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>> Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Death Cab for Cutie, Brothers on a Hotel Bed

This is an argument over something unknown in Human Pets @ Facebook. Oh, and note how considerate I am to edit and share this:

From some vain Reo to some so-called hot girl *COUGH* call Sofia: Heh... not impressed [about the maggots].
I hear it's a delicacy over where you live, why don't you try it.

Hurry up and get sold already if you don't like me.

To some girl call Shampoo:
You can eat my #&%&
That beats maggots anyday...
Open up!

And for saying I deserve maggots....

Eh. I don't know you. I'm just assuming you like maggots. You'd love anything thats given by your cute pet, wouldn't you?

lol... nice try.
I saw you deny the maggots... why would I want them... lol!

Maybe you're just peculiar enough to try them HAHAHA. China people eat them. :P

Haha funny...

Sofia is such a cute pet, but her pranks aren't so cute at all.

Hmm. Are you being sarcastic? She plays pranks? Ooh. Now that's something. Tell me 'bout it.

Sarcastic? Man, she's hot as hell, too bad for me that I'm old and far away... haha.

Yeah, the pranks have to go... lol.

Mwuahahaha she's all mine!

Maggots... Eww... that's a bad prank.

Joke, idea... etc... just wrong.

Hot eh? HAHAHAHA. Eh. Age is not a problem, dude! Yeah, like what pranks can she play online?

And age is a problem... don't be silly :P
She's like half my age... that's uncool.

but since she's just a pet... it isn't a big deal you are right... can't marry pets now can we.

You need to be bent over... and spanked.

And of course I bought you, so I can have a [three]some... since age doesn't matter. WICKED!!!

Now you won't feel left out anymore...
Enjoy my hospitality... there's enough giant sausage for everyone.

You know what? I'm not a fan of sausages. You can keep it for yourself, or just her.
Maybe you readers can tell me what are they arguing about. It's either over maggots or this so-called hot girl *COUGH* call Sofia or Reo or Shampoo or all of the above.

It's both funny and anger-provoking at the same time. A Funny Porno.

The thought of February reminds me of, instead of CNY, V-day! I remember last year I had some really stupid fantasies of getting some office shop romance and perhaps a boyfriend (like, *COUGH*) by V-day. Obviously not! Wonder if Jo already found one, haha.

Speaking of my job, there'll be an annual dinner at 1U's One World Hotel. For my friends and the sleepover, I've declined it. Aww, how noble of me.

Matt Nathanson, Wedding Dress

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Wan Ying 22/01/2008, 21:36  

I TOTALLY LOVE YOU FOR DECLINING THE ANNUAL DINNER!!!!!! You'll be alone anyway so might as well come over to my house and we chat the night away. xD

Ooh. VDAY! It should be fun spending with the singles in my school. Have to check what day it is.

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