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>> Friday, 18 January 2008

Wilco, Sky Blue Sky

Last night I was reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, shivering under 24 degrees Celsius.
At the end of Chapter 7 there was a part that was so disturbing, I had to stop reading and go to bed (and increase the temperature of my air-cond) and tried to stop my running thoughts.
I failed, of course. Kept imagining the scene. I have an incredibly vivid imagination, haha; I imagined the snow, the little huts covered in snow, the secluded narrow lane, three bullies, one victim, the blue kite behind him, his so-called friend behind a wall.
(Speaking of sleep, these days I didn't get quality sleep. Kept waking up in the wee hours to wait to fall asleep again -.-;;)
I was thinking,
What's more sinful, being homosexual or doing homosexual stuff?

And then,
If I was raped someone is in trouble, will we stand up for him/her, and take the risks of getting into trouble too?

Then thought,
If I'm in trouble, will my friends stand up for me and risk getting into the same trouble I am in?

And then (I promise, this is the last one),
Until what extent do we sacrifice for our friends?

Quoting from Violet,
FUYOH! I am damn retarded but a genius.

Matt Nathanson, Gone

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