo when I'm on the phone! Serious! XD) About nothing. Instead of taking lame-o lala pics we should make a video of us eating Ritz at 2:25AM.

Or lip sync.

Currently eating: Muesli (milk chocolate with hazelnut) with chocolate milk. At 1:59am. Absolutely yummy and unhealthy at this hour. I hope there's no such thing as calories.


p/s I think the reason I'm typing in short sarcastic / witty sentences is due to New Cardiff, which, quite coincidentally, involves a British artist whom I was in love with, and speaks in short and witty sentences. Seriously. I love(d) him.


Moments of happiness <3

>> Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Grim Goodbye, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

VOTING FOR ME MAKES ME HAPPYYY :DDD See that huge biggy smile?

Ask me why does voting for me in election makes me happy. "Why does voting for you in election makes you happy."

Here's why. *clears throat*


Happy - Happy MomentsHappy moments. Hmmm. *brainstorm*

I can't think of any. Help! I'm unhappy!

I'm getting so neutral these days I don't think I have any favourite insertanoun. Colour? Colours. Food? Sweet, salty. Drinks? Anything except alcohol, soft drinks and coffee. Books? Any fictions that aren't chick lit, teen lit or action-packed.

And, life is getting so boring for me, nothing is noteworthy. Unless we're talking about Domas, whom I dug out at YouTube, who is a super cute English, maybe a Londoner since London is in the south of England but he's an English and he's super ultra cute and beautiful! XD

Happy - Happy MomentsANYWAYS. I'm a really simple person (with a simple complex mind) so anything small can just make me smile. Though I think I do that a lot. Or maybe I laugh instead of smile. I laugh too much and I laugh too loud and it's very unfeminine and guys don't like loud girls (unless their bodies scream for attention as much) but I don't care. I like it :)

I eat an apple almost everyday, sometimes two, occasionally three, never tried more than that :) And I often eat it with peanut butter. Load up with Vitamin C and sheer happiness :)

I love peanut butter. It's sweet, salty and yummy! Mom can't understand my love for it. The Untrue Lover of PB won't :)

I like to be alone. (But I can't stand loneliness.) I love the temporary freedom I get. I can do anything without having to consider other people's feelings. It isn't as pleasant if I'm alone in a crowd though. But often I can entertain myself (must be some kind of skill I learn over the years), so don't worry :)

Mika's sexy, talented, and is a BRITISH WHO SPEAKS FRENCH XD His songs never fail to just make me extra hyper. People around me should be thankful that I don't own an iPod, or a MP3 player, or even a MP3 phone.

Yesterday evening it was raining and I had to walk back home (with an umbrella, of course). I ran (under the umbrella), wet my jeans and sandals, shivering, and lovin' it :)

I fill the house with my voice, not perfectly pitched, but not off-key either. Relish my freedom.

This is still a thought, a fantasy in my mind. Stay in budget hotels or hostels. Bring along a laptop, a good camera, 5GB memory cards, a map, a handbook. Walk around the town or rent a bicycle. My souvenirs would be my photos, my experience and newfound maturity, my new friends, a new language. Oh and a hot guy or two.
Man. It's so darn expensively romantic.


Happy - Happy MomentsGet happy by participating in this! You get a chance to win RM5k :D And it's so easy peasy lor just write a blog entry about your Happy Moment. Just think hard. I'm super late for work already :P


And now you know why.

Click here, give a Rank 5, enter the code, submit, done :D


Miss Queen of Ancient Egypt

>> Friday, 21 March 2008

Ring Ring, Mika

Cleopatra a la clam, frizz-like fringe gone wrong.

Arghh I'm late to work. Again. And I don't seem to bother.


Of boys and randomness

>> Monday, 17 March 2008

Better That We Break, Maroon 5

We were talking about boys lately. I wasn't the one who started, she just sent me an e-mail one day out of the blues. And she said I am pretty! (I just HAVE to tell you that part HEHE XP) (And that my future guy is near to be seen but that's another story) Awwwww I'm extremely flattered! Since not many people have called me pretty *blush* Okay well not not many la, my relatives did, but I always treated it as just politeness.

