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>> Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Watched Rush Hour 3.

IT'S SO FUNNY. Quite adult but rated U lol.
I LURRRRRRRRRRVE THE FRENCH TAXI DRIVER. Carter is threatening him to drive the cab since George doesn't want to fetch Americans. And when those people came to chase them Carter tells George, "you are an American spy. You are an American spy." And he drives so quickly Lee and Carter are surprised lol. And when both of them comes out from the French Ambassador George came. "I want to fetch you all around free of charge. I finally know how the Americans are like. I want to kill people for no apparent reasons."

Then later I bought a pair of jeans and decided to GO ON DIET OMG CANT STAND MYSELF.
I love the stitchings at the back pockets! x3

(These days I'm addicted to taking photos like that xD)

Chatting with a guy from Malta. 16. So child-like! Omg so cute la! x3 Oh and he IS cute, as in face.

Less topics to talk about now. A dinosaur. Sarcasm. Lameness. Childish. Boredom. 'My dear'. FLIRT?! Oh, since the first time. Apparently I preferred to refer it as a joke, even though I know perfectly it's a flirt.
Waning is great at flirting. -__-;; I'm pretty naive and innocent HAHA. And I stick to my principles and rules VERY closely. Ahaha syok sendiri aje.
Oh gosh Emotion Disorganized Syndrome. Or you may call it Win Zee's Syndrome. Oh look Win Zee's gonna be famous and be awarded Noble prize lol. I'm diagnosed with Emotion Disorganized Syndrome since... form 3. Yes, form 3. HAHA.

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