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>> Monday, 14 January 2008

Linkin Park, Shadow of the Day

Are there two vocals in Linkin Park? My ears are suffering and enjoying their music alternately.

Seriously, any 'fuck's in songs puts me off. That includes You're Beautiful, despite for its fame and lyrics and melody and such.

I'm guilty, though. I'm not that angelic, I curse too! :P But somehow I just couldn't say it out loud. Well, good! I'm training myself not to use the word (except when I'm writing creatively [lol], that is) cuz after I do I most probably will feel guilty.

Hands Held High is political and I like the chorus. The only melodic part besides the 'Amen's.

Ok so 'fuck's are (supposedly to be) used during anger, like anger on wars. Still :/

I hate screaming. Annoyingly annoying. It totally hurts listening to screams. And even though I like the lyrics my poor ear hurts! Music shouldn't hurt people's heart *cries* (bleahh, Drama Queen Syndrome :P)

People should learn how to manage their anger. These are the first two rules: No cursing, no screaming.

LP is not my taste of rock. I guess I'm more of the melodic rock.

It amuses me, somehow, that I can get something philosophical out of music xD

I love it when I get to delete music. I have this weird fetish of tidying and throwing things away. This is not Librarian Syndrome. It's in the gene. I'm sentimental and heartless at the same time, though I think I'm more towards the latter these days.

I love working titles. They are always so funny! Like in Minutes to Midnight :D

Everyone's studying. I MISS STUDYING LA WORK IS BORING. BRING ME TO SCHOOL. I want a SCHOOL, not COLLEGE. I miss uniform (surprised?); I miss homework; I miss projects; I miss not-nice canteen food.

I miss innocent people of (almost) the same age.

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