>> Sunday, 7 October 2007

Facebook and GhostOnline are so addicting.
Was bored yesterday and my 2 other still-trying-to-complete fics are just boooorrrrring so I decided to read my supposed-to-be-dumped halfway-through fic. And I was flattered by my writing!
Oh my God damn sweet la I!
But read it again later and thought, nothing. I mean I thought of nothing when I read it again.
Btw, aquiline nose means thin and sharp nose like hawk beak.

Shit. MSN Messenger got problem. Where's the contacts?! ^&(&%$%^&(**&&^

Reading Before I Forget influences me A LOT. As in speech and writing. You tend to wanna curse f*ck, and whenever you write a love story you tend to think of the three-letter word a.k.a sex. o_O

Hurry hurry SPM hurry hurry I have so many plans!

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