Dear Jo Abdullah

>> Saturday, 13 October 2007

(who also happens to be my enemy),

I have to reply to your flooding messages in my dear orange chatbox cuz my answer will be much too long! And I don't wanna flood my own chatbox that's for sure lol.

So, anyway, yeah, that's what the source says. Searing hotness. Great minds think alike! Even though I've never seen his model pictures! xD We're females la lol. He's already, like, so HOT when he wears the bulky astronaut suit la! The fact that he actually models part-time is not supposed to be shocking but...

Miss Interview: Hi, encik. First of all how old are you?
Him: *smiles that sexy smile* 35 this year.
Miss Interview: *trying hard not to O_O* Oh, yakah? Look so young! 35 is a great year to soar in your career.
Him: *smiles that sexy smile*
Miss Interview: So since you're a part-time model, what do you work as full-time?
Him: *smiles that sexy smile* An orthopedic surgeon.
Miss Interview: *trying VERY VERY HARD not to O_O* Wow, encik, you're an all-rounder! Intelligent and handsome, sekarang lagi jadi angkasawan!
Him: *smiles that sexy smile*
He's a model la, Jo. Remember that. Dr. Moo Moo Shake a.k.a Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar a.k.a your beloved hubby a.k.a my beloved lover (hmm, the word lover sounds nice) is a part-time model. It's, like, his rights to smile like that to pikat (almost) everyone's hearts and make them go drooling over him and fall for him like maaaad.

Lucky girlfriend, I know! No, never seen girlfriend before. Hope she is pretty and looks good with him! xD Omg so biased. If four times means girlfriend, you and me. (OMG WHY LIKE SO WEIRD WAN) Three times only mah.

No, Jo. He has to uhh obey to some special rules about sembahyang-ing and breaking fast and ways to look for Mecca. Now he's gonna spend his raya in space, experimenting on cells and protein! Spending raya with cells and protein... hmm. Not a great way to spend raya. Seriously cannot imagine him being a Muslim. I mean, he looks like... a human. Hmm, everyone looks like a human. I mean I don't see people as their race or religion la!

Yeah, Faiz is single. I think he's cute, not out of desperation! I think it's the side effects of not having crushes and stuff. I think I'm in lust with every guy on earth LOL I'm NOT desperate! Just a normal reaction of a lustful girl LOL. No, wait, that sounds very sexual... Omg I'm ruining my own reputation (if I have one)!

Omg you're already filing a divorce?! Dear Jo, you are so guo duan. I shall go with the flow. When I think it's time to break up, we'll break up eventually. (Ok stop acting emo.) And I'll find another guy! Sighhhh. He's my first love. I shall be loyal to him until I decided to be unloyal.


Dear Jo, you sounded jealous lol. It was heartbreaking! Ok not until that extend but you know x(

Btw, he's a Leo. Typed wrongly. He shares his birthday with Shi Ching, Ser Siang and Joanne Chen. Lucky ppl!

Your sworn enemy #1,

p/s I think you should name them Barry and Allison Sheikh Muszaphar OMG DAMN CUTE WEIH! x3

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