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Joanne dearest sent me a letter! Her handwriting changed leaned towards left, bigger, and, uh, weird. Lol.

Joanne luv kookie! (Dunno what it means!)

Joanne wanna start the 4-person blog we talked about last year! "Feel more connected".

So, how's life? Miss Librarian duty?? Miss Nigel? LOL =) Oops, I forgot, that's Wan Ying's...

2007 Belated Birthday Wishlist (Syok sendiri la)
» Cellphone with radio service (cam, web, bluetooth, GPRS blablabla is unnecessary)
» CD player
» Chuu Khai's cam =D
» Turtles Can Fly
» Dreams of Water
» The Feelings - Twelve Stops and Homes (Does Malaysia sell this?)
» New, DECENT stamp album (The current one is handicapped.)
» Apple necklace(s) from Miss Selfridge (Juicy. Delicious. Yummy! *drool*)

You know there's this book reviewed in The Star, Paul Auster's Travels in the Scriptorium, which seems very difficult to understand.
Ooh, I like.

André Brink's The Orgasm Book Before I Forget is very influential. And historic. He talks about apartheid is South Africa (there are even laws about coloured people cannot vote no mix marriages and stuff), about South Africans "not necessarily pro-German but ferociously anti-British" in WWI I think. Influential cuz I seemed to think about sex whenever I write. GOSH. But that doesn't say anything about me saying that Western pop is shallow!

André Brink, author of The Orgasm Book Before I Forget
He's like 70+ year old now omg imagine him doing all those stuff while he was younger... *cough*

Actually Afrikaans is a little like Malay, a little like English. HAHA skool in English is school HAHA.

Mommy says I can go to Cake Sense and work part-time! CAKE.

Chasing Cars's lyrics (Jo: OMG! Zee you finally love alternative rock) is almost similar to Raining on Sunday. But less metaphoric and symbolic. And I love metaphoric and symbolic lyrics because I don't understand at all and I love it for being vague (veig, not va-giu) and ambiguous and visual!
The lyrics is something about work and stress and pressure which is threatening their love to uh fall apart and he wishes it will rain on Sunday so that they could hide under the covers and let everything come by itself on Monday.
Your love is like religion, a cross in Mexico
And your kiss is like the innocence of a prayer nailed to a door
Surrender is much sweeter when we both let it go
Let the water wash our bodies clean and love wash our souls
(Jo: Zeeeee!!! The lyrics is nice but how can you say alternative rock is shallow??!!! T_______T)
I mean the lyrics are shallow la, not the music. I'm not a music expert I don't know about childish music. (Are kiddies songs childish?)
(I can't believe we're experimenting emoticons with Google chat HAHA)

There's such a sweet story behind my love for apples! I shall write it into a story =)

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