For Nurin.

>> Saturday, 22 September 2007

So I'm blogging but lazy to transfer my photos into the comp so sorry la Jo no photos haha.

He IT must be watching the news and laugh.
I couldn't help but to cry. Out of anger, sadness, disappointment, and maybe a little fear.
Anger, because there's someone out there who is that insane to treat a girl like that!
Sadness, because now all hopes are gone. And she died. Like that. In a cruel way.
Disappointment, because the world is insane.
Fear, because, you know.
And now being alone in the house, at night, just scares me.
(Btw, Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend is really catchy - Hey, hey, you, you, I wanna be your girlfriend - but really stupid)
And whenever I saw ads on the newspapers I just thought, how can you be so happy, smiling, when Nurin died? A really selfish thought, I know, but I can't help but to think like that!
And, almost 24/7, I'll think of her cruel death and all the tears her family and relatives and friends cried for her, and I just couldn't help but to shiver out of fear and cry.
The day before Nurin's father accepted the fact that the dead girl is Nurin, there's this news in The Star that says Iran Attack Israel and I started cursing. Wtf stupid war whores do you know how many people are suffering in your country and now you still want a war you crazy ah is blood that nice to pour do you want your people to be suffer and being tortured HAVE YOU EVER BEEN A RAKYAT BEFORE?
The world. Insane.
God. Please flood the whole world and get a Chosen One to start the world again.
And again.
And again.
And again...
The world is made up of people. Human. Us. Why can't the adults be more considerate and more tolerant and more mature and more responsible? Weren't they children before? Shouldn't they know that all we want is a peaceful, happy and fun place to grow up, to put on make-up dresses heels ties leather shoes slacks gel hair mousse shaving cream perfume cologne,
to enjoy the world as portrays on soapy dramas?
Maybe they gone through SUBLIMATION. Maybe the moment they were born, they immediately turned from foetus to an adult, so they don't know.

Anyways yesterday I was drawing stick figures for the WWI. Childish people.

Oh, yeah, Waning and Jo finally got to see me emo.

They should have a female in the uh what do you call them Persatuan Law Enforcing. Because only a female knows clearly about rapes, the aftermath.
A girl's pride is important, so important that they are willing to commit suicide to savour their innocence and purity.
That's what Kadife said in Snow.
DEAD SENTENCE FOR RAPISTS. Pancung their heads gantung them shoot them tikam them drown them dissect them alive torture them do whatever to MAKE THEM DIE.
I'll go to hell. As long as they're in hell, I'm satisfied.

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