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>> Friday, 10 August 2007

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'Tis The Day Before Trials. The date shows 10th August but no, it's 0137AM of 10th August but to me it's still the 9th.
I bought F4 Sejarah textbook! It feels so good to have a new book. It had been, like, years since I have my own textbook haha.
Michael Bublé's Wonderful Tonight is niiiiiiiiiiiiice. SOOOOOOOOO romantic. I think it's Spanish, the solo part. Oh, Ivan Lins, some guy, solo-ed it. I think Michael did sing some parts. Not native enough lol.
Me and Mrs Jones (yea la I know grammar wrong) is sooooo romantic that I think having marital affairs is so romantic.
The Cause of Win Zee's Marital Affairs: Michael Bublé's Me and Mrs Jones.
Practically the album is nice! If only he's not an American or sings like an American. Cuz it sounds very pop-ish cuz he sings 'jukebox' like 'jukeBAHX' -__-;;

I'm not gonna emo. Not exactly emo-ing. Cuz emo = depressed because of some indescribable reasons lol.

In about 4 months, we're gonna part. Approximately 120 days. Can you believe it? We're gonna leave each other, walk our own paths. We might forget those we knew and can only look at our photos and point at them and say, "Yeah, she/he was in 4/5 Balau before but what's her/his name again?" Ah, this is just something we must go through. We've been through this 5 years ago! But this split seems so painful. T____T We were so close, like a family! I miss the drama days. Ok so there had been some complications but still! family comes together right?

(Joanne Teo you won't understand unless you're empathetic and understand what I'm trying to say cuz my command of language is not good enough to say what I'm feeling right now. I feel strong emotions LOL that's why I'm pretty insensitive.)

PARTING! Am I exaggerating again? -__-;; The pain. Not excruciating, just xin1 teng2, like throwing away your baby photos - MEMORIES!

I must say, I'm making it all so painful -__-;; Drama Queen Princess.

"Don't cry because it had come to an end. Smile because it happened."

The thing that it's so hard! Memories and bonds coming to an end aren't just something you can say in 13 simple words. Even though I wanna be xiao1 sa3 but it's not in my genes (I know they couldn't find any genes of personality in the DNA so it's tabula rasa or sth which means people are born and they're like a paper - empty).

Maybe this feeling is just now, cuz after trials it's program minda and after program minda it's holidays and after holidays it's SPM and after SPM it's holidays! and after holidays it's prom and after prom it's holidays! again and after holidays we're not the same again. Some (almost all) go to college, January or March intakes, a small amount go to form 6 and suffer, some go to NS (and Win Zee envies), some work part-time (Win Zee is in this group until school reopens), some wanna have gap year(s), some practically don't wanna study they just wanna degenerate start a business of their own and get rich.

Practically, we're taking different roads. In the end, we might not meet again. At all.

OMGGGGGG I'M MAKING THIS SO HARD FOR MYSELF. I bet there's someone reading this and laugh cuz for the first time ever (I think), Win Zee finally emo-es on her blog. Some might cry cuz it's funny. Gah. I don't even know why I'm feeling sad x( I must be optimistic. Optimistic for what? So that we may meet again after we part?

Ah, I finally thought of something I read on somebody's essay on Xue Hai.

"If the reason for us to meet again is to part, and the reason we part is so that we could meet again, then I prefer to be a shepherd who waits for the summer (literally; I'm too lazy to interpret it plus I don't really remember the words)."

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..::J.O.A.N.N.E::.. 11/08/2007, 23:19  

really?? hmm.. i didn't really feel anything when i left.. oh well =I

or may be i did feel something.. but the thing i felt before i left is gone.. right now, i don't feel anything..

don't worry sophia, you will get over it.. it is a matter of when..

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