The Identity Problem & Shallowness.

>> Friday, 11 January 2008

Working 9-6 today.
Looking on the bright side, at least I finally get to work 8 hours, and in the daytime! For the past week I've been working only 4 hours at night. Totally not worth. I love cash!

Supervisor #2 called me yesterday for work at night cuz they don't have enough staff and I told him I have piano class, when I already had mine at 12. I don't like working la! It's SO boring.

Though, I wouldn't envy you guys in college. My uniform life was so not happening, I SWEAR that my form 6 will be so happening, visitors will be flocking in to visit the Happening Place, and thus save all the billions trillions on campaigning for VMY and use it on more beneficial sectors like changing the mindset of the trend to suffer in college after less than one month of suffering of SPM.

After reading the article about shallowness in Cleo I started wondering whether the reasons we all want to enter college that quickly are because of the trend set by some kiasu people, or because we wanna graduate quickly to work our butt off for decades and earn money earlier (look at me, I'm already earning mine :D), or because college is THE happening place, or because we don't want to wait that long to continue our studies, or because we wanna prove we've already grown up?

Or just because we wanna be like everyone else?

Of course, there are exception. Not all college students are like that. I guess. But somehow...

As for the choice of college, certainly there are other explanations besides its reputation, facilities, lecturers, course outline etc. like the desire to start anew in a totally foreign place (hint: JO!), it's THE happening college, it's the rich people college, blahs.

Not like I'm very un-shallow or anything, cuz the reason of studying F6, besides out of $$, is also because I wanna be different. You see, I have a problem with identity. When I was still little, all girls like pink, I thought it was is a disgusting colour, and so I like blue, the tom-boyish colour. And I was am so proud for being so different xD

I'm required to: practice piano for like 5-6 hours everyday; "chase", develop more feelings, pamper, and kissy kissy huggy huggy fall in love with my pieces; watch MPO and DVDs; develop the confidence and aura and style as a performer; design my programme notes; listen to no other music except my piano pieces (oops! I'm listening to Lifehouse now! :P); and NOT die out of boredom. Waning, let's go to your house one day you train me on the performer part :D

Ok gotta get ready. But before that... another short playing on my piano first :)

I love Bach I love Bach I love Bach I love Bach I love Bach.
I love Mozart I love Mozart I love Mozart I love Mozart I love Mozart.

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