A musical comeback

>> Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Currently eating: Chocolate chip butter cookies
Currently at: Music School
Currently listening to: Some unknown piano song

Yes, people, I'm working at my music school. For now, at least. And the cookies are delicious.

I DESPERATELY NEED ADVICE. Mom wants me to work at bookstore. I wanna work at music school. Duh, the job is really easy. Make phone calls, accept fees, stuff. But I feel so extremely guilty for tumpang-ing people la, like today my teacher came to pick me up; tomorrow she'll pick me up also. And on Monday her sister. And for today a guitar teacher will fetch me home. I love musicians (in general with exception of moi). They have this pleasant charming aura that's absolutely charming.

I feel so guilty la, one for being underage, and two for the Malaysian problem.

I hate the Malaysian problem. Where no-one can be trusted.

Mom is reasonably paranoid. I'm equally reasonably paranoid (ok maybe less...) but I chose to be ignorant to my advantage. Don't they say ignorance is bliss?

I'll have a big butt if I continue to work in the music school. And an extra tire around my waist.

Shayne Ward's Breathless leaves me literally breathless. The day I first heard the song, I stopped drying the clothes and waltzed with myself. (I'm alone at home la k :P) It's just oh so romantic. Reminds me of an average-looking girl with an average body, with the uniqueness that only her guy can see.

(It gives lots of hope and confidence boosts, no? :P)

Class breakfast at 8AM this Saturday. I'm not a fan of mamak or heavy breakfast or, heck, "social breakfast". I like to spend my morning alone. If I were to sleepover at your place you don't have to worry about breakfast. Just give me bread and PB jam or biscuit, a hot cup of cocoa, The Star and leave me alone. I'll keep myself occupy, and make myself so at home you'll think I'm your long lost sister. No need for the dim sum breakfast. I'm not being paiseh or anything. And, Waning, tell your mommy that I am NOT a banana! I'm just used to skinny Japanese chopstick.

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