The Last Romanovs

>> Sunday, 12 August 2007


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I'm so bored that I abandon Biology, come online, listen to Michael Bublé's It's Time album, reply some e-mails, and stare at this empty blogging space.
What should I blog about? Life's pretty the same. Biology is borrrrrrrrring. Sejarah is, umm, alright. Chemistry, gahaha, lazy to study, especially Electrochemistry. I sucked in that chapter, all the ionic equations. Learning Redox is helping but not much. Physics, well, I learned lens and pressure and I'm so proud of myself but my form 4 chapter 2, the basic, sux. Form 5 chapters haven't touch a bit. Bleahhh. Radioactivity should be easy.

My Aim for Trials:
BM --------- B3, 60
BI --------- A1, 75 x(
Add Maths -- B3, 65 (70 would be chunted)
Maths ------ A1, 80 (my maths is deteriorating like merde)
Biology ---- B4, 55 x(
Chemistry -- B3, 60 (is 60 a B3?) (OMG)
Physics ---- B3, 60
Sejarah ---- B3, 60 (OMG)
Moral ------ A2, 70
EST -------- A2, 70
BC --------- A1, 75
So, yes, in SPM I'll get 5A1s 5A2s 1B3. Wow fantastic results -__-;;

I realized I've been really sarcastic these days. Not Exam Syndrome la.

Love = drugs = addicting.
Go read today's The Star's Fit For Life. Seriously scary stuff.

Government should let like 2007 form 5 school leavers go to NS, not 1990-born babies.

Eh, Rasputin appeared in Anastasia movie. So... Anya (I love her name!) is a Russian? But wikipedia's Rasputin says nothing about Anastasia.
Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia, which is Anya in the movie.
Nicholas and Alexandra - The Last Romanovs - Anastasia Romanov and Anna Anderson
Her brother, Alexei, had haemophillia.
Anna Anderson and Anastasia do resemble...
Hah in the movie Anastasia escaped when she was little and her grandmother was still alive. In reality she uh maybe? escaped Death when she was 17. Sejarah textbook says nothing about The Last Romanovs and The Last Tzar and Anastasia! It's so much interesting than Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife who was killed by a Serbian pengganas.
I remember foreign stuff, not local. Sadness for Malaysia to have such citizen. -__-;;

Learn to Do it (Waltz Reprise) IS SOOOOOOOO ROMANTIC. VIOLIN!!!!
Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart is niiiiiice.

I'm so going to buy a book about those people.

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