My jiejie came yesterday, and we celebrated my, uh, results with a bottle of sparkling juice, mom's homecook dinner and Mr. Potato tomato flavour XD Yesss I have an elder sister that popped up of nowhere. Next time I'll take a photo and you'll judge :)

I love love love The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Cute is What We Aim For (CiWWAF or affectionately known as See-Waf by Win Zee)! Don't ask me why on earth would they want long band names that takes 10 seconds to type. The vocalists' voices all sound like they're cute - but they're not. Sigh sigh sigh. (I start to type in repeats due to influences by Jo and Elaine -.-;;)

I have loveophobia. For so many times I've convinced myself that I would stay single forever. Or sometimes I would be a homosexual. Haha. It's weird you know that I seem to reject this butterfly-in-bulging-tummy feeling. I would look for logical reasons to deny this OMG-I-think-I-like-him feeling and it always, ALWAYS work.

It's weird you know how I can tolerate with sex in songs but not effs. It just doesn't feel... right. And reading effs in print needs some getting used to. I'm training myself to not use the eff - AT ALL. Not even 'wtf' in the Net. Because it doesn't sound very nice. Since I left school I've only heard one people eff. I was photocopy this sexy girl's notes and I was like "Whoa" when I flipped to the last page and she was like "Yeah, it's f*cking a lot right". But she's nice la.

I have not practiced my piano! :X

Speaking of customers, I hope everyone is like my dear mommy. We were having lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop (not good for semi-vegetarians) and I ordered set noodle which includes a Pepsi and mom ordered 2 other separate drinks. Mana tau the waitress wrongly interpreted. Dear mommy asked for an explanation, got an explanation, and agreed to pay RM3+ for their mistakes.

Apparently daddy is also like mommy but not so polite but not super rude like lions without brains or the Buddhist-wannabe.

I vow to be a good customer - Asian style.

Apparently a psychologist with postgrad qualifications punya starting pay is LOWER than a pharmacy fresh grad's. HOW DISAPPOINTING AND DISCOURAGING. And I'll probably have to rethink my decision.

And it's official that I'm getting into *drum rolls* form 6.
I'm gonna be the most special student in 5 Balau '07 (well, I already am).
I'll get an almost-perfect CGPA, so perfect I'd be the most sought-after student in Malaysia.
I shall not succumb to the challenges posed by lifeless plants and cells.
I shall be so knowledgeable and mature and guai Pn. Lim will be so proud of me.
This 5-month break was very much needed, as I was darn tired of studying, and now I'm fully charged like an Energizer bunny (who hopefully will have enough energy to last for 1 1/2 years.)

(Wah, suddenly so motivated to study. If only this happens in form 5 -.-;;)

I Put the "Metro" In Metronome, Cute is What We Aim For



>> Thursday, 13 March 2008

Simon, Lifehouse

The day of SPM results is for hot people to show off their burning heat.

Really I have nothing to say about my results... Over my expectations, am pretty satisfied with it, especially when you're one who studies last minute and relies heavily (and cynically) on tips. Like me.

Ok la, not semua satu, ada dua dan tiga juga la.

Pn. Lim was disturbing. I think she enjoys torturing her students. "Ah. Win Zee. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Congratulations. Sign. Write in that form."

Hooi Teng, Waning, Jo and I went to KL for power walking. It was kinda like a dream come true, as we all agreed that one day we would walk at KL someday, inspired by a Burger King outlet we (at least me) saw last year. (Marcus/Monkey (whichever true) is cute :P) I don't know what shopping complexes we entered; it doesn't matter anyway, since all we did was walking, talking, cam-ing, walking, talking, cam-ing.

The trip back home was tiring. Jo and I waited for 4-5 trains but we couldn't squeeze in, though Hooi Teng did manage to. We decided to go to Bukit Nanas instead and then switch to Kelana Jaya line at Dang Wangi, and we stood the whole way back home. Gawd I miss my bed.

