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>> Sunday, 19 August 2007

Ok so there's some connection problem yesterday night. I blogged, mana tau tak boleh connect balik. So I have to forfeit the whole thing and type it ALL AGAIN. Sadness.

Went to school today for production of baby NOSTALGIA. Yes I know how the cover and every form 5 adult pages look like. ;) And we got McD breakfast set! Haha! But I don't really like McD but still eat. Eating machine lol.

'My dear's is very English. Feel so small when called 'my dear'.

I'm chatting with this guy I met in TWOU and he's sooooo sweet! Or maybe cuz he doesn't flirt lol. Or maybe he flirts in another way HAHA but anyways yea he doesn't call me 'sweetie' (Malaysian mah, conservative a bit LOL) and he's so decent and funny and so sweet x3
He encouraged me to drink *cough* alcohol and taught me "Life's Hidden Trap" HAHA.
And btw I realized horr those English songs right which are talking about girlfriends, getting them back, tell them they're beautiful, whatsoever, they use 'baby' instead of 'sweetie' or 'darling' or 'dear' or 'honey' or 'suga' or whatever.

You know what I think I'll stick to form 6. You go clubbing in college! And what if you had sex? I know to some people it'll be nothing cuz they are more open (really? hmmm...) or they already had sex during secondary school or wanted to be like everybody else or whatever reasons. What if you got pregnant and your boyfriend claimed that he doesn't know you? I know to some people it'll be nothing cuz they are more open or they already had gazillion times of abortion or they wanted to have children or whatever reasons.
Tsk tsk killing is bad.

I have so many different passwords for so many different accounts I don't remember which is for which -__-;;

I'm currently compiling a list of Sexiness. HAHA. No la currently started two only: Sexy People and Sexy Songs. Used 'sexy' cuz it sounds more... sexy?! No la just felt like using sexy cuz Jo said I have a flair for sexy guys LOL. I think that this statement would define me perfectly: WINZEE LOVES SEXINESS. SHE DROOLS OVER SEXINESS.
But the List of Sexiness is not about sexiness la. Just things I love hehe.

A note to Waning:



So I'm gonna tell you a story. An angry story. Waning knows the front part already. So on Trials Eve I played O2Jam (forgive me la) and then there's this guy who hooked up on me and asked for my number. I didn't wanna, so he gave me his and asked me to miss call him. So the next day after I came home I decided to SMS him instead of miss call. Then I was so bored I called and listened to his voice. So chinese. So he asked me when we can meet. Then he asked me whether we could couple up and I coughed (that was during BM tuition). Then he asked me whether I know anything about masturbation. I didnt reply cuz teacher was talking, and he called and I ended the call. So anyways I told him to call during midnight. He called at 0057AM but I didn't pick up cuz #1 NOBODY SHALL INTERRUPT WITH MR. BUBLE AND HIS MRS. JONES and #2 I'm lazy to take away my headphone and #3 I'm not ready yet.
The next day he called twice.
The days later I was actually waiting for his call. ARGH DAMN STUPID LA. So I decided to use Waning's uh words: "Are you angry at me?"
(All in Chinese and translated and edited to shorten lol)
ThatGuy: Are you Sofia? (it sounds so weird. winzee = sofia?)
Sofia: Yeah.
*something else*
ThatGuy: Umm I wanna ask you something I asked you long ago.
Sofia: *omgomgomgomg is he gonna ask me to be his gf omgomgomgomg* What?
ThatGuy: Ni shi bu shi tzzzztzzzz
Sofia: Huh?
ThatGuy: Ni shi bu shi tzzztzzzz
Sofia: Can you speak louder? *what's wrong with the connection*
ThatGuy: Are you a tzzztzzz
Sofia: HARH?!!
ThatGuy: Are. You. A. Virgin.
Sofia: (I was writing) Ummm YEAH? (Cursing on paper)
ThatGuy: True or not? ;)
Sofia: Yea la (Cursing on paper)
ThatGuy: Why masturbating disturbing? (I told him in SMS that masturbating is disturbing)
Sofia: Cuz it's disturbing la.
ThatGuy: How?
Sofia: Sometimes I thought about it blablabla and then sometimes my friend will talk about it
ThatGuy: Oh so you got think about it la? ;)
Sofia: Uh no? (Cursing on paper)
ThatGuy: I know you got think la. Got or not?
Sofia: NO (Cursing under breath)
ThatGuy: You got do or not?
Sofia: No.
ThatGuy: True or not?
Sofia: *GAAAAAAHHHHHHH* No I didn't do.
ThatGuy: Hehehe later when we meet I must da ni pi gu.
Sofia: *WTF* Oh haha.
ThatGuy: So ni yao bu yao gen wo zuo?
Sofia: Zuo shen me? *act innocent*
ThatGuy: Zuo nage la. *shy shy* *WTF*
Sofia: Uh no.
ThatGuy: You wanna be my girlfriend or not?
Sofia: No. Currently I'm studying all those craps la.
ThatGuy: Then... I wait for you 5 years.
Sofia: *counts* *supposed-to-be 22* Umm too early.
ThatGuy: Then ten years enough gua?
Sofia: *counts* *supposed-to-be 27* Umm see first.
ThatGuy: I wait for you yeah.
Sofia: See first see first.
I stared at my book. All those curses. Then I screamed in paper and scolded him for 1 page HAHA. A4 size btw.
So this sweet guy say guys in college will pikat you you reject he will still pikat you and claims that you're his girlfriend and all other guys will be frightened away. So I wonder if ThatGuy is like those guys. Damn innocent and naive la. MY GOD what if the girls (not me) couldn't get married?! OMG sadness.

