I am not single.

>> Friday, 12 October 2007

Cuz I'm married.
No la! I'm perfectly single.
I mean, I'm attached. Ah, yes, attached.
To whom, you ask?
Dr. Moo Moo Shake!
Can you believe that Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar has a wikipedia page? And he's like so Muslim lorr, look at his loooooong name! Jo claims that she could convert him into a non-Muslim when he marries her LOL.
The ISS orbits the Earth 16 times. This means 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets. A Muslim has to sembahyang 5 times a day. Therefore Dr. Moo Moo Shake has to sembahyang 80 times a day HAHA that's like 23 minutes between every sembahyangs lol.
Ooh, a Leo. Why does everybody's birthdays land on July 27?!

"Sheikh Muszaphar is an orthopedic surgeon, and a university lecturer in medicine at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. In 1998, Sheikh Muszaphar worked at Hospital Seremban, followed by a move to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital in 1999, and was on staff at Hospital Selayang from 2000 through 2001. Sheikh Muszaphar is also a part-time model." *COUGHCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH*
Omg like wtf? Dr. Moo Moo Shake a.k.a Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar's model photos (According to my Crawler toolbar it's not a safe website got viruses spywares phishing spams etc.)

Yesterday, Jo and I went for speed dating at our houses through SMS.
Well, actually, there wasn't any dating at all cuz the lucky guy involved is in overseas.
Jo went for speed marriage while I went for speed mistress.
Guess who's the lucky guy?
(Ooh, Kapt Faiz is an army dentist. Cool.)

*COUGH* Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar *COUGH*

Dear Jo,
Your husband has betrayed on you. No, the target is not me, unfortunately. File a divorce, quick!
From somewhere: "Sorry, girls: While Muszaphar may not be hitching up any time soon, he does have a steady girlfriend, and he reports she understands that the mission comes first."
Somehow I've guessed it haha. Lucky girl/lady/woman.

Jo is suicidal.
She told me 'come zee and waning let's die together and be dissected by a cute sizzling yummy delish hot surgeon'.

That kind of smile is a vain, confident smile. The smile is like 'I know girls love me/my smile' kind of smile. I mean don't you think so?! It's like trying to swoon every girls' head and making them fall in love with him...
(Mr. HSS has that kind of smile, but with a touch of shyness, naivety, innocence. Cuter than Dr. Moo Moo Shake a lot, Jo! =D)
Seriously la, I love that kind of smile! Sizzling sexy magnetic. I've never heard his voice so that leaves a space for me to romanticize and fantasize... *cough*

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