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>> Saturday, 27 October 2007

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Jo! Did I tell you that The Spill Canvas's No Really, I'm Fine (it's alternative rock, btw ;) is VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD?! Very very very very loud, literally. AND IT'S GREAT. But more rock-ish than Jo's definition of alternative rock. I love their minor tune!
Nyahaha I take back that American pop is shallow and all about sex. Uhhh, no, wait, I'll just take back they're shallow :P
The Spill Canvas is from South Dakota, some about life, others about life, some from others is about sex like Connect the Dots (it's such a cute song title if you don't know the lyrics) - wait, before I tell you the lyrics, I'm just gonna tell you that I love playing connecting the dots on paper, where you connect the dots and voila! it's Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse/Sylvester/some other innocent stuff - :

I know all your favorite spots, and tonight we will connect the dots
Like what Waning said to me yesterday, let's just ignore bad/shallow/sex-y lyrics if the music is totally great :)


And I'm gonna flaunt my cacat-ed French: C'est trés bon! And it's so deafening (I'm having my earphone on, and Shermin says that if you have close contact of sound for more than 30 minutes your hearing will be affected. I'm stubborn and am trying to reduce noise pollution! So thank me people for being so noble xD)

Waning hates my blog cuz it's very moi Manglish aka Malaysian English aka Mangled English. *puffy*

Piano teacher thinks I improved on my Prelude and Fuge, which I think it still sounds the same, and gay-French-20th-century-composer Poulenc's 2nd Novelette! Poulenc "adored women, but loved men", and is in his "Parisian sexuality". Hmm, he must be a true Parisian...
Francis Poulenc's wiki

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