Random: Guys in suit are just so SEXAYY.

The Best is Yet to Come is so flirty.
Me and Mrs. Jones is heartaching. I felt like hugging him. I mean he loves her she loves him BUT THEY'RE BOTH MARRIED. How can you accept that? They can only meet at the café everyday at 6.30.
Comin' Home Baby is full of babies LOL. Baby's, not babies. So sexy.
Lost is so end-of-the-world lol.
Call Me Irresponsible is so flirty and sexy. It's like he was running away from the girl the girl chasing him and then when she caught him she bit him HAHA. Seriously I feel like biting him HAHA.
Everything is such a cute song! ^^
I've Got the World On a String sounds like he's VERY madly in love lol.

You Don't Know Me is a virgin song LOL. "For I don't know the art of making love..."
Quando, Quando, Quando means "When? When? When?" in Italian. (Michael Bublé has an Italian grandfather! So now you know why his last name is so weird xD) SO SWEET SO ROMANTIC OMG.
Save the Last Dance for Me is nice. Especially the lyrics! Guy lets girl have fun with other guys but never "give your heart to him". So me. I don't wanna be restricted haha.
You and I is niiiiiiiiiiiiice. SO ROMANTIC SO PRIMITIVE lol cuz "God created us". Sounds like Adam and Eve.
Dream a Little Dream is SO SEXY.

Btw I watched Tarzan for the insertanumberTH time HAHA. Tarzan's eyes are so deep. DEEEEEEEP. Such a sweet story! I wanna watch Anastasia again. I wanna watch Perfume and Disturbia (Shia LeBeouf is so cute) and PERFECT STRANGER and RATATOUILLE.

Did I tell you that Sejarah sux and I'm gonna fail? Did I tell you that Physics sux and I'm gonna fail?

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ShamPaGne 19/08/2007, 22:14  

WINZEE OH WIN ZEEE...I must laugh I must laugh, after reading your convo with AHEM. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!!
I can only laugh virtually. In reality I tahan until my tears almost keluar. HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA.
HAHHAHAHHAHA you cursed at paper. I screamed in front of the screen weih. Midnight somemore.

Guy iN suit: CARLOS MARIN!

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