>> Friday, 7 September 2007

Anyways I'm supposed to get going now but what the heck blogging is so addicting.

I'll TRY to keep my posts short and simple. I feel so fed up reading my old posts that I don't even want to read at all LOL.


People cheat in class. Some more so high-tech and I have to just look away cuz I just cant bear to see. (HAHA)
D.H. Lawrence's Piano is so nice! His poems are always nice but I never can understand poetry haha. I'm more of a not-so-British. Brits like to show off their English by using loooooong sentence and difficult words you're not supposed to know in your lifetime eg. bourgeois which means of a middle-class society and sangfroid which means calm or lack of excitement during dangerous or exciting situations. And you read as bue-zhwa and sang-frwa respectively.
Yes, these are the words you're not supposed to know in your lifetime. Don't you think so?! They must be French.

Daddy might come back during Hari Raya holidays, which means we may get to Bangkok or Cambodia or Laos or East Timor or Vietnam. We're not rich la so don't boast your daddy's income. Omgomgomg I wanna go to Angkor Wat. Where is it again, Cambodia? and then maybe I'll get an adopted child HAHA.

Am currently reading Before I Forget by André Brink. No, Sham and Jo, he's not from France. He's from South Africa. And since South Africa was once colonised by the British so yes he writes in looooong sentence and difficult words. But words you're supposed to know in life LOL. Anyways just started and read until 20+ pages and guess what, IT'S ALL ABOUT CHRIS MINAAR'S (the main character) SEX LIFE, STARTING FROM HIS FIRST AND THEN THE WEIRDEST ENCOUTNERS. And I'm still in some 20+ pages, and there will be few more sex scenes to come. Ok la not exactly sex scenes, just that the way he wrote it is very sexual. Maybe it's half-erotica HAHA.

Omg it's already FRIDAY omg damn nice. I kinda miss the afternoon session librarians who will come and find me (yes, especially come up to look for me! damn sweet right these people), including SOMEONE's worst nightmare - CUTE SHAWNE KEE WITH THE GREATEST HAIR ON EARTH.
Sighhhhh. I'm old.

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