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>> Sunday, 10 February 2008

Jimmy Eat World, If You Don't Don't

Home sweet home!

Monk Chat programme at Wat Chedi Luang at Chiang Mai. It is to improve the monks' English by speaking to tourists. I dunno why but the sign humours me lol!

I think she looks a little like Jolin from this angle, don'tcha think? Stare at her round 360o face and her moon-like chin! She's on her way to Damnoen Saduak floating market by speed boat.

The long neck Karen tribe we visited. Once upon a time one of the villagers was bitten by a tiger at the neck and legs and died, therefore they wear the chains to protect themselves. It was like a human zoo; we pay to see them. They were from Myanmar hence they are illegal immigrants and are not allowed to work or go to school. The men are out in the farm while the women and children are weaving scarves and clothes for themselves and tourists. (Tourists are their only economy source, by the way.)

I wanna go to Phuket on February 29th I wanna go to Phuket on February 29th I wanna go to Phuket on February 29th.

Mika's Life in a Cartoon Motion is so cheerful, I feel like jumping up from the chair and dance! Everybody's gonna love today, gonne love today, gonna love today~ I fell out of love with Enrique Iglesias and lost my final hope for pop songs. There is a word for eff in French but I couldn't get it. I learned the Italian word for 'b*tch', though I don't know whether it's true. I love Ring My Bells but the album sucks :/ And I'm fat I'm fat I'm fat I'm fat :X

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