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>> Wednesday, 5 September 2007

my mommy just adopted sponsored a child! That's like a few weeks ago. Pn. Lim and I are so influential HAHA.

we have a new people in our class! Did I tell you this? Anyways her name is Tan Wei Wern a.k.a. Nicole a.k.a. Pn. Tan CK's niece. She has a really cute voice x3 and she takes English literature!

I bought a SMALL bottle of olive oil for my hair, which costs RM7.50. Maybe a month ago haha.

Yes, edible. So you can cook my hair HAHA.

Omg Italy omg. I have Italy on my head HAHA.

(I used sepia instead of coloured cuz the oil has high viscosity HAHA and it's OILY and it's YELLOW EEW. Things are best left sepia. =)

I dreamed that I was in this hot place (just bright; I don't feel heat) with stone houses like in Aladdin. There was a stall like in pasar malam selling clothes, perhaps. So there was this Turkish guy beside me. I know him. So I leaned forward and ask: "Can I ask you a question?" Turkish guy nodded his head, not looking at me. "Does Turkey snows?" I whispered, dunno why. He thought for a while. The Turkey country, not the Christmas turkey. I didn't tell him that though. And then he looked at me for a while and said, "No." I just read a book about Turkey, and it says it snows. I didn't tell him that also, cuz I assume that he doesn't need any explanation HAHA.
And, after checking out wikipedia, yes, Turkey snows.
And, omg, I think I'm psychic. Cuz I dreamed of these houses. Most of them, not all. And it's very very bright and yellow and hot, not blue sky.

I've learned two weird, French-y words: bourgeois, read as bue-zhwa, means of middle class in a society; and sangfroid, read as sang-frwa, means lack of excitement in exciting events or sth you get the idea.

I'm reading this guys's Snow, and it's political. And Nicole loves the book! xD Rüya is his daughter, he dedicated this book to her, and she's same age as me xD
Ok stop crapping.

I took photos of my love letter. And I love what I took.

Omg Win Zee just received a love letter! Can you believe it!?

Go, go find someone with the name Lee.

Add Maths results SUX. Pn. Sally and Pn. Tan CK and Pn.Ng are friends. Biology 1, Physics 1, and EST 1 tomorrow.

(almost) everyone in 5 Balau cheats. And I've witnessed some. Oh gosh. Anything for the results.

Poh Hui got 100 in Maths 2 and Qinmei got 100 in Add Maths 2. Crazy people.

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