The JO Syndrome.

>> Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Currently listening to: All Over You - The Spill Canvas

(This girl at the left is going to hell!)

Ok I'm gonna type all of this over again because I'm procrastinating and heck I've been editing photos, listening to Godly The Feeling's Twelve Stops, chatting to Waning.

You maybe curse me go to hell cuz I am freakin' sure I'll be.

Joanne Teo Sue Yin, YOU'RE A BITCH.

Gossiping is bad. Gossiping is female's privilege. That's such a sad case. Gossiping is bad! I know I do it also, especially after knowing Jo (mmm, not a good thing), and I wanna stop but I don't seem to know I'm gossiping when I do. I shall shut my mouth for the time being.


You're going over waaaaaay too far! You do know that Australia's full of Asians that it seem un-fun but anyway yeah if there's Asians there's bound to be people who understand Asian language.

Heck, I don't know how to explain.

THAT HURTS A LOT. I so understand the feeling of heartbreak, especially if you're the one she trusts a lot. You can literally listen your heart breaking, the tears welling in your eyes, especially when she's listening to every word you're saying, every word pierces, but trying very, very hard not to show any feeling or emotions on your face. Pretending that you're ignorant, and dumb, and deaf.

Suffocating. Very.

(Don't interview me about that! I'm not gonna say anything! :P)

(I'll be dying cuz of all the flying dusts and ashes. Iish.)

Joanne dearest. Sigh. If seriously must gossip go to somewhere invisible la! Don't hate people. It's not good. I've never really hated anyone before so I don't know the feeling of hating. Nah I don't hate Pang Wayne or that person who did some heartbreak business *points up* Well maybe a little (the latter of course)... But anyway the feeling will still fade away and you'll notice that whatever happened before is a really funny thingy and hatred is something childish.

And hating is bad! Bad, bad, bad! GOSSIPING IS WORSE. (Eh you know Jo told me a very juicy gossip xD)

Now to Jo.

Dear Jo, you have been very gossipy! No, wait, that wasn't what I was going to say. Okk dear Jo, you're so worried about growing up, leaving school! People are supposed to be freakin' worried about SPM o_O I can't wait for SPM to end! I'm so gonna play the piano until I die, read until I die, watch DVDs until I die, online until I die, listen to The Spill Canvas until I die, listen to The Feeling until I die.

I'm SO gonna dig out every nice albums in xD


I forgot what I wanna say cuz I'm so happy I got The Feeling's Twelve Stops and Home xD

Ok, gossips. Jo! Some people couldn't stand that you keep forcing the person to spill out secrets! You need to have strategies, woman! xD (You're not a man right.)

Anyways I'm not in the mood of blogging now gotta take a bath. Just in case you're interested to know what time is it now, it's 1459. Welcome to Win Zee's world of schedule-less.

p/s JO syndrome is a syndrome whereby people who has JO in their names, particularly JOANNE TEO SUE YIN and HONG WEN JO, tend to be gossipy, very very gossipy. Also Win Zee's syndrom #2.

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