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>> Friday, 7 December 2007

After attending Taylor's Open Day, I realized...

Taylor's doesn't have its own shuttle bus service for students. Most probably. And it's late.
Taylor's lecture theaters don't have like a long table with a long seat but instead individual seats with no tables.
Taylor's toilets are out of the world... more precisely, out of touch of the world.
College students have accents?
I'm afraid of heights.
I most probably don't wanna spend my years in a building.
I need to learn how to ask quality questions.

Maybe I'm not suited for mass communication. Cuz I feel guilty for unable to help people, and it doesn't seem interesting... that explains why all adults are boring. TESL can go to New Zealand, UK, Australia. OMG NZ AND UK. But I don't wanna teach perfect people, when there are still so many imperfect kids out there in the Sarawak jungle like Daneng running around naked waiting for their basic education rights. Actually I'm more for poor Africans :P

Bought doctorjob. Saw some people like Kevin, Jia Sheng, Sher Min who enrolled for SAM. And an Eurasian/a guy of mix parentage! He is pink, literally. After the talk and a round in the exhibition Jo and I went to the cafeteria. Saw buffet but the people who are eating are not visitors. Sigh. We sat there, smelling food, chatting, laughing, etc. Random stuff like our families, fortune telling, jobs, careers, pre-Us. Stuff. Throughout the day we drank only three small cups of cold Vico in rainy day. Not bad, eh?

Do you know that my mom ticks and circles jobs in The Star's Metro Classified?! xD I think she prefers me to work as a clerk than a waitress. But the job seems really anti-social. I thought besides earning $$ I'm supposed to develop some essential soft skills like SOCIALISING instead of just basic office skills like operating the photocopier. Like, ultimate sadness.

Researching for diploma is hard. Decided to continue my lessons on January cuz for December I'll only have 2 lessons, which is totally not worth almost RM400.

GAHHH. What if I ended up doing NOTHING?!
(Aww, this is so sweet! Marina Mahathir's latest post on 031207 is totally sweet. I mean, the way she uses her words in the last paragraph. Jo would be more interested in this :P)
What if years later I ended up in a course I don't really like that much and work in its related field for the rest of my life WITHOUT ENJOYING IT?!
(Eh do you know that Jien and Sarah Tan is going to get married low-profile in Bali?)
That's, like, the ultimate of ultimate sadness.
(And my never-before-seen cousins sister is getting married in Phuket, the place where Tsunami hits! I WANNA GO. Cuz #1 I don't remember how she looks like #2 she's a UK PR/citizen/something #3 I don't KNOW how she looks like #4 she comes from UK! #5 the boyfriend seems to be a non-Malaysian. Like, duh.)
I don't want my life to be SO boring! And I wanna do it for a noble cause to syok sendiri like working in a non-profit organization. They earn A LOT, you know, but jobs are limited since it's non-profit, gets little money from government etc. But but I don't wanna lead my life like a FAILURE without doing even a teeny weeny GREAT cause to syok sendiri like go to Sudan to teach or to Ethiopia to help people or to some war-torn country to help and die very noble-y (maybe I'll get a Noble Peace Prize or something) or to South Africa to see flowers!

Ooh, flowers.


THEY NEED HELP. I'M SO GONNA DIE NOBLE-Y THERE AND GET A HUGE SUM OF MONEY FROM NOBLE PEACE PRIZE AWARD. But I think they're quite biased, cuz some guy got some award for publishing a book about saving the environment, while Tun M doesn't even get an award for the Bosnia thing. (Don't know what happened but must be really great.) Same goes to Venerable Hsing Yun and Venerable Cheng Yen. Like, damn biased.

Think you so great ah?

Eh, off-topic.

Come on la, Malaysia is not that bad. Don't be too pro-Western cuz they think we tidak bertamadun (except Singapore).

Stupid politics. Stupid coloured glasses. We all semua human, kenapa mesti racist? It's, like, not respecting yourself because you're looking down on your same species, who is related to you in some ways; and when you're looking down on people who is related to you in some ways, you're looking down on yourself because the way you look at and treat people reflects yourself.

Wah, so philosophical.

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