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>> Friday, 14 September 2007

Tomorrow, we're gonna STARVE.
Good luck to us!
An early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bro, even though you poured cold water on my head yesterday and we never seemed to stop arguing over little things like the TV and me being so noisy on the piano xD
Results SUX SUX SUX. I'm already immune to it already. I'm hopeless.
I just amused myself during 20 minutes after I finished my Physics 3 - I just did palmistry. The first one was that my partner is a Golden Retriever called nametobedecidedlater, and we have 6 children CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. xD Totally amusing HAHA.

High School Musical 2

More musical and have more songs, more pop-ish and more B*ITCHY JUST LOOK AT PARIS HILTON SHARPAY OMGGG CANNOT STAND HER LA. I love Vanessa's dress when she was singing Everyday with Troy! And I loooove Gotta Go My Own Way! Especially the duet part xD and All For One and What Time Is It?
Btw, did you see Miley Cyrus at the end of the movie? xD

Cute piano. "Yes, worship me, people. I'm your QUEEN."

You Are The Music In Me

Summer shower. Awwww.

Main casts.

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