>> Thursday, 31 January 2008

Crowded House, Nobody Wants To

List out the Top 5 presents you wish for:
New purse/wallet.
A cloth tote that isn't too glam or doesn't make me feel b*tchy.
2-DIGIT-NUMBER A1S IN MY SPM T_____T (which is either 10 or 11...)
My own digital camera.

Person who tagged you is:
'The big name is Chong Ai Rene'

Your 5 impressions of him/her:
Has loads of books LOL.
J- and K-fanatic.
Great listener!
Resourceful LOL.

Most memorable things he/she has done for you:
Informations on JJ; informations on the hip-hop dance; informations on everything.

The most memorable words he/she said to you:
'...yeah hor, Win Zee?' XD

If he/she becomes your lover, you will:
Bug her 24/7 to give me all her books and DVDs and CDs FOC.

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
Forcing me to gobble down raw salmon.

I tag!
Homo sapiens.


1214PM, Blogthings

What Your Handwriting Says About You

You are a fairly energetic person. You know how do pace yourself, and you deal well with stress.

You are very extroverted and outgoing. You are loving, friendly, and supportive. However, you are also manipulative and controlling at times.

You are balanced and grounded. You know how to get along well with others.

You need a lot of space in your life, and it's easy for you to feel stifled. You avoid commitment and responsibility whenever you can.

You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart.

You are a decent communicator. You eventually get your point across, but sometimes you leave things a bit ambiguous.

Dark Purple

To others, you seem a bit dark, mysterious, and moody.
In truth, you are just a very unique person who doesn't care what others think.
And you really enjoy your offbeat interests and friends.
You've decided that life is about living for yourself - simple as that.

Your Travel Personality Is: The Adventurer

For you, travel is how you learn about the world. And you like to learn the stuff that's not in guidebooks.
You truly have wanderlust. When you're not traveling, you're dreaming about where you'll go next.
And your travels are truly legendary - they leave you with stories you'll be telling for the rest of your life!

You Communicate With Your Ears

You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker.
What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions.
You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself.
Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod.

Jamie Scott & The Town, Love Song to Remember



>> Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Decemberists, The Island: Come And See/The Landlord's Daughter/You'll Not Feel the Drowning

I feel like a superwoman!

Got my books from Rene (thanks!). The Last Juror by John Grisham and Life of Pi by Yann Martell.

It's an ad for an art college on the newspaper. And that's the Dude Turtle in Finding Nemo.

I felt inspirational and decided to drop by at Si Hui and Ms. Eggy's house. Since Si Hui had to go to college I wrote her a letter! I love the envelope.

Ms. Eggy, moi

Ms. Eggy's leaving today. I wish I could tumpang her parents and see her off. I love KLIA :D

At 2.15AM after writing two letters. I was bored. I didn't feel like sleep.

I left my umbrella at eBooks last night. I would get my pay for January, later, but since I would not be around Supervisor #1 and friends would use it for their feast at Fatty High Cholesterol Crap Crab.

The Decemberists, Sons & Daughters


A bunch of vanity princesses

>> Monday, 28 January 2008

Madina Lake, True Love

Sleepover at the Chan's on Saturday. I was the earliest to arrive and the latest to leave. Besides that I left my candy towel there as a thank you gift. Ms. Eggy left really early, like at 5. We haven't even had enough fun :( It's strange though, that even though we hang out together we're still divided into two groups, talking two different and unrelated topics. I wonder how people with different interests like us could ever hang out together. No offense.

I can never be drunk. Because I loathe alcohol. I sipped four sips of red wine, ate three peanuts, and went playing with shy Carlos. When I say playing I mean making stupid faces and create weird music & rhythm (yes, like Kronk from Emperor's New School -.-;;) like he is a baby.

In the end I did not show off my piano. Instead Waning, who was drinking beer Kickapoo to chase away her depression and I, the pianist, got rather emo after playing Bai Yue Guang on the piano. Shitty emo song.

The night view at Waning's house is absolutely beautiful. I see stars and I can see the half moon very clearly! We sat outside at her garden, me barefooted, talking about everything and nothing. Until 11:38. Then we went upstairs to Waning's room to have some vanity sesh.

I was supposed to be biting, not making out.

I don't know what are they thinking about. Jo, Waning.

521. Wo Ai Ni! Waning, Zee, Jo.

Check out The Clam Collection for more clams for gastronomy pleasure.

