Lucas Grabeel!

>> Monday, 1 October 2007

Currenly listening to: Cheers Darlin' - Damien Rice

Michael Bublé's I'm Your Man is so sexy.

Watched High School Musical 2 Sing-Along. Sorry lah! Very sweet very emotional love the songs wanna count Ryan's hats wanna see Vanessa's dresses. "We will find a place in this world somehow, but at least for now, I gotta go my own way."
Troy is not sad enough la!
And Lucas Grabeel is so cute! Check out his official website! Apparently some friends of his started it.
(Lucky people)
He's so cute la! x3
Kickapoo... High School... *cough*
He's a tenor. Hmm.
OMG he's 23. Gosh people seems to age inside and still so young on the outside. Imagine when I'm 20...
Zee: Eh encik mau 2 tiket untuk tengok inserta18-sxmoviename
Encik: *tengok tengok* tak mau tak mau! You terlalu kecik la!
Zee: *stares*

Omg I can't believe I'm finding for THAT picture.
OMG I FOUND IT. I AM SO GENG THE INTERNET IS SUCH A... big fish net of fishes.
(I am so horny x(

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