>> Saturday, 25 August 2007

My tummy is rumbling and I don't wanna go to bed with an empty stomach but I don't wanna fatten myself up SO I have no choice but to blog.

I went to the mall, since it's big sales time, to shop. Bought a pair of slippers and 2 bras. Both bras come with free undies. So I am a happy person now.

I'll show you the sneak preview of life. The thing is, there's no such thing as sneak preview in life. You get to do that, I bet you ain't no human anymore.

Sneak preview, eh? Can't tell you much, or rather, at all. I don't know what lies ahead just be extra careful. By the way, if you sneak in, you preview, that's cheating, okay? We don't support piracy. Still...

Your life is boring. Then you entertain yourself. You encounter this weird situation. You feel strange. After all the debates between the little angel and devil in you, you've decided to find out the truth behind all these by risking your life. It is absolutely dangerous. But after you've been through it, you find that these are actually exciting. Why? Cuz life is horny.

I'm trying to be random here. After all, it's ze Win Zee's syndrome.

Cheers to you who guessed correctly who I am. No prizes or cash will be awarded.

I'm still hungry. Blogging doesn't help.

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