We woke up at 7 to go for a morning walk around the neighbourhood. We came back and went for dim sum. Yumm. And then we went back and had another vanity sesh, reliving our dreams to fill ourselves with Waning's wardrobe.

It's a blouse. Seriously. Jo.

I'm trying to be elegant with the elegant backdrop.

I forgot what perfume is that. Waning, wearing her patchy shirt, is supposed to be my personal hairdresser but I failed to be a princess.

Inspired by the infamous seductive Nurse Sai Mun and Dr. Wei Ming. Jo and Waning failed to be very seductive.

Check out The Dressy Collection for more wardrobe experience.

Before Jo left, we - to be exact, Waning and Jo felt inspirational. I especially love this:

And then Jo left. I helped myself with lunch. I ATE FISH EGGS. Imagine those sperm-like thing swimming in HCl... T____T

Waning, feeling either high or emo, singing Ke Ren Lai off-key and aloud while I was trying to unblock the writer's block and replying messages.

And for the rest of the photos, go to this photo album @ Photobucket.

I got home feeling kinda tired. Played the piano, sang to myself cacat-ed French lyrics, jogged, made peanut cookies and eating them and the dough. Wire In The Blood is scarily fascinating, as usual.

Crowded House, You are the Only One to Make Me Cry


The cowboy is dead,

>> Thursday, 24 January 2008

at only 28.

That's so ironic. He's still at the peak of his career! And, gawd, he's still so effing young.

How ironic.

Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse. --- John Derek


Like, HOT?!

>> Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Death Cab for Cutie, Brothers on a Hotel Bed

This is an argument over something unknown in Human Pets @ Facebook. Oh, and note how considerate I am to edit and share this:

From some vain Reo to some so-called hot girl *COUGH* call Sofia: Heh... not impressed [about the maggots].
I hear it's a delicacy over where you live, why don't you try it.

Hurry up and get sold already if you don't like me.

To some girl call Shampoo:
You can eat my #&%&
That beats maggots anyday...
Open up!

And for saying I deserve maggots....

Eh. I don't know you. I'm just assuming you like maggots. You'd love anything thats given by your cute pet, wouldn't you?

lol... nice try.
I saw you deny the maggots... why would I want them... lol!

Maybe you're just peculiar enough to try them HAHAHA. China people eat them. :P

Haha funny...

Sofia is such a cute pet, but her pranks aren't so cute at all.

Hmm. Are you being sarcastic? She plays pranks? Ooh. Now that's something. Tell me 'bout it.

Sarcastic? Man, she's hot as hell, too bad for me that I'm old and far away... haha.

Yeah, the pranks have to go... lol.

Mwuahahaha she's all mine!

Maggots... Eww... that's a bad prank.

Joke, idea... etc... just wrong.

Hot eh? HAHAHAHA. Eh. Age is not a problem, dude! Yeah, like what pranks can she play online?

And age is a problem... don't be silly :P
She's like half my age... that's uncool.

but since she's just a pet... it isn't a big deal you are right... can't marry pets now can we.

You need to be bent over... and spanked.

And of course I bought you, so I can have a [three]some... since age doesn't matter. WICKED!!!

Now you won't feel left out anymore...
Enjoy my hospitality... there's enough giant sausage for everyone.

You know what? I'm not a fan of sausages. You can keep it for yourself, or just her.
Maybe you readers can tell me what are they arguing about. It's either over maggots or this so-called hot girl *COUGH* call Sofia or Reo or Shampoo or all of the above.

It's both funny and anger-provoking at the same time. A Funny Porno.

The thought of February reminds me of, instead of CNY, V-day! I remember last year I had some really stupid fantasies of getting some office shop romance and perhaps a boyfriend (like, *COUGH*) by V-day. Obviously not! Wonder if Jo already found one, haha.

Speaking of my job, there'll be an annual dinner at 1U's One World Hotel. For my friends and the sleepover, I've declined it. Aww, how noble of me.

Matt Nathanson, Wedding Dress



>> Saturday, 19 January 2008

Lucky Soul, Add Your Light to Mine, Baby

Watched Cages a few days ago. The movie is shot entirely in Singapore, and it's, oh so beautiful! As if there is still warmth in that little island. (No, I've not been to Singapore before.)It's a colourful, slow-moving film about a single mother and her blind son, broke up with her boyfriend, ended up living with her 20 years estranged father. It was short (90 minutes) and very, very touching. As if there is real feelings flowing very quietly underneath the film that is, very slowly, flowed into us, that leaves us in afterthoughts. Great movie. Do you know that the son, Jonah (Dickson Tan) is legally blind?

