Good morning, gorgeous!

>> Wednesday, 7 November 2007

It's a beautiful morning out there in Taman Megah at 10AM :)

You know what since I'm in one of my rare extremely good mood days I shall be laaame for a moment.

No la people I don't feel extremely good mood in normal days. Those are just... normal mood days. Duh o_O In fact I never feel good in the early UNGODLY hours in the morning - unless I'm by myself.

I have a guilty pleasure, people.
Ok lah some guilty pleasures. Chocolates, The Spill Canvas, The Feeling, seventeen (hehe :X), and so very absolutely,


I love alone time!

Appreciation and the Bomb, The Spill Canvas

Seriously, I love being alone. Especially when I'm feeling moody.
Yes, people! I get moody, at times! Most of the time it's the hormones, or maybe stress, cuz I'm usually moody without any apparent reasons.
(Let's see if I can write in British English.)
I don't think I have experienced what people term as loneliness. Or maybe I am not in touch with my feelings? I guess I don't!
Iish British English is so hard and so emo.
I like being alone! Because when being alone I can do (almost) whatever I want! I can listen to music, daydream, stare blankly at JJ posters thinking of nothing, write, daydream, stare blankly at nothing, etc. That's obviously NOT my dream life. Boringnya.

Blue Piccadilly & its hidden track I forgot the name, The Feeling

I like the way the English sing, the 'T' is very clear and precise. Since I can't do it, I like it, nyehe. (Jo: Zeeeeeeee!!!!!! swt.)
I need to find some more distractions to fill iTunes with chunks of songs cuz I will get bored of TSC and Feeling. I'm not God la k, I get bored with things too, it's just that I'm such a good person not to tell you

Jo is so bored she wanna become a clown.

Eh eh eh you know there's this novel to membangkit nasionalisme dalam kalangan penduduk Tanah Melayu call Putera Gunung Tahan, where seorang gadis Melayu menolak kasih seorng penjajah British untuk menahan maruah bangsanya.
Damn sweet la! Can we cancel off the word penjajah, pretty please? It sounds lagi menjatuhkan maruah for the British! Why don't people merestui their hubungan? Like this can memupuk perpaduan penjajah dengan penduduk tempatan, multiracial harmony! (And imagine all the angmohs wandering in Malaysia right now if they do! Ooh Waning will be so happy! xD)

The "interlude" between Blue Piccadilly and Hidden Track is funny. I think they should mend the door, the squeaky sound. And do you know that they say 'See you later, mate'? xD Australia berasal dari Britain but I wonder why that expressions "belongs" to them.

It's SO hard to imagine someone married singing love songs. Avril Lavigne is married Derryck Whibley and she sings "Hey, hey, you, you, I wanna be your girlfriend"! o_O Not saying that it's wrong or anything, it just sounds so weird xD

Waning is starting to speak like me. All the 'like's! xD Maybe I have to get a new style of writing. I pergi jadi emo and get a wider vocab so that I can write in UK xD

Again, good morning, people!

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