A musical comeback

>> Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Currently eating: Chocolate chip butter cookies
Currently at: Music School
Currently listening to: Some unknown piano song

Yes, people, I'm working at my music school. For now, at least. And the cookies are delicious.

I DESPERATELY NEED ADVICE. Mom wants me to work at bookstore. I wanna work at music school. Duh, the job is really easy. Make phone calls, accept fees, stuff. But I feel so extremely guilty for tumpang-ing people la, like today my teacher came to pick me up; tomorrow she'll pick me up also. And on Monday her sister. And for today a guitar teacher will fetch me home. I love musicians (in general with exception of moi). They have this pleasant charming aura that's absolutely charming.

I feel so guilty la, one for being underage, and two for the Malaysian problem.

I hate the Malaysian problem. Where no-one can be trusted.

Mom is reasonably paranoid. I'm equally reasonably paranoid (ok maybe less...) but I chose to be ignorant to my advantage. Don't they say ignorance is bliss?

I'll have a big butt if I continue to work in the music school. And an extra tire around my waist.

Shayne Ward's Breathless leaves me literally breathless. The day I first heard the song, I stopped drying the clothes and waltzed with myself. (I'm alone at home la k :P) It's just oh so romantic. Reminds me of an average-looking girl with an average body, with the uniqueness that only her guy can see.

(It gives lots of hope and confidence boosts, no? :P)

Class breakfast at 8AM this Saturday. I'm not a fan of mamak or heavy breakfast or, heck, "social breakfast". I like to spend my morning alone. If I were to sleepover at your place you don't have to worry about breakfast. Just give me bread and PB jam or biscuit, a hot cup of cocoa, The Star and leave me alone. I'll keep myself occupy, and make myself so at home you'll think I'm your long lost sister. No need for the dim sum breakfast. I'm not being paiseh or anything. And, Waning, tell your mommy that I am NOT a banana! I'm just used to skinny Japanese chopstick.


Owhkay this is so (musically) random

>> Tuesday, 12 February 2008

it scares me but I've gotta say this before I explode.


'Cause I can't stop dancin' and chantin' like a Tanjung Apple patient and I'm lovin' his (sexy?) true voice and HIS OH-SO-ADDICTING FALSETTO.

No, Waning and Jo, you wouldn't like. (Don't play this song when I'm around I don't wanna look silly. Seriously.)

And, for some strange reason, I totally love this line from Big Girl (You Are Beautiful):

You take your girl and multiply her by four
Now a whole lot of woman needs a whole lot more

Yeah, weird o_O Anyone with great analytical please analyse the reason of it.

Phoenix is a FRENCH pop rock band and their album Alphabetical is nice but there's no French accent laaa.

J'adore Number One Gun's The North Pole Project. (Apparently it's a Christian album, but it doesn't seem so to me.)




>> Monday, 11 February 2008

Uncanny, Anberlin

At 8.00AM (ideally): Wake up. Snooze the snooze button. Go to sleep.
At 8.55AM: Wake up. Look at the clock. "SHIT ARGHHH"-ing. Run to the bathroom.
At 8.57AM: Toilet-ing. Brush teeth. Wash face. Wash hair. Change.
At 9.10AM (ideally): Waning reaches.
At 9.30AM: Crap. Or eating. Or play the piano.
At 10.00AM: Crap. Or eating. Or play the piano.
At 10.30AM: On the way to SMKDJ. SMSing Jo.
At 10.55AM: "OMG SHIT LA WEIHHH"-ing.
At 12.00PM (ideally): Call for taxi.
At 12.30PM: Debating on either dropping down at Masjid Jamek or KLCC or wherever.
At 1.10PM (ideally): Power walking.
At 2.00PM: Power walking. Or eat.
At 3.30PM: Power walking. Or being chased out by sales assistant for trying too many clothes without the intention of buying.
At 4.00PM: Power walking. Or trying out shoes at Jimmy Choo with Win Zee "SIGHHHH why must I wear sport shoes la weihhhh OMG look at the heels so high ooh eh this is so cool weih look at the ______"-ing. Or eating.
At 6.00PM: Walking very weakly to LRT station, agreeing on going back home.

Good luck to me.

"Let's go, fall in love, it's the greatest show on Earth."

Changed the layout cuz the previous one is too messy and almost impossible to edit.


Sweet Home Malaysia

>> Sunday, 10 February 2008

Jimmy Eat World, If You Don't Don't

Home sweet home!

Monk Chat programme at Wat Chedi Luang at Chiang Mai. It is to improve the monks' English by speaking to tourists. I dunno why but the sign humours me lol!

I think she looks a little like Jolin from this angle, don'tcha think? Stare at her round 360o face and her moon-like chin! She's on her way to Damnoen Saduak floating market by speed boat.

The long neck Karen tribe we visited. Once upon a time one of the villagers was bitten by a tiger at the neck and legs and died, therefore they wear the chains to protect themselves. It was like a human zoo; we pay to see them. They were from Myanmar hence they are illegal immigrants and are not allowed to work or go to school. The men are out in the farm while the women and children are weaving scarves and clothes for themselves and tourists. (Tourists are their only economy source, by the way.)

I wanna go to Phuket on February 29th I wanna go to Phuket on February 29th I wanna go to Phuket on February 29th.

Mika's Life in a Cartoon Motion is so cheerful, I feel like jumping up from the chair and dance! Everybody's gonna love today, gonne love today, gonna love today~ I fell out of love with Enrique Iglesias and lost my final hope for pop songs. There is a word for eff in French but I couldn't get it. I learned the Italian word for 'b*tch', though I don't know whether it's true. I love Ring My Bells but the album sucks :/ And I'm fat I'm fat I'm fat I'm fat :X


Thailand, 18-SX

>> Friday, 8 February 2008

Love Song to Remember, Jamie Scott & The Town

Know what's the best part of Thailand besides the shopping?


The stars. Bright, glittering stars scattered over the dark night sky. It's literally Hollywood movie set in reality, minus the faux computer stars. We saw that during our way back to Chiang Mai from Chiang Rai.

Chiang Rai is boring, though.

The guy in the Night Bazaar who deals with shaping metal wires recognizes us. I should've bought the black butterfly ring :( I guess the Thais are more open than Malaysians, thus their T-shirts are horny. VERY horny. The tribe villages we visited is like a human zoo. The Thais are really devoted to Buddhism and extremely loyal toward their King. I love the TV channels in Thailand's hotels. The hotel we stayed at in Chiang Mai even has a French channel! I learned the pronunciation for merde. I fell in love... with Mika and Enrique Iglesias. Mango with glutinous rice is trés bon. I'm sick of coconut water. I bought pirated DVDs *gasp*. Floating market has already been converted unofficially to tourist spot.

Wtf is wrong with Thais?!

Leaving to Kedah tomorrow, coming back the next day. There seems no point in going anyway :/ I have slight airsick and carsick and seasick. I'm still having the after-feeling of the plane, when there was a short time the plane was unstable. I love AirAsia's air stewardess's cute and sexy red uniform but I have slight airsick. Curvy *cough* people don't look good in pencil skirt. I can count 1-10 in Thai. My face is 360o round. Seriously. Like, die. Chiang Mai international airport has post office. I decided that next time I'm going to another airport besides KLIA and LCCT I'll spot the post office and send postcard(s).

I'm still eating chocolate.


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