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>> Sunday, 30 December 2007

Ok this is, like, so random. Just feel like blogging.

2008 New Year resolution still on-the-making... And this year, I SWEAR I'll try to accomplish at least one. No, make that two. Or three. Oh, well. I do hope I'll remember. I did one last year, forgot where I've put it. How pathetic is that xD

Am viewing DJ prom's photos. Yeah la yeah la I'm ancient and rare. OH MY GOODNESS can you imagine me looking at THIS PHOTO (view via facebook cuz I couldn't grab) slouching in my chair staring at the girl beside Michelle?
Poh Hui.
*sits straight* WHAT?!
(I think hor, DJ girls are prettier than CHS lor. Work hard, play hard is our motto.)
Adding photos to facebook.

It's so amazing how insanely gorgeous XY species can be. Insanely gorgeous, insanely beautiful. Seriously. The kind of gorgeous-ness where you just go...
*jaw drops, eyes bulging* Oh. My. God. So... so... WOW. BEAUTIFUL.
It's not the kind where you look at Miss Debra Priya Henry - that, you have to omit the 'omg' part. God is weird, man. No wonder they say God is a woman xD


Don't feel like sleeping. It's 0257AM now.

Job is boring. I learned how to photostat and bind! Ooh. The only 2 things I've learned besides eating Mentos to clear my breath -__-;; Today I was listening to a live broadcast of chick lit. Actually I was in the 'happening' place! The two colleagues(?!) of mine were talking about guys. Girl01 thinks hot bod is the #1 and only qualification. And some other stuff. I tell you I was listening and constantly laughing throughout the conversation until she left xD
I MIGHT leave work tomorrow. Some prejudicism :( Hopefully not. Cuz I need...

CASH. I NEED CASH FOR BOOKS. I saw Shahril Nizam's If Only (beautifully disturbing illustrations, beautiful poetry), Cecilia Ahern's Where Rainbow Ends, Love, Rosie, If You Could See Me Now and A Place Call Here. I'm a lovey dovey fan! Seriously I never thought Cecilia Ahern's books as chicken lit. I thought of them as love stories/romance novels, the modern, realistic-in-a-way kind. So hooked! Yeah I hook on to love stories/romance novels very easily, rush it in a day, remember the plot, read it dozen of times but never a favourite.

AEC currently broadcasting Qiong Yao's love novel-turn-drama Yi Lian You Meng (some Dream thing forgot the English title). Ridiculous! Where on earth got people in early 20s go to France to pursue PhD wan?! And the dancer has beautiful slim legs - which dancers don't have. Mommy's favourite novel :P Two sisters loves the same guy then something happened blabla. The theme song is nice though. Ridiculous! I'm currently reading one of her novels call Ting Yuan Shen Shen, halfway through, mommy's fave too xD She recommended it some more. Weird. Omgdness I love heartache despite its ridiculousness. The way Qiong Yao writes is very, very, very slow. I skip the sceneries, except the heartbreaking ones. Ouch! *clink clank* One good thing is that the names in lame old-school romance novels are really nice.

Ok done with the photos now going to get some shut-eye. Tomorrow getting passport photos. My shift would be 1-10. Borrrring. The minute I step into eBooks I already look forward for my last minute of shift. Sadness.

My name is, again, mispronounced and forgetable. Being in this situation for so many times, I don't bother, haha.

Ok nights.

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