Lucky Soul, The Great Unwanted

I love the female vocalist Ali Howardö. She has a really sweet voice that doesn't cause diabetes mellitus. (Did I get the spelling right?)

Madina Lake, From Them, Through Us, To You

A rockin' album - literally. Despite some screaming parts of the songs the lyrics is just rockingly beautiful.

Morning Sadness
Madina Lake

Cut my eyes on visions of you, memories aren't clear
I lost touch with the boy I knew while you were still here

Have you met your God? Does he know I'm in pain?
Does he even have any plans for me to see you again?

Morning sadness, so we meet again
Pack your bags 'cause we're leaving tonight

Damage done by a lost loved one you can never forget
Questioning my faith in God, I know evil exists
So I look past the sky, it's where we're going tonight

Morning sadness, so we meet again
Pack your bags 'cause we're leaving tonight on a mission to find her in heaven
Maybe we'll get to sleep next to God tonight

There's a razor with my name, it carves my life away
And I'll find out who's real right now

Morning sadness, so we meet again
Pack your bags 'cause we're leaving
It's the only way to untie the pain from a heart that has suffered
It's the only way to untie the pain from a mind that is strangled

Omg working at my music school as receptionist/whatever you call it earns you RM6.50, and it literally hires you to MSN and go online! I WANT TRANSPORT.
Elaine (I think her real name is Kheng Wei; not sure) is my colleague! It surprises me we get along pretty well xD
Sleeping over at Waning's next Saturday because someone wants to tell us a juicy secret.


Crazy train.

>> Friday, 18 January 2008

Wilco, Sky Blue Sky

Last night I was reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, shivering under 24 degrees Celsius.
At the end of Chapter 7 there was a part that was so disturbing, I had to stop reading and go to bed (and increase the temperature of my air-cond) and tried to stop my running thoughts.
I failed, of course. Kept imagining the scene. I have an incredibly vivid imagination, haha; I imagined the snow, the little huts covered in snow, the secluded narrow lane, three bullies, one victim, the blue kite behind him, his so-called friend behind a wall.
(Speaking of sleep, these days I didn't get quality sleep. Kept waking up in the wee hours to wait to fall asleep again -.-;;)
I was thinking,
What's more sinful, being homosexual or doing homosexual stuff?

And then,
If I was raped someone is in trouble, will we stand up for him/her, and take the risks of getting into trouble too?

Then thought,
If I'm in trouble, will my friends stand up for me and risk getting into the same trouble I am in?

And then (I promise, this is the last one),
Until what extent do we sacrifice for our friends?

Quoting from Violet,
FUYOH! I am damn retarded but a genius.

Matt Nathanson, Gone



>> Monday, 14 January 2008

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.

Your ideal relationship is traditional. Without saying anything, both of you communicate with your hearts.

Your risk of cheating is low. Even if you're tempted, you'd try hard not to do it.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

You Are Sometimes Considered a Hot Chick

While you may not get the most offers in the room,
You've got a good thing going - dating wise
You could flirt more and dress up a bit to attract more guys
But in general, you are doing just fine!

You Are Fall!


You'll Find Love Where You Least Expect It

You're the type most likely to find love... surprised?
You shouldn't be! You're a fun, independent woman who is always out and about.
And you're smart to sometimes leave your girlfriends behind and go it alone.
Men love to approach you when you're out by yourself - including Mr. Perfect!


Of anger & LP

Linkin Park, Shadow of the Day

Are there two vocals in Linkin Park? My ears are suffering and enjoying their music alternately.

Seriously, any 'fuck's in songs puts me off. That includes You're Beautiful, despite for its fame and lyrics and melody and such.

I'm guilty, though. I'm not that angelic, I curse too! :P But somehow I just couldn't say it out loud. Well, good! I'm training myself not to use the word (except when I'm writing creatively [lol], that is) cuz after I do I most probably will feel guilty.

Hands Held High is political and I like the chorus. The only melodic part besides the 'Amen's.

Ok so 'fuck's are (supposedly to be) used during anger, like anger on wars. Still :/

I hate screaming. Annoyingly annoying. It totally hurts listening to screams. And even though I like the lyrics my poor ear hurts! Music shouldn't hurt people's heart *cries* (bleahh, Drama Queen Syndrome :P)

People should learn how to manage their anger. These are the first two rules: No cursing, no screaming.

