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>> Friday, 19 October 2007

I can memorize my Mozart's Sonata piece's name.
Sonata in B flat K333/315c, composed in Linz and Vienna, Nov 1783.
Was researching for my diploma. SHIT MY PIANO IS, like, DAMN SUCK. I mean my skills, not my piano. My piano needs tuning, btw. And sucky performance affects my mood GREATLY.
Mommy doesn't understand what does sense of achievement means. Adults.

Do you know that I had a crush on a (most probably) homosexual?! O_O

Can't believe Waning and Jo went shopping at 1U without Chuu Khai and/or me xD

I think someone's in like/crush! Not me la! If it were me, and if it involves unfamous people, I won't even tell la!
Hmm, maybe I was only too sensitive. Ahaha. *slap self*
(If the people involved *cough* knows who I'm talking about I'm DEAD)

Mozartkugel (English: Mozart ball)

"First, a ball of green pistachio marzipan covered in a layer of nougat is produced. This ball is then placed on a small wooden stick and dunked in a dark chocolate coating. Next, the stick is placed vertically, with the ball at the top, on a platform to allow the chocolate to cool off and harden. Finally, the stick is removed; the hole that it leaves behind is closed with chocolate coating, and the ball is wrapped in silver tin foil."
"Approximately 1.4 million Mozartkugeln are produced by hand using this technique every year. In the firm’s air-conditioned salerooms, the balls remain fresh for about 8 weeks."

I watched David Rocco's Dolce Vita yesterday. Oh my goodness, Sicily!
He sounds so Italian. I mean, his name. Another Canadian LOL. This proves that fellow Canadians have deceiving last name. Look at Michael Bublé! And I don't understand why he has to say bonjour before ciao. Hmm.
Then watched a little of Jamie at Home where Jamie Oliver makes English onion soup. It looks yummy! But definitely does not taste yummy. Who likes onion?!

Mommy says I pro-Barat. I say, no, I pro-Europe.

It is obvious that Malaysia's MOE doesn't know the fact that readers have the freedom to choose to read or NOT to read finish a book. Why? The BORING Bukit Kepong (and I bet Konserto Terakhir is as boring)! We're supposed to have freedom to choose NOT to finish the book! -__-;; Government, pergi baca buku yang boring seperti Bukit Kepong, you'll know what I mean.

Aiks, tuition later.

Bonne journée! :)

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