Lessons learned: Memorize the rail transportation map. Take the taxi in daylight whenever possible, especially when going to somewhere else not in PJ.

And now I shall let the (not so clear) photos do the talking :) Rest of 'em can be found in this album.

I really don't know what she was thinking right then.

Waning cam-whoring with her camera. I think this is exceptionally sexy ;)

'Hui mou yi xiao'. Jo look very cute and feminine and PRETTY. DJ guys don't appreciate girls who are pretty, cute and not-so-popular.

I LURVE THIS GROUP PHOTO (but we have to sacrifice the photographer). Sorry la!

And now, you shall allow me to tell you a sweet little story before you proceed to the next (and the last) photo :)
Once upon a time, in a charming little town, a shy artist fell in love with the mayor's beautiful daughter. He didn't dare to confess, for fear that she would despise him, not knowing that she already noticed and fell in love with him.

The news of her leaving shook the town. One night in a farewell ball the mayor held for his precious daughter where every resident was invited, he spotted her. She saw him, in his best and only suit that was stained in white paint. Their gazes met, and lingered on... until he braved himself and walked towards the elegant girl in black.

"May I have a dance with you, my lady?" he asked in a quivering voice.

She gave him a nervous and assuring smile, a smile so enchanting, he would have kissed her right there and then.

And that was what he did.

Hot sexy shoes taken from Topshop. The guy didn't allow us to take photos :( We could've taken more convincing photos but, oh well :)

Well, he IS a shy boy, that explains his/her legs... he didn't know how to stand properly! (OMGGG THE SHOES DAMN SEXY LAAA.)

Waning's result slip and cert and green book is with Jo; Jo's green book is with me. That pretty much give us another excuse to gather around :)


(Eh, just realized the date for the photos was set wrongly. Sheesh -.-;;)


WARNING: I've lost faith on humanity in a very loong way.

>> Monday, 10 March 2008

I Thought It Was Over, The Feeling

I hope the supervisor hired the Taiwanese-looking Johorean girl so that I have someone else to talk to. Now I only have like one person whom I can talk to. And she's currently in Penang leaving me all alone here. And Elaine left :(

Anyways I was so freaking degraded today. And for once I sincerely wish someone enters hell.

So today this colleague-with-smelly-hair-gel passed me stuff to photocopy as he doesn't read Chinese and Sanskrit. It's a Buddhist script you see. So I photocopied 10 copies. Stacked them all together, the thought of stapling the sets didn't cross my mind as the colleague didn't tell me. I'm so proud of myself.
So this woman came back after yam cha-ing with her friend. I passed her the photocopied stuff with a Duchenn smile :)
And she's like, "You didn't staple ah?" then turn to her friend and said, "See, she didn't even separate."
And I was like "Oh, sorry, I didn't know." While my smile dropped a little and thinking, owhkay wtf it's my fault fine but you make it seem like I'm a lousy idiot who's only interested in kachings.
She turned to me and said demanded, "Can you do it for me?"
My smile dropped again. OWHKAY FINE WHATEVER WOMAN. I don't even get paid service charge owhkay. And she muttered scoldings at me while walking around. I guess this friend also pitied me la, she helped me a little.
And this woman took up a ream of A4 paper and asked me the price (as it's not tagged). When I walked towards her to check the thickness of the paper, with a slightly lifted-from-the-dropped Duchenn smile she said, "Go, go, do your stapling" with an irritated look.
OWHKAYYYY FINEEEEE. *rolls eyes inside*
Staple staple staple staple staple. So she buy the 80gsm A4 paper which costs RM10 and her photocopies RM19. Altogether RM29.
Yay. She's gone for good. Phew.
And then she entered. Again. "Why did you charge me RM19 for the photostating?"
And I was like, "Cuz this is 20sen per piece." (As the original copy is double side; she wanted to make it single side on A4 paper.)
And she was arguing, "But the guy said its 10sen per piece."
And I was like, "No, actually it's 20sen, because there's 2 you see." (Bleahhh, I temporarily forgot the word DOUBLE SIDES.)
"You're supposed to charge me RM10." And her voice showed the slightest the MOST OBVIOUS HINT that I ACTUALLY WANT TO CHEAT HER PRECIOUS RM9.
And she continued whining and I looked at supervisor with a HELP ME look.
Supervisor came and confronted the woman for me, thought I was only photocopying one side only and charged double, so he refunded RM9. He was in a very sticky situation also la I have a feeling he knew I was somehow right.
And I was right. DUH. I KNOW I'm right I just can't remember the right words to use.
Apparently old staff already lost faith in humanity.
(And the next customer was pitying me (I think) for having to confront this woman :( Thank you for your pity (I think) but no thanks, though I really appreciate that you are standing alongside with me (I think))
I was on the brink of crying. For being so degraded.
And now I have a slight phobic for the machine. F*ck you woman.
And she made me curse.