LP is not my taste of rock. I guess I'm more of the melodic rock.

It amuses me, somehow, that I can get something philosophical out of music xD

I love it when I get to delete music. I have this weird fetish of tidying and throwing things away. This is not Librarian Syndrome. It's in the gene. I'm sentimental and heartless at the same time, though I think I'm more towards the latter these days.

I love working titles. They are always so funny! Like in Minutes to Midnight :D

Everyone's studying. I MISS STUDYING LA WORK IS BORING. BRING ME TO SCHOOL. I want a SCHOOL, not COLLEGE. I miss uniform (surprised?); I miss homework; I miss projects; I miss not-nice canteen food.

I miss innocent people of (almost) the same age.



>> Sunday, 13 January 2008

Salt Sweat Sugar, Jimmy Eat World

My goodness, these days when I open the Create a Post window from Blogger I'll start typing and then as I type till the middle I will think, "this is a lousy boring post," and I will delete it -.-;;

Job is boring. As always. Hmph.

I realize I don't like listening to female singers. Believe it or not, 99% of the songs in my iTunes are male.

(Retitled Jimmy Eat World after the 911 incident)

Despite the band's extremely disturbing name (yes, it scares me -.-;;) this is a great album! I love the vocal, what's the name again, Jim Adkins. The origin of the band name is so cute! It came from a crayon drawing made after an incident between Tom Linton's (vocal & guitar) younger brothers, Jim and Ed. After getting roughed up by Jim, Ed retreated to his bedroom. There, Ed drew a picture of Jim shoving the Earth into his mouth, with the picture bearing the caption "Jimmy eat world". xD

I want I want I want. Jamie Scott's voice is similar to James Blunt's but I like it, rather than James Blunt. Strange. Oh, and I love the album cover! It looks SO old-school, so 80s. :D

Blahhdeedum. I can't wait for school! Come on la form 6 faster come faster come. I dread the day when we will be receiving results though. I can't imagine myself holding that piece of paper that will determine my life and death. It scares me a lot! I most probably screwed this exam. Cuz I can't imagine myself being lucky again. How can one be so lucky for so many times? PTS; my not-suicidal-attempt cut on my wrist; UPSR; my not-suicidal-attempt accidental near-accident; PMR; all my school exams. Some kind of strange luck! I've only acknowledged my luck just last year, though that obviously fail to motivate me to study :P

When I enter form 6, I shall be resourceful, motivated, hardworking nerd active all-rounded-minus-sports student. My aim: 4As. Great CGPA score.
By April, I will already reach the professional performer's level. I have to. It's a performer's level exam, duh. Thus, I have to practice at least 4 hours of piano everyday. Poor you, Fingers.
By April, I will already have a slimmer body. I have to. I have to wear beautifully, and God knows what I'll be wearing on D-Day. Though appearance might not have been calculated, but first impressions count :P
By April, I will be... bored.

If You Don't Don't, Jimmy Eat World


The Identity Problem & Shallowness.

>> Friday, 11 January 2008

Working 9-6 today.
Looking on the bright side, at least I finally get to work 8 hours, and in the daytime! For the past week I've been working only 4 hours at night. Totally not worth. I love cash!

Supervisor #2 called me yesterday for work at night cuz they don't have enough staff and I told him I have piano class, when I already had mine at 12. I don't like working la! It's SO boring.

Though, I wouldn't envy you guys in college. My uniform life was so not happening, I SWEAR that my form 6 will be so happening, visitors will be flocking in to visit the Happening Place, and thus save all the billions trillions on campaigning for VMY and use it on more beneficial sectors like changing the mindset of the trend to suffer in college after less than one month of suffering of SPM.

After reading the article about shallowness in Cleo I started wondering whether the reasons we all want to enter college that quickly are because of the trend set by some kiasu people, or because we wanna graduate quickly to work our butt off for decades and earn money earlier (look at me, I'm already earning mine :D), or because college is THE happening place, or because we don't want to wait that long to continue our studies, or because we wanna prove we've already grown up?

Or just because we wanna be like everyone else?

Of course, there are exception. Not all college students are like that. I guess. But somehow...

As for the choice of college, certainly there are other explanations besides its reputation, facilities, lecturers, course outline etc. like the desire to start anew in a totally foreign place (hint: JO!), it's THE happening college, it's the rich people college, blahs.

