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>> Friday, 8 February 2008

Love Song to Remember, Jamie Scott & The Town

Know what's the best part of Thailand besides the shopping?


The stars. Bright, glittering stars scattered over the dark night sky. It's literally Hollywood movie set in reality, minus the faux computer stars. We saw that during our way back to Chiang Mai from Chiang Rai.

Chiang Rai is boring, though.

The guy in the Night Bazaar who deals with shaping metal wires recognizes us. I should've bought the black butterfly ring :( I guess the Thais are more open than Malaysians, thus their T-shirts are horny. VERY horny. The tribe villages we visited is like a human zoo. The Thais are really devoted to Buddhism and extremely loyal toward their King. I love the TV channels in Thailand's hotels. The hotel we stayed at in Chiang Mai even has a French channel! I learned the pronunciation for merde. I fell in love... with Mika and Enrique Iglesias. Mango with glutinous rice is trés bon. I'm sick of coconut water. I bought pirated DVDs *gasp*. Floating market has already been converted unofficially to tourist spot.

Wtf is wrong with Thais?!

Leaving to Kedah tomorrow, coming back the next day. There seems no point in going anyway :/ I have slight airsick and carsick and seasick. I'm still having the after-feeling of the plane, when there was a short time the plane was unstable. I love AirAsia's air stewardess's cute and sexy red uniform but I have slight airsick. Curvy *cough* people don't look good in pencil skirt. I can count 1-10 in Thai. My face is 360o round. Seriously. Like, die. Chiang Mai international airport has post office. I decided that next time I'm going to another airport besides KLIA and LCCT I'll spot the post office and send postcard(s).

I'm still eating chocolate.

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