>> Sunday, 13 January 2008

Salt Sweat Sugar, Jimmy Eat World

My goodness, these days when I open the Create a Post window from Blogger I'll start typing and then as I type till the middle I will think, "this is a lousy boring post," and I will delete it -.-;;

Job is boring. As always. Hmph.

I realize I don't like listening to female singers. Believe it or not, 99% of the songs in my iTunes are male.

(Retitled Jimmy Eat World after the 911 incident)

Despite the band's extremely disturbing name (yes, it scares me -.-;;) this is a great album! I love the vocal, what's the name again, Jim Adkins. The origin of the band name is so cute! It came from a crayon drawing made after an incident between Tom Linton's (vocal & guitar) younger brothers, Jim and Ed. After getting roughed up by Jim, Ed retreated to his bedroom. There, Ed drew a picture of Jim shoving the Earth into his mouth, with the picture bearing the caption "Jimmy eat world". xD

I want I want I want. Jamie Scott's voice is similar to James Blunt's but I like it, rather than James Blunt. Strange. Oh, and I love the album cover! It looks SO old-school, so 80s. :D

Blahhdeedum. I can't wait for school! Come on la form 6 faster come faster come. I dread the day when we will be receiving results though. I can't imagine myself holding that piece of paper that will determine my life and death. It scares me a lot! I most probably screwed this exam. Cuz I can't imagine myself being lucky again. How can one be so lucky for so many times? PTS; my not-suicidal-attempt cut on my wrist; UPSR; my not-suicidal-attempt accidental near-accident; PMR; all my school exams. Some kind of strange luck! I've only acknowledged my luck just last year, though that obviously fail to motivate me to study :P

When I enter form 6, I shall be resourceful, motivated, hardworking nerd active all-rounded-minus-sports student. My aim: 4As. Great CGPA score.
By April, I will already reach the professional performer's level. I have to. It's a performer's level exam, duh. Thus, I have to practice at least 4 hours of piano everyday. Poor you, Fingers.
By April, I will already have a slimmer body. I have to. I have to wear beautifully, and God knows what I'll be wearing on D-Day. Though appearance might not have been calculated, but first impressions count :P
By April, I will be... bored.

If You Don't Don't, Jimmy Eat World

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