So's - Of boys and boredom.

>> Sunday, 12 August 2007

So. Waning wanted me to blog.
So. I have to shorten my sleep.
So. I have YUCKY skin.
So. I complain and complain and complain and whine and whine and whine.
So. Nothing happens.

So. I was bored.
So. I played O2Jam and waiting for Maple patch thingy.
So. I joined dating site and friends site.
So. I knew some people.
So. Some are nice.
So. There's this Brit who claims to be 37-year-old but actually he's much younger.
So. We contacted each other (message la) and he's so sweet!
So. I added him in MSN.
So. We chatted.
So. He called me 'sweetie' like others.
So. I was a little offended but not so offended 'cause we contacted each other before.
So. He calims to pick up a phone call.
So. Now he haven't chat finish with his friend.
So. I'm gonna abandon that window and concentrate on blogging.c

So. Other stuff happens too.
So. I was evil.
So. I was a coward.
So. Other stuff of other stuff happened.
So. Some regrets.
So. I tried to get back.
So. I prepared myself for the worst.
So. I have to get on with everything not like it's so devastating.

So. I'm online not because of boredom but waiting for some things to happen.
So. If it happened, it's a miracle.
So. As people say, miracles do not happen.
So. Not everything follows your wish.
So. Maybe I gotta put down and forget.
So. I wonder, if I didn't do those stuff, maybe I won't be staying up late now, at 0331AM.
So. Maybe it would be really nice, if I didn't do those stuff.
So. I wish, that miracles happen.
So. Tomorrow is another day, another hope for miracle.

So. I have an annoying alter ego.
So. Since I'm bubbly to everyone, my alter ego is EMOness.
So. I opened a chinese blog.
So. You wanna know the address?
So. I'm not gonna tell you.
So. I can stay true to myself, selfishly.
So. I can whisper to myself, selfishly.
So. Now you know Win Zee the Fishmonger.
So. Stop clickety click.
So. Get on with your life; don't have to click every chinese blog to see if it's Sofia or Win Zee or 尹绮 or 绮 or 苏菲雅.

So. I'm currently in love with Michael Bublé.
So. I'm flower hearted.
So. What?
So. I'm constantly being hugged.
So. I'm imagining Mr. Bublé and Mrs. Jones.
So. I love tenors.
So. You just knew I love tenors?
So. Do you know that Erik from Phantom of the Opera is a tenor?
So. That's what Gaston Leroux said.

So. What's with the so's?
So. Just feel like it.

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