And, heck, she was questioning my ethics. MY DIGNITY. That's my super ultra hyper sensitive untouchable area. And she thinks that a 17-year-old part-timer have all the right words in her mind just because she speaks fluent English with a smile.

I felt like snapping, "What the f*ck can you just shut up you f*cking woman I'm already being very nice and patient with you" when she demanded a refund.

If she would just demand in a nicer way I wouldn't have feel so stressful I wouldn't have feel so angry I wouldn't have lost my teeny tiny faith towards humanities.

Some kind of a Buddhist you are. Religion is a way of life. And you can't even perform the most basic thing of being a human. Where the hell is your manners? Oh, I know - HELL.

I LOVE YOU MOMMY AND DADDY FOR BEING SUCH A NICE UNDERSTANDING BUDDHISTS. (Or maybe because I've never seen their rude side towards poor retailers. Well that's good too. At least this 0.0001% faith won't be gone.)

Till now I wish she would go to hell and never reborn. I'm evil, I know, whatever, but when my dignity is questioned you'll go to hell immediately.

So at night this Yuk Chai teacher was so noisy when she entered. Her daughter wanted to buy a clear folder. She seemed like a nice woman at first. And before she paid she was asking her maid and daughter, "Are you sure this is the cheapest?" And they nodded gazillion times, annoyed.
Ok so she said she has the membership card but she didn't bring. Instead she showed me a salted veg photocopy of the card. I can't even see whether it's BB or AB or AA.
"Teachers get 10% discount on stationeries." I told her that.
And she was surprised. "Huh? I thought 15% wan?"
And I was like oh sh*t 10% or 15% but then remembered that my PN. KEE MOM only gets 10% so I told her, "Yes it's 10% it's true teachers get 10% discount on stationeries" while being unsure inside.
"Sure ah?" "Yes." "Yeah meh?" "Yes."
"I get 15% discount in Sri Tanjong wor."
Ohhhhh. "No actually Sri Tanjong is different from us."
"I get 15% discount in Sri Tanjong." *partially deaf*
"Actually Sri Tanjong is not ours."
"I get 15% discount in Sri Tanjong."
I felt like snapping back, "you stupid woman I said Sri Tanjong is not ours don't you understand?"
And she continued to mutter the same thing while I continued to answer the same thing. And I passed the plastic bag to her maid. Her maid was flinging the bag. And she suddenly scolded her maid. Her maid smiled at me. I smiled pitifully at her and her daughter.
So I gave her back RM44+ for her RM50 change. And she was like "I dowan this" when she got an ugly RM10.
WHY IS IT SO SO DIFFICULT TO JUST SAY, "I'M SORRY, BUT CAN YOU CHANGE THIS FOR ME?" I'll understand. Seriously. I've seen too many. And I'm still a kid I don't have your complicated degraded mind I can understand literal things.


It's seldom that I get pissed off by Homo sapiens but it's not rare either. I vow not to be kiamsiap (at least aloud) and will request for my requests to be done in a POLITE way.

Use 'please' laaah, or else what's the use of its existence in dictionaries?

