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She says you curse, using the ultimate rudeness of all bad words (or so I think). We are shocked. I remember that when you were still here, ‘suffering’, you were oh-so innocent; pure; angelic… anything in heaven is in you. Yes, you are that angelic. Okay, well, maybe a teeny weeny bit of evil and naughtiness, but that doesn’t matter, because it is those that make you human.

The few weeks - months before you left you were worried that you couldn’t make friends; couldn’t pass the exams; couldn’t stay alive. We assured you, no, you won’t. There are certainly people who want to befriend you, and you are smart. No, you won’t die there. That place is almost heavenly!

Well, you did make some friends (but all Asians; where are all the whites?!), pass your tests with really flying colours, since you’ve learned them here before, and started to work part-time by frying fries! Ah, she says because you want to ‘follow the trend, or you will be left out’. Oh, the life I have always dreamed of (besides the follow-the-trend part) (and I want to have a few white friends, that’s for sure).

Ah, yes, you’ve changed. A lot, we say. Your hairstyle and your fashion sense is still the same, but through all the photos you’ve taken and posted, you look more un-camera shy, and maybe more fun? We all couldn’t wait to see you again; we wonder if you’ve become a goth or a punk? And we laughed at that thought.

You already have the heavy accent, and all your “mother slang” was all gone. Yes, all gone. Can you imagine yourself, changed into someone brand new, in six months (more or less) time? We didn’t know what to say – except for her, since she’s the most adaptable among us. We even have difficulty choosing which language to talk to you.

In the end, I choose English, while the other girl, until now, is still deciding.

And, after two months of your leaving, she tells me, you curse. Ah, curses. I remember, months ago, last year, you detested people who curses, and maybe you even sworn to yourself that you will not curse, forever!

A year has gone by. You curse.

The level of innocence will, somehow, lowers, as you grow older.

Well, not like you’re a devil or something. I still love you for who you are.

Nyahaha written this during Mathematics I on already-written test pad. No, I didn't kena tangkap haha. Waning and Nicole thought I was artistic couldn't read my draft handwriting. Jo is scary. And, yes, you know who you are ;) Haha don't take offence la.

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