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>> Sunday, 28 October 2007

Currently listening to: My Name Is Trouble - Nightmare of You

Okay. I'll try to blog in perfect English, since Waning detests (!) Manglish. Or she thinks Manglish is not as high class as English... oh it doesn't matter.

I don't plan to blog tonight anyway, just trying to blog in perfect English, after so long! How long again? Since starting from this year? Because I realized that blogging in perfect English just doesn't sound like me. It feels like I was trying to be - or act - mature, high class, banana?

Ah, I remember when I was in form 1 or 2 my wish is to be a banana! Well form 2 is a really shallow and immature year for me, haha. It's a transition year for me! Hormonal imbalance, so don't blame moi. Blame the hormones.

Perfect English, dear Win Zee.

(Omg did I tell you that The Spill Canvas is just oh-so-totally-beautiful? I LOVE THEM LIKE HOW I LOVE MY CUTE LITTLE GLASS BOTTLES oh I just love my glass bottles! They're chicken essence bottles, so imagine how CUTE they are! x3)

Perfect English. Right.

Wan Ying deary is in love with Nightwish, a Finnish band, symphonic metal or power metal. Hmm, not my kind of thing. The almost religious voice of Anette Olzon is haunting me (especially at this ungodly hour of 0250AM!) but if she sings in her normal voice it's powerful and Amaranth is nice. Nightmare of You is an indie rock band from NY, not bad I guess.

I want to kiss you on the mouth and tell you I'm your biggest fan
This is the last time I hold your hand
I realized I like voice (male) that is a little high, a little sharp, nice for alternative rock. I mean, the voices all American male singers have except Michael Bublé. Wait, he's from Vancouver.

Hmm, some manga website have Hana Kimi! Isn't it licensed already? Or did they un-licensed it? o_O

I realized I'm not the only victim of Emotional Disorganized Syndrome. I'm not alone! And actually it's "globally recognized" whereby - oops.

I've typed this post for almost an hour! I. Can't. Stand. It. Anymore.

I love The Spill Canvas like how much I love staying up at night! Omg totally beautifully deafening. No, sexily deafening ;) Nightmare of You is more soothing of rock. Than The Spill Canvas. With a techno song Dear Scene, I Wish I Were Deaf (it's in FIFA 2007 Soundtrack btw), don't remember how it sounds like. The songs of their self-titled debut album is not bad weih. With some screaming parts, really minor but might ruin the whole song if you're a perfectionist, haha.

You know what I told Waning, dear Jo? I told her we led a MORE alternative life than you, har har. BE JEALOUS MWAHAHA. Cuz we listen to songs that are virtually and practically unavailable in local CD stores and we only can definitely get them in UK CD stores. She likes Nightwish a Finnish band with a scary holy religious Anette Olzon and I TOTALLY LOVE The Spill Canvas and Band of Horses and Patrick Wolf's The Stars (especially his violin)!
Realized that NOY sings major key songs while TSC sings minor key songs. I love minor, therefore I love TSC :) (Stupid long band names.)
Check out AlbumAZ.com is a great resource for music!

I've become very... musical.
I am Sofia. I am Shampoo

i just wanna see your body in a place so sth didnt hear [from In The Bathroom Is Where I Want You by Nightmare of You]
i thought u wanna see my....

i hv soar throat help
kidding buddy

Transfer of "07 - Nightmare Of You - Ode To Serotonin.mp3" is complete.

yeah i know
doctor's here!
speaking of doctor...
'And if you want a doctor I'll examine every inch of you'
from Michael Buble's I'm Your Man
so no thx

You see, these days our conversation steered towards the alternative tauge notes and became kinda... obscene.
17-SX. (Ignore the fact that I'm 16)

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