In reply of Waning's0 Dear Win Zee post:
Your written Manglish is not natural la.
And no I'm not going to karaoke I totally hate the feeling of coming out of the room, like, "it's a room in a brothel in there I just had sex" it feels so damn awkward and, uh, embarrassing. Yeah -.-;; If you would like, though, let's just sing Breathless and Won't Go Home Without You and Big Big World while strolling down the streets. Seriously :)
Was it "real long" since we last met up? o_O It's only like a month+ la my dear.


It's 2.52AM right now. I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow/this morning, go to work at 9, and come home at 6.YESSSS BABY PIANO.



>> Sunday, 9 March 2008

(God, why do I doubt that line of yours?)

Jamie Scott & The Town, Hey You

I earned almost RM50 today.
I did closing in more or less 10 minutes.
I bought Off the Edge February issue for RM6.
I'm tempted to buy that cookbook on "healthy desserts".
I realized Times isn't that bad... the only bad thing is the price and that I don't have the time and patience to read it.
I wrapped two presents today. And the presents are for some strangers.
I held a walking stick.
I miss my baby piano :(

Samy Vellu lost. Shahrizat lost.
Anwar's what's-her-name? daughter won. KHAIRY WON WTH?!
Ooh. New government.
Jo and I were expecting chaos. Chaos chaos chaos mana you?

My music school will be performing in Impiana Hotel on May 18th (that's a Sunday) during a brunch hi-tea. It's a formal performance. I'll be performing with a piano, humans, and possibly solo. Guess who'll be there?
Impiana Hotel punya boss.
So come and support me. I'll deeply appriciate that.
Which... I don't think I will.
Cuz there will be no-one to appreciate.
It's RM48++ per person.
Yeah, that pretty sums it up of my non-appreciating attitude. The price and the not-so-newsly news of moi.

Good night. It's freaking 0352am right now.


The Magical Piñata

>> Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Days Go By Oh So Slow, Nightmare of You

A title I got from WritingFix serendipitous story title generator :D

Anya never had a birthday party, not even a birthday present. All she ever got for her birthday was a visit to her mother in the hospital.

Her father worked very hard to keep the both of them and her grandmother alive. For every meal they took they were grateful that they got to fulfill their stomach.

Her sandy blonde hair was always tied into two messy short braids by her grandmother and tugged behind her ears, with a faux diamond barrette her mother had intended to give her two years ago. Her pale face, soul-less eyes and tiny body twitched hearts, more so her background. She was a quiet eight-year-old, always sitting at her seat silently listening attentively to the teacher or her classmates.

No-one could recall the last time she spoke or even made a sound.

Her classmates knew her birthday - they had asked the teacher one day when she was absent from school - but they did not dare to give her the presents they had prepared. It could be a birthday cake, or a scrapbook, or dry pressed roses they stole from the florist a week before. Afraid, of her cold response.

Her mother was on coma due to a strong blow at the back of her head. On the way home from the supermarket on Anya's sixth birthday, she was hit by a car and thrown up to air, and fell on her head. The barrette for her daughter was held so tightly in her hand it cut her. Anya just stared at her mother in ICU and later the barrette Nurse Vern gave to her. She hugged her legs and cried.

Nurse Vern had since became Anya's only friend. She visited Anya every Sunday after church in the playground, maybe sit at the swing, or play the slides, or the see-saw. They would sit by the bench under the shade, welcoming the warmth by the Sun, quietly. Even so she knew the one-hour quiet emotional support wasn't enough for her to recover from the abrupt blow two years ago.

Nurse Vern, Anya's father, Anya's grandmother, Anya's favourite English teacher and her classmates decided that, on her ninth birthday, they would organise a small birthday potluck in the playground. Soraya brought candies; Hans brought syrup; Jonine brought marshmallows and chocolate sauce; everyone else brought everything else sweet. Nurse Vern collected candies from the staff in the hospital and made into a piñata almost Anya's size.

