Confusingly blank.

>> Monday, 7 January 2008

Yesterday was emotional. Well, maybe not, but since I hadn't had any overwhelming feelings these days, yesterday seem like a really unrealistic day.

Work was boring. As usual. But busier, so I don't have much time to mourn over my boredom. I tried my first punching hole for binding experience! And I don't know
what the heck is a document protector and that Cruella lady kinda scolded me (or us, the staff) for not tidying up the shelves, not realizing that I tidied the whole thing last week and stupid customers mess it up.

Saw Loo Wei Wern. I'm quite sure he saw me too haha. Saw Khai Sim and Yin Yee. Pamela Leow. A sexy form 5 whom I don't remember the name. 2 (ex-)DJians whom I don't remember the name too. They must've went to college already! What's the fuss about studying immediately after a huge exam and graduate early, only to work your butt off and mourn over your boredom everyday until you retire?

A girl was asking for the "newest Galaxy we have". She has a beautiful American accent with a slight tinge of Brit. And I was like kinda stunned cuz her accent was so perfect. So I showed her the newest edition of Galaxy. And she opened to the poster of Rain (which I still couldn't find...). Her 2 other friends (or sisters) crowded around her and started speaking a weird language I though maybe it was some heavily accented English. It's Japanese!

The first persons I saw yesterday, along with Wei Wern, were them. I'm good with faces and names, but I suck at approaching people.

I read about shallowness of people in Cleo, and I suddenly realized the reason I want to work in the media line in the future is because of a shallow reason: fame, and because I love to write. Apparently employers don't fancy that idea. "Why do you think you're our best candidate?" "Because I love writing." How lame is that? And I realize that most of us are pretty shallow, in terms of careers at least. So the writer's advice is: think of the job advancements & prospectus, whether the pay is enough to support your life, the environment(s) you want to work in etc. And the reasons we wanna study in a particular college can sometimes be shallow. Cuz it's cool, or the hippest place to study, or all the popular pretty cute people studies there, or the name sounds foreign, or nobody you know studies there. (hint: JO!)

My aim is to help people. When I went to Taylor's open day last month and almost decided on journalism I felt that I was letting myself down. Like I wasn't supposed to think of journalism at all! To be honest the root of wanting to study psychology was cuz of a dark Japanese drama. That was when I was 13, and the desire rooted since. I'm really confused about: mass communication/media studies/communication studies, journalism, psychology. And when my mind is confusingly blank I'll think of other impossibles like law or pharmacy or forensic science! xD

To-dos for today:

  • Mop the floor, like, now
  • Search for scholarships
  • Search for free online career tests
  • Die of boredom during work
  • Practice piano until I die of boredom


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Wan Ying 07/01/2008, 18:43  

Eh. Your blog keep direct me to some alien ad. And dont die yet lah. Oh yeah if you like helping people then you should go to methodist. Cuz according to Jo you have to do social work every week plus its cheap.

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