Not like I'm very un-shallow or anything, cuz the reason of studying F6, besides out of $$, is also because I wanna be different. You see, I have a problem with identity. When I was still little, all girls like pink, I thought it was is a disgusting colour, and so I like blue, the tom-boyish colour. And I was am so proud for being so different xD

I'm required to: practice piano for like 5-6 hours everyday; "chase", develop more feelings, pamper, and kissy kissy huggy huggy fall in love with my pieces; watch MPO and DVDs; develop the confidence and aura and style as a performer; design my programme notes; listen to no other music except my piano pieces (oops! I'm listening to Lifehouse now! :P); and NOT die out of boredom. Waning, let's go to your house one day you train me on the performer part :D

Ok gotta get ready. But before that... another short playing on my piano first :)

I love Bach I love Bach I love Bach I love Bach I love Bach.
I love Mozart I love Mozart I love Mozart I love Mozart I love Mozart.


Confusingly blank.

>> Monday, 7 January 2008

Yesterday was emotional. Well, maybe not, but since I hadn't had any overwhelming feelings these days, yesterday seem like a really unrealistic day.

Work was boring. As usual. But busier, so I don't have much time to mourn over my boredom. I tried my first punching hole for binding experience! And I don't know
what the heck is a document protector and that Cruella lady kinda scolded me (or us, the staff) for not tidying up the shelves, not realizing that I tidied the whole thing last week and stupid customers mess it up.

Saw Loo Wei Wern. I'm quite sure he saw me too haha. Saw Khai Sim and Yin Yee. Pamela Leow. A sexy form 5 whom I don't remember the name. 2 (ex-)DJians whom I don't remember the name too. They must've went to college already! What's the fuss about studying immediately after a huge exam and graduate early, only to work your butt off and mourn over your boredom everyday until you retire?

A girl was asking for the "newest Galaxy we have". She has a beautiful American accent with a slight tinge of Brit. And I was like kinda stunned cuz her accent was so perfect. So I showed her the newest edition of Galaxy. And she opened to the poster of Rain (which I still couldn't find...). Her 2 other friends (or sisters) crowded around her and started speaking a weird language I though maybe it was some heavily accented English. It's Japanese!

The first persons I saw yesterday, along with Wei Wern, were them. I'm good with faces and names, but I suck at approaching people.

I read about shallowness of people in Cleo, and I suddenly realized the reason I want to work in the media line in the future is because of a shallow reason: fame, and because I love to write. Apparently employers don't fancy that idea. "Why do you think you're our best candidate?" "Because I love writing." How lame is that? And I realize that most of us are pretty shallow, in terms of careers at least. So the writer's advice is: think of the job advancements & prospectus, whether the pay is enough to support your life, the environment(s) you want to work in etc. And the reasons we wanna study in a particular college can sometimes be shallow. Cuz it's cool, or the hippest place to study, or all the popular pretty cute people studies there, or the name sounds foreign, or nobody you know studies there. (hint: JO!)

My aim is to help people. When I went to Taylor's open day last month and almost decided on journalism I felt that I was letting myself down. Like I wasn't supposed to think of journalism at all! To be honest the root of wanting to study psychology was cuz of a dark Japanese drama. That was when I was 13, and the desire rooted since. I'm really confused about: mass communication/media studies/communication studies, journalism, psychology. And when my mind is confusingly blank I'll think of other impossibles like law or pharmacy or forensic science! xD

To-dos for today:

  • Mop the floor, like, now
  • Search for scholarships
  • Search for free online career tests
  • Die of boredom during work
  • Practice piano until I die of boredom




>> Friday, 4 January 2008

You are White Chocolate

You are White Chocolate

You are sweet, caring, and truly very innocent.

Whether your naive ways are a bit of act or not, people like to take care of you.

You are a quiet flirt, and your power is often underestimated!

Your Love is Based on Friendship

For you, chemistry doesn't really happen without compatibility.

Companionship and openness are the most important parts of your relationships.

Whoever you love should be your best friend.

And falling in love with a good friend is never out of the question.

Why your love can last: You only fall for people who you truly understand... and who truly understand you

Why your love can fail: Sometimes you don't admit how important physical chemistry is to you

You Belong in Dublin

Friendly and down to earth, you want to enjoy Europe without snobbery or pretensions.

You're the perfect person to go wild on a pub crawl... or enjoy a quiet bike ride through the old part of town.


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