Anya's grandmother brought her granddaughter to the playground early in the Sunday morning. She just glanced at her nervous guests. Happy birthday, they said to her. She was surprised, they could see it. And they were secretly relieved. At least they could identify her response.

Nurse Vern gave Anya a wooden stick. She looked up at the nurse with questions on her face. "Don't you remember it's your birthday today?" Nurse Vern knelt down and said gently to her.

Anya looked down at the stick in her hands. Nurse Vern pointed to the colourful, patchy piñata hung low at the cherry tree. "That's a piñata." Soraya blindfolded her. Anya grabbed Nurse Vern's jeans. She pushed the little birthday girl to the piñata. "It's a magical piñata. Swing your bat and hit the piñata. Make a wish before you swing."

Anya wished inside her heart and started swinging the bat. Her classmates all shouted directions to her excitedly. Left, left, right, right, just above you, turn around. The piñata swung right and left.

"You have to say your wishes outloud, Anya, only can you aim the piñata," Hans braved himself and shouted to her. Anya turned towards the direction of the voice, panting.

"Yes, say it aloud, Anya!" Greg shouted.

"The piñata won't let your hit him if you don't tell him your wish!" Francin shouted.

"A piñata is deaf, Anya!" Derik shouted.

Anya stood still, panting. The noise tuned down. Holding breath.

"I... I wish... I wish mother will open her eyes so I can tell her I love her and I've missed her," she said as loud as possible, and swung her bat as hard as possible. The piñata opened; the candies fell down like rain, and so were her tears. Hopes showered her.

Anya's father ran towards her and hugged her tightly and cried along with her. She had never spoken a word for two years. He had not shed a tear for two years; resisted the image of his wife in his mind for two years; the thought that his wife will be gone forever, lingered on for two years. Her classmates crowded around her, telling her repeatedly how much they loved her, crying.

"Come." Nurse Vern held Anya's small wrist and gently lead her to a wooden table. A thin woman was sitting on the wheelchair, smiling weakly at them.

Anya's father broke into tears.


The piñata contained the hopes of everyone for a miracle to happen, a wish to come true. But I couldn't tell whether the piñata was really magical. Maybe Tinker Bell had secretly sprinkled on some gold dust, I don't know. All I know is that the imperfect piñata rekindled the flame of hope of a little girl, and her father, and the happiness it brought was priceless.

I am Anya's friend, Vern.

2127PM - 883 words
, Lifehouse



>> Monday, 3 March 2008

According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™, I am voting for...


Who Should You Vote For This Election?



>> Sunday, 2 March 2008

Stable Song, Death Cab for Cutie

I had been sorta kinda stressful these days.

Class breakfast was okay. Mee goreng tak pedas is pedas. So I went home prepared to enjoy the rest of my morning with apple and PB and online and Mika. Then Ms. Penangite called. Apparently eBooks only has one people that time and the guy was absent and BOSS WAS THERE so I had to leave at 10.30.

Boss is a really sweet lady, despite her name :) She belanja-ed Elaine and I pizza for dinner! Last night Magnum boss came to buy 5 boxes of A4 papers. That's 50 reams. Went to the store room to carry out like 50kg. And the freaking computer died. Talked to boss-like lady on the phone for so long and the computer is still performing its useless duties. And I feel burnin' inside and red outside because I'm feeling so frustrated.

(Boss doesn't know how to operate the machine HAHA! xD)

And for the second time I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache. For the second time I told mom for the second time mom asked why didn't I take a Panadol? I told bro about it he asked whether I woke up at 3AM I said where got people want to check the time when you're having headache.

Won't Go Home Without You, Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is not my taste. But I love that hit song *points above*

URGENT: Start on Tomorrow's World


"Why don't you grow up? Write about the event that was the end of your childhood or the event that will finally end your childhood. Think hard, if you have to."
I'll see what I can do with this topic.

Where got people wake up in the middle of the night swallowing Panadol wan?!


Grace Kelly is Mika's f*ck you song. I dunno why I have a feeling that English have a tendency to eff haha LOL.


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